Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-002 ft. Rashad & Confidence (Inst.)

This is no deja vu, this is not a double post - Ill Adrenaline Records proudly announces the instrumental version of "The Element of Surprise" by Rashad & Confidence.

In November 2011 Ill Adrenaline released the debut album on CD and early 2012 the vinyl version got dropped. 

"The Element of Surprise" by Rashad & Confidence became an internationally critically acclaimed album, considered as an instant classic by hip-hop heads worldwide. Push the play button and listen closely to the deep and soulful, but still hard hitting boom-bap beats of "The Element of Surprise", and get taken back to a time when hip-hop only produced classic albums." [source]

The instrumental album will be pressed in an edition of 500 copies, 400 on black vinyl, 100 copies on gold wax. Pre-orders are live!

A1: Introduction
A2: Brand New (Instumental)
A3: The City (Instumental)
A4: Understand (Instumental)
A5: Rumors Of War (Instumental)
A6: Days Of MyYouth (Instumental)
A7: Interlude
A8: Pen On Display (Instumental)
B1: Shining (Instumental)
B2: Pass Me By (Instumental)
B3: Interlude
B4: They Keep Asking Me (Instumental)
B5 Let Me Explain (Instumental)
B6: All Year Round (Instumental)
B7: The Break Up Song (Instumental)

My special thanks goes out to Benny at IAR, Rashad and Confidence. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.  

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