Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Dope Folks: DF-0038 ft. Cage 1

In 1989 Cage 1 released the very sought after 12inch "Cage 1" on Plush Records. Over the last few years the record got sold for prices between 500-900 US$ and is doubtless a random rap release that is on almost every wantlist. 

Now its official: Dope Folks Records re-releases Delaware/Wilmington's Cage 1! The new edition of "Straight From The Cage" features the two vocal versions from the original 12inch plus two previously unreleased songs. The EP is limited to 300 copies and will most probably be available for the typical Dope Folks price of 20$.

A: Straight From Cage
A: Nightstalker
B: Last Supper
B: Poets Giving Criticism

All tracks produced by Mike Cannon.

My special thanks goes out to Cage 1 and Dope Folks Records (John/Chris). A special shout out to Gentle Jones. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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