Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Project Blue Book: PBB-LP001 ft. DJ Format

"Statement Of Intent" is the 3rd album of producer and turntable genius "DJ Format". If you are still a follower of my homeboy Matt, I don't need to tell you that the album is pure hip-hop. This is not only caused by the fact that MCees like Phill Most Chill, Mr. Lif, Oxygen or Sureshot La Rock rhyme over the tracks ... no no it's also the style how DJ Format samples the Funk, Soul and Rock elements.

And don't come around with excuses, the album will be available on Vinyl and CD as well as digital download so there is no reasonable cause to miss out on this stunning album.

The 2LP album features 14 tracks and is distributed by Kudos Records. Probably it's available at a local store or your trusted online shop. Pre-order your copies now.

A: Statement Of Intent ft. SSLR
A: Terror ft. Mr. Lif
A: Spaceship Earth ft. Edan
A: Copper Canyons 
B: Beyond Disco ft. Simonsound
B: A Quick Ego Trip ft. SSLR
B: Dope Pusher ft. SSLR
B: Notes In Quotation ft. Nostlagie 77 Quintet
C: Live At The Place To Be ft. Phill Most Chill, SSLR
C: Horse Power 
C: Mayor Of A Ghost Town
D: Battle Of The Planets ft. Simonsound
D: Remember ft. SSLR
D: The Long Goodbye ft. Nostalgie 77 Quintet

CD Exclusive: Mr. DJ
CD Exclusive: Here Comes The Dope Pusher

The bonus cuts were released on a single 12" last year. If you missed out, please visit the previous post on Stitch By Stitch and find a way to get your hands on this.

A special shout out goes to Mr. Krum for the artwork design. You know what's up !!! A special recommendation from my side: a DJ Format picture disc

My special thanks goes out to DJ Format, Sureshot La Rock and Mr. Krum. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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