Village Live: TVI-027 ft. Micall Parknsun & Mr. Thing

Treehouse: TREE-019 ft. Down To Erf & Dub-Ill

Wah Wah 45: WAHDP-025 ft. Haynesy, JabbaThaKut

Black Life: ft. Chris Lowe, Stezo & Supa Lova Cee

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-7020 ft. Godfather Don

Fresh Pressings: FPI-018 ft. Jorun Bombay & Emskee

Grilchy: ft. Clever 1 (Buze Bruvaz) & Giallo Point

Origu: ORIGU45-011 ft. Chuck D

Origu: ORIGU45-010 ft. Daddy-O

Beats House: ft. Djar One & Kesta

Hip Hop Enterprise: ft. Swift

deRapWinkel: ft. Homeliss Derilex

Chopped Herring CH1LLB1LL01 ft. Ill Bill

Mad Men Ent. / Screwball: MME1 ft. Comet

Hip Hop Enterprise: HHE-005 ft. Tyranny & Tone

Hip Hop Enterprise: HHE-008 ft. Scott Free

Item / Taha: ft. People Without Shoes

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-7014 (DWG-028) ft. Ron B

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-027 ft. Social Deviantz

Waxnerds: Waxnerds010 ft. DJs Codo & Mark James