Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

Project Blue Book: PBB003 ft. DJ Format & SSLR

Former DWG crew member Sureshot La Rock is currently working on a vinyl release in collaboration with DJ Format.The 12" inch release is calles Mr. DJ and features 5 tracks. The cover design is very dope and might remember you on somethin' ;0)

Keep ya eyez and earz open and please don't forget to support that release.


Sound samples are available over there too. Stitch By Stitch will update you as soon as the record is avialable (for only £5.49 by the way).


  1. Hi...

    Thanks for posting this up. Cold you let me know an email address so I can send you the higher quality artwork.


  2. Thanks 2 SSLR, Format & Mr. Krum for the respond! As you can see ... your OG pic is uploaded!!!

    2011 ... DJ Format and SSLR ... what a start into a new decade!!! Peace Thor


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