Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Unkut: UR-105 ft. Trem

One year ago Australian label Unkut Recordings released the 2LP album of local MCee/Producer Trem. Limited to 400 copies "For The Term Of His Normal Life" sold out in no time and a lot of fans were disappointed to learn being simply to late to place an order.

Due to the ongoing demand for the vinyl version Unkut re-releases a small run. According to the label information this will definitely be the last press ever to grab the 2LP direct from the source at an affordable price.

The only difference between OG and re-release is the cover. Instead of the gatefold cover the 2LP comes in a plain black cover with die cut hole and cover art sticker. The vinyl itself has exactly the same labels and is pressed from the same plates.

The repress goes for $50 plus shipping and is limited 150 copies. The label limited the purchases to 1 copy per person only and reserved the right to cancel orders that seem to have only the reason to re-sell it. Purchases orders need to be sent by email to

Full Order information:

My special thanks goes out to Trem and Unkut Recordings. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Shout out to Jrunck Jrunck for the heads up via the Stitch By Stitch group.

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