Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016

Redefinition: RDF-099 ft. Damu The Fudgemunk

The first ever picture disc from Damu The Fudgemunk needs a Stitch By Stitch blog entry and it features previously unreleased instrumentals summarized on "Untitled Vol. 2".

Untitled Volume 2 is a 12" picture disc that marks the second installment in Damu's Untitled series following the release of Volume 1 in July '16.

All of the music showcased on Untitled V2 has never been officially released, yet some of it may have been exposed over the years from various live videos, through word of mouth and a couple leaked mp3's. The project was curated by Damu with the intention of packaging some of his most personally dear and sought after work on one title. If you have been following the Fudgemunk and Redef for the last decade, then the assembled music should immediately remind you of the journey.

A: First Rondo
A: Second Rondo
A: Four-Track HISS Mix
A: Fourth Tondo
B: First Ostinato
B: Second Ostinato
B: Third Ostinato

My special thanks goes to Damu and Redef. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Fresh Pressings: FPI-006 ft. Mello Soul Black

The talented guys Mello Soul Black from Texas and Tennessee drop their track "What Ya Heared" on DWGs Fresh Pressings International label. It's produced by the Slipmat Brothers a/k/a Jazz Spastiks from Scotland.

This 7" is limited to 350 copies on black vinyl and comes with picture sleeve.

A: What Ya Heard (Vocal)
B: What Ya Heard (Inst.)

My special thanks goes to the DWG and Fresh Pressings fam, Mello Soul Black and Jazz Spastics. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Slice Of Spice: SSR-FLEX15 ft. Jorun Bombay

Slice Of Spice is proud to have collaborated with Ed Piskor and Fantagraphics for Issue #12 of the award winning comic, "Hip Hop Family Tree". Each issue comes with a free playable flexi-postcard featuring the track, “Hip Hop Family Tree Pt.1”, produced by Jorun Bombay.

There is also a very special limited edition front cover variant of Issue #12, featuring an exclusive Biggie Smalls illustration, not available in your local comic book store. Hip Hop Family Tree Volume 12 with Flexi-Postcard, stay tuned.


My special thanks goes to Ed Piskor, Jorun Bombay and Slice Of Spice Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016

Worldwyde: WW-0004 ft. Ras Beats

In the past few weeks producer Ras Beats distributed two brand new joints of his new and upcoming album "Control Your Own". The tracks have features of Roc Marciano, O.C., and Elzhi. 

The album features, beside the two new tracks and a few of his older discography a lot more new stuff. The album comes with picture sleeve and artwork by Mr. Krum.

The vinyl release comes as limited edition on orange colored vinyl. 

A: Control Your Own
A: Wit No Pressure ft. Roc Marciano
A: Study ft. Blacastan & Rasheed Chappell
A: Shoebox ft. JBiz
A: Let It Be ft. Masta Ace
A: Front Line ft. Fev
A: Knowledge of Self ft. O.C. & Elzhi

B: Anticipation ft. Kool Sphere 
B: Queens 
B: Survive ft. Sadat X 
B: Bust the Science ft. Sureshot La Rock 
B: Back Against the Wall ft. Sub Con & Breeze Brewin
B: God Bless ft. JBiz & A.G.
B: Hero

My special thanks goes to Ras Beats and all featured artists. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2016

Southpaw-Chop: SPCWX-010 ft. Large Professor

Large Pro and Southpaw Chop team up once again with a follow-up to their first collaboration named “Here We Go” on the 2010 “Never Stop Sampling” EP.

The new release, due out in Late Summer 2016, features the original version produced by Southpaw-Chop and a remix by the man Large Pro himself.

The digital release will also feature the instrumental version of the remix.

Pre-Order: (soon)

A: Here We Go (Remix)
B: Here We Go (Original)

Produced by Southpaw-Chop, remixed by Large Pro

My special thanks goes to Southpaw-Chop and Large Pro. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

Back2DaSource: 117-000B2DS ft. Pudgee

The "King Of New York" was Pudgee's second unreleased album and was never officially released because of issues between Pudgee and his label. Finally, 21 years later, it's about time to drop this classic LP that many people have on their wantlist. 

B2DS decided to pick the dopest & rarest tracks to fit on 1 LP, the other tracks are easy to get on previous 12s. This is 1995 Boom Bap shit straight from the Bronx limited to 300 copies on traditional black wax. 

A: Barry White (Intro)
A: Whatever
A: Hustler's Anthem
A: Love Somebody Else
A: King Of New York
B: Thing's Ain't Changed
B: Talk Behind Your Back
B: For My Daughter
B: Tha Hold Up

Produced by Nick Wiz, EZ Elpee, Beatminerz and more.

My special thanks goes to B2DS, Pudgee and all producers involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Redefinition: RDF-100 ft. Y Society

You can call it a century break ... Redefinition Records reserved it’s 100th release for one of indie hip hop’s most obscure yet sought after groups, Y Society. After almost a decade of silence since their debut, the group’s latest is a 45RPM featuring 2 heavy hitting tracks and tons of replay value.

MC Insight, producer Damu The Fudgemunk form Y Society and both tracks on this 7" got pressed on vinyl for the first time in a new & improved mix. The b-side track pays homage to AZ’s 1994 Pete Rock produced original "Rather Unique".

A: Know The Meaning
B: Rather Unique 2

The 7 comes on yellow colored vinyl packaged in full color sleeve designed by Joe Buck. Y Society’s first 45 is one for the collection!


My special thanks goes to Redef, Y Society and Joe Buck. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Chopped Herring: CHN4POLEON01 ft. Napoleon

Napoleon Da Legend, born in Paris, France and originally from the impoverished Comoros Islands in lower East Africa. He grew up in Washington DC giving his music a unique street flavor mixed with a third world perspective.

Chopped Herring presents "Soul Driven - The Early Years featuring guests like Raekwon, Sadat X, Sean Price and El Da Sensei.

"Soul Driven" is limited to 350 copies - the first 120 copies come on greenwhite mixed coloured vinyl - the remaining 230 are on traditional black wax.

A1: Ghetto Mosque ft. El Da Sensei & Sadat X
A2: Hidden Agenda
A3: Oxygen ft. Raekwon
A4: Dancing in the Rain
B1: Faux Friends
B2: Wise Men ft. Sean Price
B3: Matrix and Holograms
B4: Culture Shock

My special thanks goes to Chopped Herring Records, Napoleon and all artists featured on the EP. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2016

Gimme Some More: ft. 45 Brothers

The 45 Brothers release two instrumental tracks on 7" vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Both tracks are full of dope samples and fast, very far away from boring.

Put this 45RPM on your turntable and if your head does not move you forgot to put the needle down.

Support the underground!

A: Showtime
B: The Zone

My special thanks goes to Jimi, 45 Brothers and Gimme Some More Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Montag, 4. Juli 2016

Chopped Herring: CHRO2201 ft. Various Artists

Back once again it is "Vol. 2 of the excellent Darrin Ross producer series. Included are original demo versions from Merdah, Lord Aaqil and Bahamadia first ever heard and released now by Chopped Herring Records an flat plastic.

Hope you grabbed the first volume late 2014 on Chopped Herring.

A1: Bahamadia - Funk Vibe (Alternate Version)
A2: Merdah - Skunk Funk (OG Demo Version)
A3: Lord Aaqil - Kid, What's Your Name (OG Demo Version)
B1: Merdah - Skunk Funk
B2: Merdah - Reach For The Clouds
B3: Windz Ov Changz - Change is in Effect (OG Demo Version)

The Darrin Ross Producer Series Vol. 2 is limited to 350 copies - the first 120 copies come on white & purple mixed coloured vinyl - the remaining 230 are on traditional black wax. 

My special thanks goes to Darrin Ross, Chopped Herring Records and all featured artists. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

World Expo: WE-009 ft. Soundsci

... and the Soundsci movement doesn't stop! The next two-tracker is the second single from the "Walk The Earth" album and features the crew's newest member Supastition from Charlotte, North Carolina. His B-side track was also featured on his 2015 album "Gold Standard".

If you followed Soundsci over the past few years then I don't need to say anything about what you can expect ... straight hip-hop as how it should be, if you didn't follow I am sorry for you but it's never too late so check the Soundsci link and grab as much as you can, your turntable will thank you for the rest of it's life.

A: Soundsci - Write On ft. Oxygen, Audessey and Ugeorge
B: Supastition - Changing Of The Gods ft. Ugeorge & Oxygen


My special thanks goes to Soundsci, Supastition and the World Expo crew. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra: ft. Masta Conga

A Hip-Hop extrapolation from classic and unreleased Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra material by Masta Conga featuring the three MC's Oxygen (Soundsci), Audessey (Soundsci) and Emskee (Good People).

Limited edition vinyl of 200 copies which you can pre-order (reserve) via email (see below).
A: Got To Get Down
A: With An Attitude
A: Wordplay
A: Zoned Out
B: Circumstances
B: Prove You Can Move
B: Then And Now


My special thanks goes to Masta Conga, Ox, Audessye and Emskee. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Loose Cannon: 001 ft. Bozack Morris

Loose Cannon's part 1 of the 45 vinyl series featuring joints produced by Toronto beat maker Bozack Morris with the illest rappers out there. 

Limited edition of 400 copies pressed on blood splattered clear vinyl, not to be repressed. 

Lots of releases from the featured artists recently on Purist's own label. Pretty sure this will sell out pretty fast.

A: Never Change ft. Conway & Westside Gunn
A: Mak 90 ft. Conway

Pre-Order: (Aug. '16)

My special thanks goes to Bozack Morris, Conway and Westside Gunn. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Montag, 27. Juni 2016

Slice Of Spice: SSR-070 / SSR-071 ft. D.I.T.C.

Straight from the crew called Diggin In The Crates comes the new "Studio Album" in cooperation with Slice Of Spice Records.

Diggin’ In The Crates crew are back in the studio, their own studio at that, and the result is their first new album in 15 years - 15 tracks deep. 

Highlights include a return to the microphone by Lord Finesse on the banger “Rock Shyt”, Fat Joe returning to this legendary Bronx crew and DJ Premier production on “Connect 3”. This album was designed to be the first of many new releases coming out of their new headquarters and label, D.I.T.C. Studios.

Color vinyl edition limited to 250 copies but a lot of black wax for the masses, or CD if you prefer.

A1: Not 4 Nothing
A2: Rock Shyt
A3: Night Rider
B1: New Wave
B2: Make 'Em So Proud
B3: Diggin' Numbers
B4: Connect 3
C1: It's Cold Outside
C2: Brolic
C3: We Started Everything
C4: Gotta Be Classic
D1: Caviar Dreams
D2: Worldwide
D3: Read The Book
D4: Wake Up

If you think that this is enough you might not be familiar with Slice Of Spice Records. If you like the album or if you are a huge DJ Premier fan like me make sure you digg the Connect 3 incl. Remix bw Rock Shyt 12" on black or color vinyl ... ah whatever, get 'em all like me cause I am diggin in the crates.

A1: Connect 3 (DJ Premier Version)
A2: Connect 3 (DJ Premier Inst.)
A3: Connect 3 (Showbiz Version)
B1: Rock Shyt (Vocal Version)
B2: Rock Shyt (Inst. Version)
B3: Connect 3 (Showbiz Inst.)

Order (Int.): (soon)
Order / Listen (EU):

My special thanks goes to D.I.T.C. and Slice Of Spice Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Slice Of Spice: SSR-056 / SSR-057 ft. Jeru The Damaja

After the release of "Dirty Rotten Demos" Jeru The Damaja and Slice Of Spice continue their collaboration with two more vinyl releases. One of them is the 12" single release of Solar Flares with Original version produced by the great Large Professor and a Remix produced by Juju of The Beatniks.

The color vinyl edition is limited to 150 copies, more copies on black vinyl available.

A1: Solar Flares (Remix)
A2: Solar Flares (Original)
B1: Solar Flares (Remix Inst.)
B2: Solar Flares (Accpella)

Solar Flares is also featured on Jeru's 2014 EP "The Hammer" which contains 8 tracks. This limited edition press features color vinyl and updated art with gold foil detailing. Watch out for the official release on Slice Of Spice Records and check HHV as the exclusive European distributor. The Hammer Instrumental version available too.

A1: Intro
A2: Point Blank
A3: So Raw
A4: Attack the Wack (Skit)
B1: A.R.M.E.D ft. The Beatnuts
B2: Solar Flares
B3: The Hammer
B4: Dr. Freedman (Outro)

Order (Int.): (soon)
Order / Listen (EU):

My special thanks goes to Jeru The Damaja and Slice Of Spice Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Slice Of Spice: SSR-021 ft. Enforcers (K-Def, El Da Sensei)

Back in 2008 two of New Jersey’s finest hip hop artists, K-Def & El Da Sensei, collaborated on a project that until now was unheard and sitting in the archives - "The Jersey Connection".

Slice Of Spice has teamed up with Ghettoman Music to ensure this audible story is finally told as Mean “Johnny” Barrows and Ghettoman bring this hip hop soundtrack to your ears.

The EP is limited to 250 copies on colored vinyl. Additional black vinyl copies and extended CD version available. The Jersey Connection Instrumental version available too.

A1: Intro
A2: The Enforcers
A3: What You Asking For
A4: The Recipe
B1: The Jersey Connection
B2: Give You What You Need
B3: Years In The Making
B4: Outro

Order (Int.): (soon)
Order / Listen (EU):

My special thanks goes to K-Def, El Da Sensei and Slice Of Spice Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Montag, 20. Juni 2016

Effiscienz: EFFI-017 ft. Junior Makhno

Effiscienz dropping the compilation "Clandestinity" that brings together various from Junior Makhno who produced for artists like Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz, Esoteric, and more undergrounds artists.

Junior Makhno comes from Compiègne, north France and works on his beat machines for more than 10 years now. His vinyl debut was a limited to 500 copies 7" that dropped in 2007 ... it's time for more ...

Produced by Junior Makhno

Vocals by G8abak

Cuts by DJ Trickalome
Design by GustavImages


My special thanks goes to Junior Mahkno and Effiscienz Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Royal Alchemist ft. Da Great Deity Dah

20 years ago Da Great Deity Dah released his vinyl debut Life or Death EP followed by 3 more EPs in 97-98 (To Take Hip Hop Back, Cerebral Warfare, Declaration Of War). 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Washington's emcee, Da Great Deity Dah has partnered with DJ Eskimo to release a mixtape which will preview a limited Vinyl and digital release of an album of unreleased material from studio sessions from all 4 projects. 

Check the full store if you are interested in more than vinyl ... CD, comic book, action figure and more.

A: Narcotics ft. Quiet Storm 720
A: Introspective
A: Terra Reports
A: Super Spectacular
A: Cardiovascular ft. Quiet Storm 720
A: Deity Alchemy ft. Matthew Paine
B: Breaking Thru All Doors ft. The 5 Bro Mcs
B: Rapmatics II
B: Desperate For A Solution
B: The Plague
B: Manifest God

Order: (pre-order)

My special thanks goes to Da Great Deity Dah. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Samstag, 18. Juni 2016

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-040 ft. Phantasm & Soulbrotha

In the 90's and early 00's Phantasm and partner UG were signed to Loud Records as Cella Dwellas (The Dwellas). Phantasm & UG's debut album "Realms 'N Reality" was released in '96 and the Flatbush duo was also featured on fellow Brooklyn artist Masta Ace's classic album "Sittin' On Chrome". The Dwellas followed up with a dope second album "The Last Shall Be First" in 2000

Phantasm recently teamed up with Ill Adrenaline Records and producer duo Soulbrotha to release a timeless single entitled "Louder Than Ever". Original and Remix are produced by Germany's own SP1200 maestros 12 Finger Dan and B-Base aka Soulbrotha.


A: Louder Than Ever
A: Louder Than Ever Inst.
B: Louder Than Ever Remix
B: Louder Than Ever Remix Inst.

Produced by 12 Finger Dan
Remixed by B-Base

Grab one of the limited edition red 12" vinyl copies or traditional black wax, just make sure to grab at least one copy. 

My special thanks goes to Ill Adrenaline Records, B-Base and my homeboy 12 Finger Dan. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-038 ft. MindsOne & DJ Iron

Ill Adrenaline, MindsOne & DJ Iron present the new LP "Phaseology". The clear vinyl edition is limited to 200 copies, additional black copies available.

DJ Noumenon, Konscience & Tronic aka MindsOne connect with Belgium's DJ Iron on their newest endeavor "Phaseology" and aim to examine the bigger picture. Is that an SP1200? "Phaseology" is the follow-up to MindsOne's 2014 critically acclaimed release, "Pillars", entirely produced by Kev Brown, but both also worked together on the 7inch "A Day In The Life " on Iron's Earquake Records in 2015.


A: Phase In
A: A Day In The Life
A: Follow The Light
A: Nightfall (Interlude)
A: Horizons ft. John Robinson
A: What's Next?!?
A: Mythos
B: Gravity (Interlude)
B: Underdogs
B: Hindsight
B: Phase Out
B: Horizons (Remix) ft. John Robinson
B: Follow The Light
B: What's Next ?!?

My special thanks goes to MindsOne, DJ Iron and Ill Adrenaline Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Strictly Business: SBR-003 ft. Eyes Low

After two successful EPs featuring various artists Strictly Business Records releases the first 7" with Eyes Low.

The two tracks are pressed on clear blue limited edition vinyl.

A: Young Funkenstein
B: Ultramagnetic Disease 

My special thanks goes to Eyes Low and Strictly Business. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 17. Juni 2016

B-Line: BLU-002 ft. The Projections

The next record on B-Line U, is the album "Project The Future" by The Projections, which was originally released in 2007 on CD only via Ruztik. 

The vinyl LP will be limited to 100 copies and will feature Specifik, Project Cee, Rola, Truck, Mr Fantastic and more.

A: The Projections
A: 14 Types Of Mics
A: All I Ever Wanted
A: Panic
A: For The Writers
A: Know The Facts
A: Hour in The Life
B: Solar Flex
B: Family
B: Lick A Shot
B: Knowledge
B: Ital Farm
B: When We Meet (Matthew)

CD Version:

My special thanks goes to B-Line Recordings and all artists involved in this project. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Six2Six: ft. Constant Deviants

A year after releasing “Avant Garde” M.I. & DJ Cutt return as Luciano & Lanski in "Omertà".

The duo has drawn from their respective Italian and Russian heritages to adopt the personas of Luciano and Lansky in the new album “Omertà”, to be released on 28th of June.

Describing the approach, M.I. explains “It’s to put a little of the fun back into hip hop, not just throwing out beats and bars. A return to the days where the focus was on entertainment, relating imaginative stories and putting more emphasis on actual songwriting. I’m not endorsing a lifestyle or suggesting this is who I am in any literal sense. I wanted to address this subject in a more intelligent way, compare mindsets and situations in a broader dynamic.”

A: Newspaper Man
A: Bada Bing
A: So Underrated
A: Plata O Plomo
A: I-95
A: Make My Bones
B: Sparks Steakhouse
B: Delorean
B: Fuklinski
B: Reign Storms
B: Untitled
B: We Up Tho


My special thanks goes to Six2Six, MI, DJ Cutt and everybody involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

A Big Step: ABSR-001 ft. Mathematik

Online travel to Shizuoka, Japan visiting A Big Step Records to buy their debut vinyl release "Mathuvision" featuring Toronto's Mathematik. 

Produced by DJ A-Mu this 12inch delivers main, remix, both instrumentals and another tracks. 

The 12" is limited to 500 copies, international customers can order via email ... see infos below.

A1: Mathuvision
A2: Mathuvision Inst.
A3: Dialect
B1: Mathuvision Remix
B2: Mathuvision Remix Inst.

My special thanks goes to A Big Step, DJ A-Mu and Mathematik. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Shout out to G Roc Gayle. 

Montag, 13. Juni 2016

Chipped Hearing: ft. Aeon Seven

Happy Birthday to Chopped Herring's new sub-label Chipped Hearing Records. The sub-label is dedicated to release sample based music and the first artist featured on the label is French producer and DJ "Aeon Seven".

This vinyl project named "Lowdown Spectrum" is limited to 300 copies and comes as one-sided traditional black wax and plain white labels.


My special thanks goes to B @ Chipped Herring Records and Aeon Seven. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.