Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Def Jam: ft. Watch The Throne

First of all I don't support this release, I don't need this in my collection and I am not willing to pay 120 € for synthie bling-bling music just because of a very special release artwork.

But due to the fact that the picture discs and the gold embossed cover are kinda something special I am open to share the picture right here on the blog.

Please use the comment section for discussion ;)

Artists: Jay-Z & Kanye West
Title: Watch The Throne
Format: 2LP Limited Edition

A1: No Church In The Wild (feat Frank Ocean)
A2: Lift Off (feat Beyonce)
A3: Ni**as In Paris
A4: Otis (feat Otis Redding)
B1: Gotta Have It
B2: New Day
B3: That's My Bitch
B4: Welcome To The Jungle

C1: Who Gon Stop Me
C2: Murder To Excellence
C3: Made In America (feat Frank Ocean)
C4: Why I Love You (feat Mr Hudson)
D1: Illest Motherf**ker Alive
D3: Primetime

Thanks to Def Jam and the involved artists for a brilliant example how hip-hop should not be ... Def Jam was a dope label back in the days. All copyrights reserved by their owners, posted for promo only.

King Of The Beats: Interview with Pritt Kalsi

SBS: Hello Pritt, welcome on "Stitch By Stitch" blogspot. Please introduce yourself to the audience!

Pritt: My name is Pritt Kalsi, I used to write Graff under the name Arcade and produce and DJ under the name Key Figures. Born and bred in Birmingham City, UK. Ive been involved in Hip Hop from 1983 as a Graffiti artist and wanna b B-Boy. I honestly wasn't that interested and deep into the music sides until a little later. These days im known for my film making, and creation of the KING OF THE BEATS thing. The first "Beat Challenge", which has now lead to me running the KOTB record label.

SBS: In 1997 you founded your label KOTB Records. What's the concept of your label and how do you set apart from others?

Pritt: Well infact 1997 was when i started the King of the Beats thing. From forming the concept and then developing that into a real film. The record label was really only launched a few years ago. It's all part of the package of King Of The Beats. It was born from the events and challenges I hold and out of the relationships I've made whilst making my films. I'm all about as my man Sparkii put it's, 'Cultural Preservation'. I put my films online free for everyone. I work a factory job, this is all passion. I can't get this out my system, I love it. I'm not funded, never had financial sponsorship. Basically the label is about putting good music out, everyone involved is on the same page. It's about a love for records, and real diggin' and making good Hip Hop music. In my eyes the right way. How all the greats made it. Fuck all them dudes who are using downloaded drum libraries and sampling from downloading trying to be Dilla thinking they are Hip Hop. They are just producers. I'm about Hip Hop and this label is about that. It's a shared platform for people who share the same view, who come from the same school. New or old, legends or pioneers who make music the Hip Hop way this is that label. I do 300 copies, at reasonable prices, get the money in and drop the next record. There is no shortage of music it's run like a club.

SBS: I really like the concept of new talented artists on one hand and hip-hop veterans on the other hand. How do you recruit so much young talented people?

Pritt: All the younger and new talent comes via the KING OF THE BEATS events and challenges. There a lot of younger cats out there that do get it. Who are doing there homework, who will go out and dig for records, know their history, know their drums and produce really great peaces of music. Along side members of the crew, we tend to be able to home into the individuals who not only have the music but have that HIP HOP CHARACTER that we are in tune with. KOTB provides a great avenue to put them out. What some of them do after is up to them. I think its really important to be able to pass on the torch, help develop newer artists. Hip Hop is serious to me, and as a ZULU it's a responsibility to help pass on knowledge so that we can help preserve this. Perfect example is Solomon Caine and Myke Forte, Obie and Saucless mark my words watch out for them.

SBS: Are there any famous artists you would like to work with in the future?

Pritt: Well they are all famous to me, But you will see LONS for sure and the return of my brother MIKEY D. I would love to do a record with Diamond Shell. King of Chill, Doctor Butcher, Too Tuff, A.G, Johnny Juice and Jazzy J, Casanova Rud, P-Brothers, Chuck Chillout, DJ Q-Bert and DJ Disk the list goes on for ever.

SBS: Who inspires you? Any role models in hip-hop?

Pritt: There are too many to mention, I'm a true artist I get inspired by a lot of things and people. Ive been inspired by all the artists I've worked with over the last 29 years. I come from Hip Hop culture, and thats life thing, not a fan thing. For example I see things like this. 'Greatful Dead American Beauty' is Hip Hop to me, it's part of my life. My biggest inspiration is my father, hes' like the true Hip Hop story. Hip hop is about defeating the odds and still being here. Going through the shit and still doing your thing. When knows one there for you and they don't understand what your doing, Fuck it, get on with it, how ever hard it is. Anyone's that knows me, knows my work ethic, thats from having that B-Boy mentality and that comes from him. Always gonna give it up to Jazzy J and A.dee.

SBS: I am following your releases since day one. Please talk about something special that happened back on the scene?

Pritt: I can talk about one of the records that came out, and that was the Marley Marl Dedication. Back in 2002 I was at Marley's Crib. He gave me a lot of time then. He's supported my work and my mission. He gets it. We worked on my film the 'THE MEN & THEIR MUSIC'. Anyhow THA 4ORCE was a producer who won one of our events. What was out standing for me listening to his music was the time and attention spent on his mixes. I had a trip planned 2 years ago to NYC and I wanted to give Marley a gift to say thanks for all your support over the years. So I set challenge to 4orce to reproduce some of Marley's joints. The strength of Marley's music was in his mixes, and to be honest a lot of him hop these days, little time and attention is spent on the mix. So i challenged him if he can mix as good as Marley, can you achieve his sound? See if we can get 2 thumbs up from the man. Well it did. Now thats schooling. So anyone that's got that joint, well that's a special one to me. You got to share in something that came out of friendship with one of the greatest.

The other little secret is that on the Psycho Les 7' some of them beats are gonna be on the next Beatnuts LP. It's the only way your gonna get the Instrumentals. Thats coming from Les.

SBS: Maybe you like to give a little hint to the crowd about what's coming next?

Pritt: I've been working with Ultramagnetic's very closely since 2002. Thanks to the P-brothers who introduced me to Moe Love a few years before that. I've really been behind the scenes person in Ultra. If anyone's one seen the last 2 Ultra Foundation videos and the full movie, I did that. When I was in NYC a few years ago I struck up a GREAT friendship with Fred Beanz who has also been in the background of the Ultra crew. I love Moe and TR thats my people, so I'm always working with them. The next record on KOTB is gonna be Ultra Foundation 7'. Featuring FRED BEANZ. It is a very hardcore record. For me BEANZ is the BRONX!! No pretense, just real grit.

After that i will be dropping a 7' with Maurizio 'The Nextone' you may know him formally of the Rock Steady Crew. But what people don't know how sick a producer he is. Im currently editing a peace on him. Other than DJ Premier no body's drums SMACK like his do. It's all S950. He's probably the most gifted producers out there that know one knows of. As a digger not many people can fuck with him. I've just come back from Turin and selected 2 joints from him. It's now my job to search out who to rhyme on it. I also have to digital projects to drop. With so many good people coming through i can't put everyone out on VINYL.

There will be an album by THA 4ORCE titled setting standards. The current single KOTB-0006 is off that. There will also be a project dropping from Sparkii Ski one of the legendary UK producers. It's a mix that him and DJ Grazzhoppa have put together. I can't go to much into it, but that will be dropping soon. 

SBS: What else do you like to let people know?

Pritt: Keep checking out the site. I'm soon to be puttng all my movies on there. There will be official PAUL C movie on there very soon. Some people may of seen my rough edits. but I've filmed a lot more since. I've got a lot of movies I've done over the years that ive been re-editing that will be on my site. I'm gonna drop the full MEN AND THEIR MUSIC film, thats like 7 hours right now. It's been a big part of my life that I've held dearly to my self, I became seriously addicted to making that film as I got more and more interviews I got deeper and deeper into it. I need to stop and let it go.

I would love to thank everyone who has supported my work, my films, my music, the label, the team and the artists. You are not just buying a record, you buying into and supporting a culture. The label allows me to put out music by artists that I truly believe at that time was all about what I'm representing. Keep supporting the label. It's what allows me to continue making these films. This is not just a record label it's a whole movement!

SBS: Thanks for taking the time Pritt. For those who didn't follow the KOTB releases yet check all release details here, buy your copies and spread the word. PEACE !!!

Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Nobody Buys: NBR12-001 ft. Phill Most Chill

Fully unexpected my man Adam sent me a link and I am really happy that the networking on dope releases works. Phill Most Chill’s long awaited Fast Rap EP is now available for purchase!

The EP contains 4 fast and funky tracks made the way only Phill Most Chill can.  All tracks got produced by Bankrupt Europeans, with DJ Jazz T (UK ITF Champion) on the cuts. The 12" releases is limited to 500 copies and comes in a nice sticker sleeve, designed as Main Source's "Fakin’ The Funk".

This is the first release on the Bankrupt Europeans’ own label Nobody-Buys-Records.

A1: In Effect (Vocal)
A2: Nothing To Mess With (Vocal)
A3: We Don’t Play (Vocal)
A4: This Is What It Is (Vocal)

B1: In Effect (Instrumental)
B2: Nothing To Mess With (Instrumental)
B3: We Don’t Play (Instrumental)
B4: This Is What It Is (Instrumental)

Price: £12.00 GBP (plus shipping)
My special thanks goes out to Adam, Nobody Buys Records and Phill Most Chill. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Sure Shot: SS-003 ft. Fabreeze Brothers

Phill Most Chill & Paul Nice are "The Fabreeze Brothers!" Two titans of the true school team up and drop their debut single on Sure Shot! Paul & Phill collaborated once before on "Never Stop Diggin", released on DWG in 2011. Now, with a full length LP slated to drop this summer as The Fabreeze Brothers, this dynamic duo of dope beats and rhymes are diligently answering the long unheeded call for real Hip Hop from the heart.

"Power Man & Iron Fist" is an uptempo, b-boy/park jam calling card - announcing to the world the official arrival of Fabreeze in the guise of their alter-alter egos, Luke Cage & Danny Rand. The B-Side serves as the final knock out blow with "Phyllis Diller", a drum-heavy, shit-talking, Shaw Brothers-sampling road map to ruin for all sucker mc's & dj's who dare question the prowess of PMC & Paul Nice. Completing the package with artwork by the one and only Lance Pilgrim of Hot Peas & Butta fame, this first official Sure Shot! release promises to be a keeper.

A1: PM&IF (Restricted)
A2: PM&IF (Genreal Admission)
A3: PM&IF (Silent)
B1: Phyllis Diller (Diller-esque)
B2: Phyllis Diller (Shields & Yarnell)

PRE-ORDER DATE: 24.02.2012

My special thanks goes out to Paul Nice and PMC. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Six2Six: S2S-011 ft. M.I.

Another sure shot coming early March. Constant Deviant MCee M.I. and Australian producer Debonair P  teamed together for this ill underground intercontinental project. With 'Deb P' this marks the second successful limited vinyl release with SIX 2 SIX Records and his own imprint Gentleman's Relief Records. 

A1: Allnighter (Original)
A2: Skyscraper (Original) 
A3: Sun,Moon & Stars 
A4: Allnighter (Instrumental) 
A5: Skyscraper (Instrumental) 

B1: Allnighter (Remix) 
B2: Skyscraper (Remix)
Release Date: 9th of March 2012
Written by M.I. of Constant Deviants
Produced by Debonair P (Low Budget) 

My special thanks goes out to M.I., Debonair P and Six 2 Six Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Reality Check: RC-001 ft. Silvanoë

Slivanoë is a French producer who started betaking with his MPC1000 in 2008. Within the last four years he worked in different projects together with local MCees like Speeedy, Memento, MGM, Zoneraze and others. 

In cooperation with my man F.I.P and the label Reality Check Silvanoë releases the Injection EP including 7 instrumentals produced within the past two years and a bonus track with guest vocals by Speeedy. With the purchase of RC-001 every customer receives the full beat tape containing more than 25 tracks. 

The record was produced by the label Reality Check created by F.I.P. and Slivanoë in 2009. The artwork is made by H. Guillome. Attention this release is limited to 100 copies hand-numbered / signed copies, labels painted with 4 colors (gold, chrome, red and black). 

A1: Beat Stambouliote #1
A2: Nachos
A3: Baguala
A4: So Good
B1: Relax
B2: San Juanito
B3: Jazzy Beat
B4: Ce Qu'On Veut Dire ft. Speeedy

PRE-Order your copy at and get your personal download link directly with your purchase. Also get more information at

My special thanks goes out to F.I.P. and Silvanoë. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only. 

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

6 Feet Deep: ft. Grim Reaperz

Grim Reaperz are a duo of hip hop producers from the French underground rap scene; their names: Oxydz and Crown. Under the name  "Grim Reaperz" Oxydz and Crown represent their very unique hip-hop sound based on sometimes untypical samples. The sound is melodic with a touch of grimy elements. Feel the darkness and you'll see hip-hop daylight.

Grim Reaperz & Seek (from Boston) present their new Ep "6 Dayz Of Torture". The EP comes as a limited edition 10inch vinyl in a dope designed cover by FredWhyte. Get your copy at and if it's sold out like at many places you'll need to digg a little deeper.

A1 : 6 Dayz Of Torture
A2 : Cold World
A3 : Hold On

B1 : Survival
B2 : Odds Are Stacked
B3 : 52 Bars

My special thanks goes out to Crown and the Grim Reaperz. A big shout out to my man Fred Whyte for another amazing dope artwork. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Check it out FRANCE MEETS BOSTON.

Slice Of Spice: SSR-008 ft. Lord Finesse (Bundle)


Slice Of Spice and Underboss present the Signature Seven Series of Lord Finesse from the world famous D.I.T.C. crew. Due to the extend of this series we keep it easy and simple today, just facts and figures. That will help to decide what's the best buy for you.

- Retail Edition ft. Black 2x7" (500)
- Special Edition ft. White 2x7" (200)
- Flexi Bundle ft. Black 2x7", White 2x7", Clear Bonus Flexi

A/B: Hands In The Air (Vocal/Inst.)
C/D: Isn't He Something (Large Pro Remix) (Vocal/Inst.)

- Retail Edition ft. Black 2x7" (500)
- Special Edition ft. Colored 2x7" (200)
- Flexi Bundle ft. Black 2x7", Colored 2x7", Red Bonus Flexi

A/B: S.K.I.T.S. Remix (Vocal/Inst.)
C/D: Set It Off Troop (Vocal/Inst.)

- Retail Edition ft. Black 2x7" (500)
- Special Edition ft. Colored 2x7" (200)
- Flexi Bundle ft. Black 2x7", Colored 2x7", Colored Bonus Flexi

A/B: Pull Ya Card (Vocal/Inst.)
C/D: Check Me Out Baby Pah (Vocal/Inst.)

- SSR-008 Flexi Bundle
- SSR-011 Flexi Bundle
- SSR-013 Flexi Bundle
- SSR-013.5 (secret SLICE)

All special edition bundles are limited to 200 copies as well as the "secret slice". SSR-013.5 is only available for people who qualified, here are the rules. For the nerds 10 test pressings available, be quick !!!

My special thanks goes out to Richard at Slice Of Spice Records, Underboss and Lord Finesse. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

Blue Concept: BC-1992-6 ft. ALPS Cru

We've been waiting for years but now it's time to climb the ALPS again. My friend DJ Alejan and his partners P. Da Wicked and Shorty Live with another dope vinyl release. The "Relevant EP" is scheduled for February on and will be limited to 300 numbered copies.

The record will come in a full picture cover plus download code with some extra ALPS Cru sounds. Special guest appearance by Sadat X and DJ Rob Swift.

A: Relevant ft. Sadat X
A: Relevant Instrumental
A: Make It Stick ft. DJ Rob Swift
A: Make It Stick Bonus Beats

B: Avalanche Instrumental
B: ALPS Cru Live In New Orleans 1994

My special thanks goes out to DJ Alejan and the ALPS Cru. All copyrights reserved by Blue Concept Records, posted for promotion use only.

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Roots Forward: RF7-02 ft. Madman Shawn

East New York Records released the famous "East Comin Thru EP " in 1994. This EP features some dope tracks representing the fresh mid 90s sound. One of the stronger tracks provided the MC Madman Shawn.

18 years later Jason from Roots Forward re-releases the track "Walk Thru Hell" on a limited 7" vinyl. The release is limited to 300 copies (100 x red, 200 x black) and for the nerds there will be a few signed test pressings available too.

A: Vocal
B: Instrumental

The records will be available from the 13th of February for a price of 15$ plus s&h.

My special thanks goes out to Jason and Roots Forward Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Threshold: LBR-201 ft. Red Black & Green 20th Anniversary

In the late 80's Emcee Style and D.J. Kutmasta Kurt formed the duo "Red Black & Green". The first single "Serious As Cancer" released in 1989.

Three years later the combo dropped the very limited EP "Annihilation Of A Nation" including 6 tracks plus picture cover. While the EP got pressed on vinyl and cassette tape the record became sought after. Here are some further details of the original:

- Label: Rapid Fire Recordings
- Cat.-No.: LBR-201
- Release Year: 1992
- Producer: Kutmasta Kurt

A1: Intro: Genesis
A2: Evil Light Box
A3: Unsilent Minority
B1: Late Great Planet Earth
B2: Annihilation Of A Nation
B3: Target Zero

20 years later Threshold Recordings decided to re-release the EP in a limited edition of 100 vinyl copies. The records come in a stickered sleeve, signed by Kutmasta Kurt himself. For a very limited time the record is available for 50$ (USA) / 60$ (INT) including shipping costs. To place your order just visit and safe your copy. Shipping date is the 1st of March.

My special thanks goes up to Mike and Kutmasta Kurt. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Crate Escape: CELD-7001 ft. Louis Den

Oh yes, it's great to see my man DJ Cro and Crate Escape are back with a new project. In cooperation with Louisden both labels present: Behind Closed Doors Vol. 3 EP. The 7"inch features Houseshoes (Detroit), Suff Daddy (Berlin), Kelakovski and Myke Forte (both Birmingham). The 7" is limited to 250 hand numbered copies, the first 100 copies are exclusive to a "Behind Closed Doors 3 DVD Boxset" packaged in eco friendly hand printed sleeves (pic shows flip side). The remaining 150 copies are available in plain paper sleeves.

To reserve your copy I recommend you to be really quick because there are only 30 copies left (status 07/Feb/12). Just follow one of the following links to purchase:

A1: Houseshoes - Purist (Instrumental)
A2: Myke Forte - Rewind Tha 80's (Instrumental)
B1: Suff Daddy - Can I? (Instrumental)
B2: Kelakovski - Inspired (Instrumental)

My special thanks goes out to Louis Den and DJ Cro for realizing this international instrumental vinyl project with a real dope DVD concept as well. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Project Blue Book: PBB-LP001 ft. DJ Format

"Statement Of Intent" is the 3rd album of producer and turntable genius "DJ Format". If you are still a follower of my homeboy Matt, I don't need to tell you that the album is pure hip-hop. This is not only caused by the fact that MCees like Phill Most Chill, Mr. Lif, Oxygen or Sureshot La Rock rhyme over the tracks ... no no it's also the style how DJ Format samples the Funk, Soul and Rock elements.

And don't come around with excuses, the album will be available on Vinyl and CD as well as digital download so there is no reasonable cause to miss out on this stunning album.

The 2LP album features 14 tracks and is distributed by Kudos Records. Probably it's available at a local store or your trusted online shop. Pre-order your copies now.

A: Statement Of Intent ft. SSLR
A: Terror ft. Mr. Lif
A: Spaceship Earth ft. Edan
A: Copper Canyons 
B: Beyond Disco ft. Simonsound
B: A Quick Ego Trip ft. SSLR
B: Dope Pusher ft. SSLR
B: Notes In Quotation ft. Nostlagie 77 Quintet
C: Live At The Place To Be ft. Phill Most Chill, SSLR
C: Horse Power 
C: Mayor Of A Ghost Town
D: Battle Of The Planets ft. Simonsound
D: Remember ft. SSLR
D: The Long Goodbye ft. Nostalgie 77 Quintet

CD Exclusive: Mr. DJ
CD Exclusive: Here Comes The Dope Pusher

The bonus cuts were released on a single 12" last year. If you missed out, please visit the previous post on Stitch By Stitch and find a way to get your hands on this.

A special shout out goes to Mr. Krum for the artwork design. You know what's up !!! A special recommendation from my side: a DJ Format picture disc

My special thanks goes out to DJ Format, Sureshot La Rock and Mr. Krum. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Mello Music: MMG-7002 ft. gENSu dEAn

We got him on the Soulbrotha LP, we got personal copies of the first "Forever" 7", we are still in contact with my dude Gensu Dean. Straight outta Texas producer (SP1200 nerd) and MC gENSu dEAn doping another version of the dope "Forever" 7" ft. remix and alternative b-side track.

The second of many in a 7” series from Mello Music Group. Strictly limited to 300 copies, green colored wax. Verses come from the one and only Large Professor plus Gensu Dean on both production and rhymes.

A1: Forever (feat. Large Professor)
B1: Forever (feat. Large Professor) REMIX
B2: One Man Combo

Beside the great 45 please also check out the forthcoming 2LP "Lo-Fi Fingahz" ft. 17 blazin tracks, blue swirl colored wax plus nice picture cover. Also available for the CD headz. Visit your local record store or your favorite online shop. They all should have it available for a very short time.

EDITED: One of the nicest videos I've seen for years !!!

My special thanks goes out to Gensu Dean and Large Pro. All copyrights reserved for promotion use only. 

Insane: INSANE-1001 ft. Kinetic Effect

Insane Macbeth droppin' the next project. Stitch By Stitch provides the details and introduces you to the pre-order details, OK?

OK! In 1997, Kinetic Effect & Insane Macbeth recorded a mini-album called "The Mortis Experiments" however it was never released. 15 years later, and in partnership with Insane Recordings, is proud to announce a two track 10inch on crystal clear wax.

Kinetic Effect: A Physical Exorcise - this is a limited EP, only 200 copies, clear 10 inch vinyl, test pressings already approved, pre-orders available

A: A Physical Exorcise
B: The Catalyst

Pre-Order available at:

My special thanks goes out to Insane Macbeth, Gibo and Kinetic Effect. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.