Montag, 30. September 2013

Slice Of Spice: SSR-031 ft. Real Live

For November '13 Slice Of Spice Records prepares the "Long Awaited Instrumentals" by Real Live (K-Def & Larry-O). Additional to SSR-030 an exclusive square shaped picture disc gets released with the design of a DAT tape.

A: Keep On Movin' (Vocal)
B: Keep On Movin' (T.V. Track)
"Keep On Movin' is a previously unreleased Real Live track recorded by K-Def & Larry-O back in 96'. It has been restored from the original studio DAT tape by K-Def himself, and put together as this dope limited edition picture disc." [source]

This record is a part of the Real Live vinyl project -  pre-orders starting Tuesday 1st October.

My special thanks goes out to Richard at Slice Of Spice, K-Def and Larry-O. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Watch also out for more:
  • SSR-030 - Real Live - The Turnaround: The Long Awaited Instrumentals 2LP
  • SSR-031 - Real Live - Keep On Movin' 10" Picture Disc
  • SSR-032 - Real Live - Lost Beats EP 12"
  • SSR-035 - Marco Polo - PA2: The Director's Cut 3LP
  • SSR-039 - Audessey & A Cat Called Fritz
  • SSR-FLEX14 - Audessey & A Cat Called Fritz

Used Wax: GitBeats002 ft. GIT

Git Beats is founder and CEO of "usedwax" - maybe you know that store of the same name? This guy from Staten Island just released the album "Basement Ghost" on CD with guest appearance by e.g. Shabaam Saadeeq, Distract, AZ or Sean Price. For the fans of flat black plastic Git releases also a 7" vinyl.

The promo vinyl is a limited edition of 300 copies with an official release date late November / early December. Those who ordered before the 20th of September will receive one additional copy for free as an apologize for the latest pressing plant delay. Nice move!!!

A: Git Craft ft. Hubbs
B: Magic Spaceship ft. B White, Sean Price & Beedie

My special thanks goes out to GIT. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Samstag, 28. September 2013

Asphalt: ASP0008 ft. Asphalt Legion

Imperial and Asphalt Records return with release number eight that features Asphalt Legion's "South Bay Clout 12inch".

In 1996 DJ Coolie Bee and his main emcee EJ recorded Asphalt Poetry tracks. Also Coolie tested his beats by over dubbing vocal tracks taken from 1994′s Straight From The Asphalt demo sessions. This 12inch single features the remixes he did for South Bay Clout Part 1 & 2.
The 12" is limited to 150 copies and gets released on Saturday the 28th of September.


A: South Bay Clout Part 1
A: South Bay Clout Part 1 (Instrumental)
B: South Bay Clout Part 2
B: South Bay Clout Part 2 (Instrumental)

My special thanks goes out to Imperial and Asphalt Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Mello Music Group: MMG-039 ft. Hus Kingpin & Roc Marciano

Brooklyn MC Hus Kingpin launched his career on Tokyo label Goon Trax (also Emskee, Good People).

Hus Kingpin returned to the US and signed collaboration with Mello Music Group to release a new EP on vinyl. “The Cognac Tape” gets hosted by and featuring legendary Hempstead emcee Roc Marciano along with Hus’ crew Smoovth, Rozewood and Marvelous Mag.

A: Intro
A: Boss Material ft. Roc Marciano
A:  Diamond Darts ft. Rozewood
A: Is It A Crime Remix ft. Ghostra Nostra
A: Nights
A: Game Of Life ft. Marvelous Mag, Sepka Nitah
A: Fly Threads ft. Ghostra Nostra
A: Pyramid Points ft. Rozewood
B: Strive Remix ft. Smoovth, Roc Marciano
B: Boss Material 2 ft. Roc Marciano
B:  Crazy Skills ft. Sepka Nitah
B:  Shadow GRavel
B:  Bars For DJ Mickey Knox
B:  Love Laws
B:  Is It A Crime ft. Ghostra Nostra
B:  Game of Life Vans Cal Bonus Remix
B:  High Rises ft. Rozewood
B:  Outro

The EP is limited to 500 copies on cognac coloured vinyl and gets officially released on 1st October

My special thanks goes out to Hus Kingpin, Roc Marci, MMG and FatBeats. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Chopped Herring: CHNBA002 ft. North Bronx Alliance

In October last year Chopped Herring Records released the combo EP of North Bronx Alliance and Aiello Wilson. The second part of the collaboration features mostly rare and unreleased material.

"Included is the TP-only track Live '97, the instrumental as well as the inst of the b-side joint "Black Caesar" + 5 previously unreleased and unheard joints from 1996-1998." [source]

A1: NBA Live 97
A2: Can't Get Enough
A3: Beyond the Madness
A4: Fast Break
B1: NBA Live 97 (Instrumental)
B2: Black Caesar (Instrumental)
B3: Street Lust
B4: Got My Niggaz Back

Tracks produced by DJ Rob Dinero

Order: (3 further Sept. releases available)

This EP is limited to 350 copies only. First 75 copies on blue/gold/yellow vinyl, next 75 on white/gold vinyl and the remaining 200 are on black vinyl.

My special thanks goes out to B! at Chopped Herring Records and the North Bronx Alliance. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Samstag, 21. September 2013

AE: AE010 ft. Jorun Bombay & Phill Most Chill

AE Production and Mr. Fantastic present "Phill Most Chill & Jorun Bombay". The project Jorun-P.M.C. comes in form of a 12" in full colour sleeve featuring artwork by Phill Most Chill. The "Magic Disco Machine EP" is limited to 500 copies pressed on black vinyl.

On top of at a very limited 7" single release limited to 100 copies available via AE store only. The pressing of 100 copies comes in a hand stamped and numbered white label also in full colour sleeve.

Again - this 7" is only available direct from AE Productions and bundle deal is limited to 100 copies.

A: Can't Won't Don't Stop
A: Magic Disco Machine
A: The Champ
B: Can't Won't Don't Stop Instrumental
B: Magic Disco Machine Instrumental
B: The Champ Instrumental

A: The Champ (Raw Version)
B: The Champ (Phill's Original Demo Version)

Shipping: Early November

My special thanks goes out to Mr. Fantastic, Phill Most Chill and Jorun Bombay. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

B-Line: BLN004 ft. Chrome & IllInspired

The B-Line EP that featured various famous UK artists just arrived the fans and BOOM there is the next release ready for order. B-Line Recordings presents: CHROME & ILLINSPIRED.

The new 7" release features the track "You Should Know" - a fast rap banger with UFO sample - that everybody will enjoy who like the typical late 80's / early 90's sound. You get this record in a picture cover!

A: You Should Know
AA: Big Dreams (Remix) ft. DPF

Order your copy via email for £5 plus shipping just contact

My special thanks goes out to Martin, Dan and Simon at B-Line Recordings and Chrome & Illinspired. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Chopped Herring: CHZIGG001 ft. ZIgg Zagg

What is the consequence if a label releases an EP called "Touch Da Sun Pt. 2"? Well the label releases "Touch Da Sun Pt. 1" one month later - crystal clear?! Chopped Herring releases the second vinyl EP by "Zigg Zagg" aka Maestro, DJ Eclipse and lyricist Sun Magnetic.

How can I tell a better story than artist and label themselves? Please read the full story and on of course take a listen. If you missed out on volume 2 get yourself both records now before they are all gone - and here are the six tracks of Vol. 1.

A1: Whateva
A2: All About Da Balls
A3: Maintain Ya Rep
B1: In Ya Mind
B2: Games
B3: Pick Any Tip ft. Ness Boogie, Mighty Maestro

Produced by Maestro

This release is limited to 350 copies. First 75 on purple/gold/yellow vinyl, next 75 on white/orange and 200 copies on black vinyl.


My special thanks goes out to B! at Chopped Herring and Zigg Zagg. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Blunted Astronaut: BAR-7-BB3 ft. Foka

MPadrums, Odd Goons, and now: Blunted Astronaut Records continues the 'Blunted Beats Series' which presents a set of short recordings by some of the most talented hip-hop producers from Europe. The 3rd volume features Foka from Łódź, Poland. Other countries covered in this series include Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

A1: Insomnia
A2: Layers
A3: Constant Fear
B1: 2AM
B2: Suspended Animation
A3: Peace Of Mind

The 7" is limited to 300 copies pressed including picture cover designed by Mr. Krum.

Soundclip: coming soon

My special thanks goes out to Kuba at Blunted Astronaut and Foka. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.


Threshold: THR-3101 ft. Substance Abuse & KRS-One

Threshold Records presents a brand new 7" featuring Substance Abuse and blastmasta KRS-One.

Los Angeles duo Substance Abuse (Subz, Eso Tre) and New York allstar KRS-One kick some dope rhymes on a remix beat by Kutmasta Kurt.

Get yourself a red coloured limited edition single.

Order: or contact your local store

My special thanks goes out to Kutmasta Kurt, Substance Abuse, KRS-One and Threshold Recordings. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Low Budget: LB-010 ft. Kev Brown

Mid 2012 Kev Brown released "South Africa Dedication". Recently he traveled to Brazil and spent two whole months in the land of the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Now available: Kev Brown and Low Budget Records release the awesome instrumental record "Brazil Dedication" with distribution by Redefinition Records.

A1: The Great
A2: Montenegro
A3: Clima Tropical
A4: Language Barrier
A5: A Melodia
B1: Exclusivo
B2: Não! / Now
B3: Bela Música
B4: Bossa...
B5: Baile Black (Remix)

The 10" EP is now available on black or limited yellow vinyl - all tracks mastered by K-Def. Cover artwork by Joe Buck.


My special thanks goes out to Kev Brown and Low Budget. Special shout out to Redefinition Records and K-Def. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Montag, 16. September 2013

Chopped Herring: CHQU33NS09 ft. Spit Gemz, Starvin B, Eff Yoo

Another brand new release straight outta Queens presents Chopped Herring Records. Part nine of the Queens series features New Yorks Spit Gemz, Starvin B and Eff Yoo. 

The "Home Of The Brave EP" features nine tracks with production by One Take, Golden Child, Don Producci, JM Productions and more but also the guest MCs Timeless Truth and AG Da Coroner.

A1: Milford Plaza ft. Starvin B, Spit Gemz
A2: Sir George Goony ft. Eff Yo
A3: High Power ft. Starvin B, Timeless Truth
A4: Certain Deligates ft. Spit Gemz
A5: Trilateral Commission ft.  Eff Yoo, Spit Gemz, Starvin B
B1: Slanted Eyez ft. Starvin B, Aye Wun
B2: 3rahlution ft. Spit Gemz
B3: Rhyme Burial ft. Starvin B
B4: Wizard's Cookbook ft. Eff Yoo, AG Da Coroner, Spit Gemz

This EP is limited to 350 copies - first 75 copies yellow vinyl, next 75 on blue vinyl and  200 on traditional black vinyl.

My special thanks goes out to B! at Chopped Herring Records and all artists involved in this brand new Queens project. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dope Folks: DF-0039 ft. Bolaji

Late September Dope Folks Records releases the "Outer Limit EP" by Bolaji.

In 1990 Bolaji Barber released the random rap classic "Massive Material bw Run 4 Cover" on Zakia Records and got famous with the feature on DJ Ivory's Hear No Evil Mixtape. One year later he released a second 12" with "I Want You bw Massive Material Remix". 

Finally previously unreleased material of this great MC hits your speakers - you just need to send your order via

A: Homage
A: Outer Limits
B: The Endz
B: Energy
B: Jugglerz

My special thanks goes out to John and Chris at Dope Folks Records and Bolaji. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 13. September 2013

Nobody Buys: NBRLP-001 ft. Rise

Nobody Buys Records presents their first double LP album featuring Rise. "The Cornerstone" features 17 tracks and comes in a full colour picture cover.

Originally scheduled for August the album will now be ready mid/end September - pre-order starts beginning of September.

First 75 orders will receive something special in form of Cornerstone slipmats. Order page is online now.

All tracks produced by Bankrupt Europeans.

A: Miscellaneous
A: Call Me Rise
A: Quieeeeet
A: Vanity (LP Version)
B: Slave
B: Smokey Blues (Interlude)
B: Elljah Rock
B: Empires Collapes
C: After The Break
C: I Rise
C: How You Say It
C: Mood Music (Interlude)
D: 4 Eva
D: JuGa
D: Above The Influence
D: Winding Down (Interlude)
D: Ride Out (Outro)

Order: - limited to 250 copies only !!!

My special thanks goes out to DJ Snafu, Nobody Buys Records and Rise. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Chopped Herring: CHQU33NS08 ft. Shaz Illyork

The QB story of Chopped Herring Records continues with the release of "The Revival EP" by Shaz Illyork.

From Part 1 aka "The Great Outdoors EP" in year 2011 to Part 8 aka "The Revival EP" in 2013. Chopped Herring appreciates one of the dopest albums of the year and extracts 8 of 23 tracks from the internet release "Deadstock Revival".

A1: So It Begins
A2: Power Pieces ft. Sean Price
A3: Broads ft. Crisis
A4: The Shaman
B1: Ill World Order ft. Ill Bill
B2: Chopper ft. Nems, Poison Pen, Nutso, Danse Daimons (Gmix)
B3: Polo Everything
B4: Alicia Keys ft. AG Da Coroner

Produced by JM Productions. Silent Someone. George Black, Ligalize, Golden Child and
DJ Twostacks.

The EP is limited to 350 copies. As usual for the QB series the first 75 copies come on yellow wax, next 75 on blue vinyl and the 200 remaining copies are black.

My special thanks goes out to B at Chopped Herring Records, Shaz Illyork and everybody else involved in this EP release. All copyrights reserve, posted for promotion use only. 

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Mic Theory: ft. Epidemic & Dreamtek

Third release by "Epidemic" in 2013 - a duo (HexOne, Tek-Nition) you better have on your list. After "Monochrome Skies" and "Something For The Listeners" the duo joins forces with Chicago's "Dreamtek".

"The Bassment Tapes Volume 1: Write To Remain Violent" takes Epidemic back to their roots - lyrical hardcore over boom bap production. The list of producers is long: Double Lyfe, The Loop Holes, Giallo Point, DJ Qvali, One-Take, and 5th Element - guest vocals by Efeks, Robust and DJ Tha Boss. 

The "Bassment Tapes Series" is a 12" project that will be initially released as a limited edition cassette tape. 

A1: Prey
A2: Cage Ish
A3: Deep Impact
A4: Stealth Bombers
A5: Test Mine
B1: Venting
B2: Play My Corner
B3: How We Do
B4: Raw Raps
B5: Untitled Track

The vinyl release is limited to 250 copies on red coloured vinyl with full picture cover. The cassette version is limited to 200 copies on clear tape with metallic liner. 

My special thanks goes out to HexOne, Tex-Nition and Dreamtek. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Breakin Bread: BNB081 ft. Chris Read

Chris Read is a producer from UK who released plenty of singles on Breakin Bread Records. On his first 2013 release he features Philadelphia's on Phill Most Chill on the title track "Rap Tradition".

A: Rap Tradition (Original Version)
B: Rap Tradition (Chris Read's Rap Renaissance Remix)

More Infos:

Order: Contact your local record dealer

My special thanks goes out to Chris Read, Phill Most Chill and Breakin Bread Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Montag, 9. September 2013

Slice Of Spice: SSR-030 ft. Real Live

"Real Live" returns !!! K-Def & Larry-O released their classic album "The Turnaround: The Long Awaited Drama" on Big Beat back in 1996. 

Late October Slice Of Spice and Real Live release "The Turnaround: The Long Awaited Instrumentals" that will also include previously unreleased tracks of the crew.

Taken off the original studio session DAT tapes and mastered for vinyl by no one else than K-Def himself. The 2LP comes in a full colour gatefold cover with artwork by Joe Buck once again and art direction & design by Mr. Krum.

A1: Pop The Trunk
A2: Iceberg Slick
A3: Larry-O Meets Iceberg Slick
A4: Crime Is Money
B1: The Turnaround
B2: Day You Die
B3: All I Ask Of You (Commin' Thru)

C1: The Gimmicks
C2: They Got Me
C3: Ain't No Love
C4: Money And Shows
D1: Trilogy Of Terror
D2: Real Live Sh*t
D3. Real Live Sh*t Remix

Order page:

My special thanks goes out to Richard at Slice Of Spice Records, K-Def and Larry-O. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Pro & Ak: PA004 ft. Professor P & DJ Akilles

Professor P and DJ Akilles is a duo from Stockholm, Sweden. In 2010 they released the EP "Maintain" followed by their full-length album "The Realism" in 2012. Pro & Ak already supported legendary hip-hop acts like De La Soul, D.I.T.C. or Talib Kweli on live shows.

"Brews and Good News" is a 6 track EP recorded in Uppsala, Sweden and New York City. All songs are produced and arranged by Professor P & DJ Akilles. They get support by MCees like the legendary D.I.T.C. member A.G., Los Angeles' own Blu and Scandinavian talents Gracias (Finland) and Felix De Luca (Denmark). 

A1: Killing Time ft. A.G.
A2: After The Tone
A3: My Theory
A4: Killing Time (Instrumental)
A5: Killing Time (Acapella)
B1: Lamp Posts & Neon Lights ft. Blu
B2: Fool ft. Gracias & Felix De Luca
B3: When Michael Met Veronica ft. Rigael Damar
B4: Lamp Posts & Neon Lights (Instrumental)
B5: Lamp Posts & Neon Lights (Acapella)

The "Brews & Good News" vinyl EP package includes crystal clear vinyl, a double-sided printed slipmat and six coasters. The 12" vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies only. 

My special thanks goes out to Benny at IAR, Professor P and Akilles. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Unkut: UR-105 ft. Trem

One year ago Australian label Unkut Recordings released the 2LP album of local MCee/Producer Trem. Limited to 400 copies "For The Term Of His Normal Life" sold out in no time and a lot of fans were disappointed to learn being simply to late to place an order.

Due to the ongoing demand for the vinyl version Unkut re-releases a small run. According to the label information this will definitely be the last press ever to grab the 2LP direct from the source at an affordable price.

The only difference between OG and re-release is the cover. Instead of the gatefold cover the 2LP comes in a plain black cover with die cut hole and cover art sticker. The vinyl itself has exactly the same labels and is pressed from the same plates.

The repress goes for $50 plus shipping and is limited 150 copies. The label limited the purchases to 1 copy per person only and reserved the right to cancel orders that seem to have only the reason to re-sell it. Purchases orders need to be sent by email to

Full Order information:

My special thanks goes out to Trem and Unkut Recordings. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Shout out to Jrunck Jrunck for the heads up via the Stitch By Stitch group.

Dope Folks: DF-0038 ft. Cage 1

In 1989 Cage 1 released the very sought after 12inch "Cage 1" on Plush Records. Over the last few years the record got sold for prices between 500-900 US$ and is doubtless a random rap release that is on almost every wantlist. 

Now its official: Dope Folks Records re-releases Delaware/Wilmington's Cage 1! The new edition of "Straight From The Cage" features the two vocal versions from the original 12inch plus two previously unreleased songs. The EP is limited to 300 copies and will most probably be available for the typical Dope Folks price of 20$.

A: Straight From Cage
A: Nightstalker
B: Last Supper
B: Poets Giving Criticism

All tracks produced by Mike Cannon.

My special thanks goes out to Cage 1 and Dope Folks Records (John/Chris). A special shout out to Gentle Jones. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Dope Folks: DF-0037 ft. Trauma Center

Mid/late September Dope Folks Records releases two new projects.

Beside the unbelievable dope Cage 1 EP, John and Chris also continue the collaboration with Trauma Center. "Rhymes Overflowin' Pt. 2" The second volume is limited to 300 copies only.

A: Leaking Ill Spillz
A: Doin Much Damage on Da Mic
A: Here to Bring Da Trauma
B: Rhymes Overflowin'
B: Gettin' Ill Wit Da Skillz
B: Innercity Mayhem
B: Obstruction of Justice

Produced by DJ Rocksteady.

Purchase at or ask your trusted retailer to reserve a copy for you.

My special thanks goes out to John and Chris at Dope Folks Records and the Trauma Center. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Samstag, 7. September 2013

Self-Released: ft. Anteek Recipes

Anteek Recipes features vocals by MC Shuteyes and productions by Zagreb producer Dirty Hairy. The two tracks of this 7" promo release are featured on an EP the artists put together.

Their 12 instrumentals strong EP/LP will be available for free download soon.

This promo single (incl. sticker cover) is a limited edition of 200 copies independently pressed in Germany. Both tracks got recorded between 2011-2013 in Zagreb Croatia and Buffalo New York .

A1: Leave It At That

My special thanks goes out to Shuteyes, Dirty Hairy and my DWG homey Fecam for giving a copy to me. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

MegaKut: MKR-SH ft. Sacred Hoop

MegaKut Records continues with the release of vinyl records. The newest project is another project by the group "Sacred Hoop" from the Bay Area. The EP is an official re-release of their original demo tape called "Runny Poop" that got recorded in 1993-1994 and released only as a demo tape later in 1996.

The EP contains 7 tracks of the original demo cassette plus the unreleased instrumental version of "Jedi-Subterranean". Producer Vrse Murphy used Esoniq 16+ and the ASR-10 to record these 8 tracks for your listening pleasure.

This rekkid is limited to 112 copies. Each record comes in an individually designed and hand-screen-printed cover with unique colors and backgrounds under SH Duchamp-toilets logo by Eric Kneeland of Black Stamp Press. Every copy is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The record-label art was drawn by Matt Loomis and taken from a Sacred Hoop show flyer from 1999. 

Also included are a two-sided full-color photo collage sleeve of the crew and cohorts from back in the day and an envelope full of secret messages.

  • Galore 
  • Hefty Bag Is Leakin' 
  • Sauced In The Park 
  • Quiet ... I'm Dying 
  • If You Run The Gauntlet 
  • Jedi-Subterranean 
  • Building Blocks
  • Jedi-Subterranean Instrumental

Order (ppal only): (prices 30$ US /// 40$ INT)

My special thanks goes out to Sacred Hoop, MegaKut Records and Patrock for the heads up. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Revorg: REVORG-002 ft. Mystro / Starch: STARCH-007 ft. Cappa

“Keep Doin It ft. Mystro” bw "No Way About It ft. Cappa” is a double A side release on Revorg Records and Starch Records. The 7" vinyl is available since the 2nd of August 2013.

Side A features "Keep Doin It“ produced by "The Strange Neighbour” of “TPS Fam”  and lyrics by MC “Mystro”.
Side AA deliveres "No Way About It"with beats by  “Ill Move Sporadic” and lyrics by “Cappo”.

The 7" is limited to 220 copies and gets delivered with an A3 format poster. You can purchase your copy here or hopefully in your favorite online store. Digital available at itunes and amazon as well.

My special thanks goes out to Mystro, Cappa and the involved labels. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-002 ft. Rashad & Confidence (Inst.)

This is no deja vu, this is not a double post - Ill Adrenaline Records proudly announces the instrumental version of "The Element of Surprise" by Rashad & Confidence.

In November 2011 Ill Adrenaline released the debut album on CD and early 2012 the vinyl version got dropped. 

"The Element of Surprise" by Rashad & Confidence became an internationally critically acclaimed album, considered as an instant classic by hip-hop heads worldwide. Push the play button and listen closely to the deep and soulful, but still hard hitting boom-bap beats of "The Element of Surprise", and get taken back to a time when hip-hop only produced classic albums." [source]

The instrumental album will be pressed in an edition of 500 copies, 400 on black vinyl, 100 copies on gold wax. Pre-orders are live!

A1: Introduction
A2: Brand New (Instumental)
A3: The City (Instumental)
A4: Understand (Instumental)
A5: Rumors Of War (Instumental)
A6: Days Of MyYouth (Instumental)
A7: Interlude
A8: Pen On Display (Instumental)
B1: Shining (Instumental)
B2: Pass Me By (Instumental)
B3: Interlude
B4: They Keep Asking Me (Instumental)
B5 Let Me Explain (Instumental)
B6: All Year Round (Instumental)
B7: The Break Up Song (Instumental)

My special thanks goes out to Benny at IAR, Rashad and Confidence. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.