Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2015

Mic Theory: ft. Hex One & 5th Element

Epidemic's Hex One and 5th Element present the full-length album "Hologramz". 

With the two not having worked on any new material together since 5th and Epidemic's debut album "Illin' Spree" back in 2011

The album features a lot of guest appearances on 8 of its 11 tracks including Ruste Juxx, Planet Asia, Prince Po and Epidemic's partner Tek-nition. 

The vinyl LP is limited to 500 copies in milky clear with black and purple splatter. 

Order: or at your trusted record dealer.

A1: Common Sense
A2: Deep Cover '14
A3: Dinner Time ft. Halfcut, Ruste Juxx
A4: Fire ft. Planet Asia, Tek-nition*
A5: A-alikes ft. Tek-nition
A6: Potential (Interlude)
B1: Shine ft. Blacastan, Halfcut
B2: Greed ft. Dreamtek, Pete Flux, Teknition
B3: Speeding ft. Awon, Prince Po
B4: The Sequel ft. Reef The Lost Cauze, Tek-nition
B5: Rare Form ft. MindsOne, Reks, Tek-nition, Ty-One
My special thanks goes to Hex One and 5th Element. All copyrights reserved posted for promotion use only. 

Tru-Tone: TTR008 ft. Whirlwind D

Brand new Whirlwind D 7" single out on Tru-Tone in association with B-Line Recordings.

"B-Line Business" celebrates B-Line Recordings (the other label Whirlwind D is signed to) and the Bournemouth hip hop scene. It is produced by Specifik and features cuts by JabbaThaKut.

On the flip is a killer remix of "Battle Tipped Rhyme" by Waxer (who collaborated with D on WD40EP in 2012).

A: B-Line Recordings
B: Battle Tipped Rhyme Remix

Design by Mr. Krum
Photo by Cel One (Guttersnypes) 

My special thanks goes to Whirlwind D, Tru-Tone and B-Line. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2015

Original Watts: OW002 ft. Zajazza

Zajazza is a producer, composer and DJ from France who designs his music style by being influenced from Hip-Hop, Latin Groove and African music. 

Over his career ZaJazza has performed or produced music in several countries such as Brazil, USA and all over Europe. 


On Original Watts Zajazza released the second 7" release after "Mafia Cubana / El Viaje". The artwork design comes from Clémence de Chambrun. 

My special thanks goes to Uajazza and Original Watts. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotions only. Thanks to True Head. 

Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Play That Records: PT003VINYL ft. DJ Nice

Third official release on Play That Record features a brand new track from DJ Nice from Toulouse with lyrics by D.I.T.C. member AG on front and N-Jin on flip side. 

The 7" vinyl comes in picture sleeve with artwork design by Stop. 

A1: 48 BARS ft. AG
A2: Bonus Scratches
B1: 48 BARS ft. N-JIN
B2: Bonus Drums

Produced by DJ Nice Toulouse
Cuts by DJ Duke and DJ Skandela 
Mixed by Metronom
Mastered by DJ Logilo

My special thanks goes to DJ Nice Toulouse, AG and Play That Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

Solid Ground: OTRSGR2015 ft. Poison Ladd S.L.R

In 1994 Poison Ladd S.L.R. released the EP "I Put You To Rest" on OTR under the aka Poison. The EP contained the two tracks "Stand Up" and "Frank White" in different versions.

On Solid Ground Records producer Beats In General now releases another 12" from Poison who unfortunately passed away in July 2012.

The two tracks got recorded in 1998/1999 and remixed in 2014. This release is limited to 500 copies. Pre-Orders will include a 11x17 poster. Shipping is scheduled for July 2015.

A: Armageddon
A: Turn The Tables
A: Armageddon (Street Mix)
B: Armageddon Instrumental
B: Turn The Tables Instrumental
B: Armageddon (Street Mix) Instrumental


My special thanks goes to Poison Ladd S.L.R., Beats In General. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Rugged: RRLP03 ft. Ugly Tony & Phil The Agony

DJ Low Cut and Rugged Records proudly presents the third project of the label. This time Ugly Tony & Phil The Agony collaborate on the EP entitled "Antagonsym".

All tracks produced by Ugly Tony.

A: Antagonysm (Intro)
A: Feel This
A: Best Of The Best
B: Rock The Bells
B: Move Along
B: Moonshine

My special thanks goes to DJ Low Cut, Ugly Tony, Phil The Agony and Rugged Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

HHV: HHV416 ft. Dface & Llingo

Dirty Llingo is a collaboration of Dface (of DXA fame) and Llingo Apt's (of Drumz & Llingo). "New York To Philadelphia" is a 2LP release with vocal LP and instrumental LP in a limited deluxe edition of 300 copies.

Sample-driven beats and smooth rhymes featuring lyrics by Doam Peace, Warpath, Walt Sicknin’, Calamity Chris, Too Deep, Drumat!c and others.

A1: It Gets Ruffa
A2: Up In The Casket (That's It)
A3: Pigs In Choppers
A4: In Stand By
B1: Grill Marks
B2: Go Fuck Yourself
B3: Poison Control
B4: It Gets Ruffa (Remix)
C1: It Gets Ruffa (Instrumental)
C2: Up In The Casket (Instrumental)
C3: Pigs In Choppers (Instrumental)
C4: In Stand By (Instrumental)
D1: Grill Marks (Instrumental)
D2: Go Fuck Yourself (Instrumental)
D3: Poison Control (Instrumental)

Order NY:
Order US:
Order EU: (listen here)

My special thanks goes to Dface (DXA) and Llingo (Drumz & Lingo), KDP and HHV. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015

Golden Souns: GSR-001N ft. Loopwhole Beats

New York producer Loopwhole Beats and his affinity to the legendary SP1200 made this release happen. "Newyorkism" is a mix of pure instrumental tracks and vocal tracks featuring some of New Yorks elite on the mic.

The vinyl record is limited to 350 copies on black colored vinyl and 85 copies on transparent blue vinyl. All copies come with picture cover, some are signed.

The release sold out in no time so this post is probably too late to be seen as promotion but I am sure diggers will find retail stores or sellers on the net. 

A1: SP1200 Days ft. Loopwhole
A2: Riker's Island (SP1200 Instrumental)
A3: Legend ft. J-Love
A4: Clinton Street (Emulator II Instrumental
A5: Gem ft. Lewis Parker, Loopwhole, Shabaam Sahdeeq
A6: EBT Card (SP1200/950 Instrumental)
A7: 1991 (SP1200 Instrumental)
B1: Bushwick Part 1 ft. Sadat X

My special thanks goes to Loopwhole Beats and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

Effiscienz: EFFI013 ft. EDO.G

"Afterwords" is the name of Boston's EDO.G His 2015 release is entirely produced by Street Wyze and gets released on French label Effiscienz. 

The limited vinyl version (500 copies) contains 10 tracks, 4 additional remixes are exclusive to the CD and digital release.

A1: Afterwords
A2: Sum Sorta Way feat. Reks
A3: MCing feat. Jaysaun
A4: City
A5: EFFISCIENZ Time ft. Dirt Platoon, Fel Sweetenberg, Starvin B, Kimba & Nutso

B1: Roxbury
B2: G-Lo (RIP) ft. G.Dot & Born
B3: Last Man Standing
B4: Trending
B5: Après Les Mots

Snippets: coming soon

The CD version contains those 4 bonus tracks: 
  • Sorta Way ft. Reks Dj Brans Remix)
  • MCing ft. Kimba (Union Blak Remix)
  • The City (Mil Remix)
  • G-Lo (R.I.P.) feat. G.Dot & Born (Fel Sweetenberg Remix)
My special thanks goes to EDO.G, Effiscienz and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Minority Rules: ft. Starvin B

Starvin B and Minority Rules Entertainment present a brand newlimited edition 7" on green wax. Straight from Queens, NYC Starvin B dropped quite a lot stuff recently especially via Chopped Herring Records.

The Starvin B logo seems to say: "lunch is prepared" so check it out!

A: 99 %
B: Madhouse

Produced by JM Productions and 86'd Beats.


My special thanks goes to Starvin B and Minority Rules Ent. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Montag, 11. Mai 2015

B-Line: BLN014 ft. Specifik & Project Cee

The brand new and highly anticipated single from Specifik & Project Cee featuring Jabbathakut is live. 

The orange colored 7" vinyl is strictly limited and comes with cover artwork by Project Cee and finish by Mr Tibbz. 

A: Future Shock 64
B: Bang ft. Jabbathakut

Both tracks mixed and mastered by Rola at Khameleon Sounds Bristol.

My special thanks goes to Specific, Project Cee, Tibbz and B-Line Recordings. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

World Wide Wax: WWW1 ft. 3 Shades Of Rhythm

This is one of the releases I nearly missed due to my rare availability on the web - but I haven't simply because the hip-hop vinyl network is working properly. 

Bay Area based trio 3 Shades Of Rhythm consists of the MC's Equipto and P-Whaley and producer TD Camp. The album originally exist on demo tape only until now. The limited edition (300 copies) 3LP comes in three different vinyl colors with gatefold cover and contains 4 tracks exclusive to this vinyl release. 

A1: Gather Round
A2: Rhythmic Shades
A3: Boom Ka Ka Boom (Remix)
A4: The Deal (Kid)
B1: Hit The Studio
B2: Methods Of Maddness
B3: Here It Is (Featuring: White Mic)

C1: Showtime
C2: You Want This
C3: For The Few
C4: Everybody Wants To Rap
D1: Funky Demonstration
D2: I'm In A Rage
D3: Reflections
D4: Leo's Beat
E1: Try Again
E2: Shades On Arrival
E3: Focus On The Witness
F1: Choose To Flow
F2: Poetry Department
F3: Don't U Won't U
F4: We Been Aroun

My special thanks goes to 3 Shades Of Rhythm and Andy at World Wide Wax. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Centrifugal Phorce: CPR-KMP-001 ft. Cryptic One

"After making a little noise in the NY underground with his crews Elite Bomb Squad and Centa Of Da Web in the 90's and spitting one of the hottest verses on Can Ox's "The Cold Vein" album, Atoms Family founder Cryptic One was ready to drop his solo debut "The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory" in 2004. 

While the album achieved critical acclaim, the CD-only release went under the radar, thanks to poor distribution. In early 2015, Cryptic One eventually put his plans into action and pressed 200 copies of his debut longplayer on lovely black double vinyl as well as 100 copies on translucent yellow vinyl, housed with a bi-fold lyrics sheet in a sticker sleeve, available @

The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory features beats by Cryp, Blockhead, Blueprint, and Jestoneart, plus additional verses by Aesop Rock and Atoms Fam members Windnbreeze and Alaska aka Hanger 18." [by Christian]

A1: Intro
A2: Anti-Mobius Strip Theory
A3: Pulp Non-Fiction Remix
A4: UniCycle (Water Cycle)
A5: Half-Life
B1: Tempt Fate ft. Alaska, Windnbreeze
B2: Intricate Schemes
B3: BiCycle (Gold Cycle)
B4: Uncomfortable Silence

C1: Apocalypse Zone ft. Aesop Rock
C2: Death Of Regret
C3: TriCycle (Lawn Cycle)
C4: Time Piece / Peace Of Time
D1: Rebirth Of Regret
D2: Willow
D3: Life After

This 2LP is limited to 200 copies pressed on black vinyl, 100 copies on yellow vinyl - packed in a stickered generic sleeve with lyric sheet. 

My special thanks goes to Cryptic One, Christian, Pallas and Centrifugal Phorce. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Centrifugal Phorce: CPR-KMP-002 ft. Cryptic One

"Truth: Whole Truth, Half Truths & Lies" is the second, previously uneleased solo album by Cryptic One. The beats were handled by the man himself, while he gets lyrical support by Hangar 18 on one track. 

Originally, it was supposed to be released in 2005, but it took another 10 years to make it available in the form of 200 pieces of black virgin vinyl, covered by a generic sleeve with a sticker of the original artwork, available @

Stay tuned for more vintage Atoms Fam flavor anytime soon!"  [by Christian]

A1 Intro
A2 Take Take Take
A3 The Hunt
A4 Wear Ya Strings ft. Alaska, Windnbreeze
A5 Lies Interlude
A6 Hitchhikers Guide To Lies & Falacy
A7 Bag Of Rocks

B1 Cyclops
B2 Half Truths
B3 Situations
B4 That's That
B5 Outro

Previously unreleased 2nd album, limited edition of 200 black vinyl copies. 

My special thanks goes to Cryptic One, Christian, Pallas and Centrifugal Phorce. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

Dope Folks: DF-0070 ft. Rast RFC

Former graffiti writer Rast RFC collaborates with Dope Folks Records again to release Volume 2 of "The Story Of A Legend"

Straight from New York City Rast RFC delivers another 8 tracks . If you like to know more about Rast RFC please read the biography at

Limited edition of 300 copies, 200 black and 100 colored vinyl.

A1: Drive By
A2: It's My Turn
A3: Fresh
A4: Alpo Martinez (Ride Or Die)
B1: Teenage Gangland Pt. 2
B2: The Truth
B3: Lost Boys
B4: Sorry

Snippets: coming soon

My special thanks goes to Rast RFC and Dope Folks Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.