Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Threshold: LBR-201 ft. Red Black & Green 20th Anniversary

In the late 80's Emcee Style and D.J. Kutmasta Kurt formed the duo "Red Black & Green". The first single "Serious As Cancer" released in 1989.

Three years later the combo dropped the very limited EP "Annihilation Of A Nation" including 6 tracks plus picture cover. While the EP got pressed on vinyl and cassette tape the record became sought after. Here are some further details of the original:

- Label: Rapid Fire Recordings
- Cat.-No.: LBR-201
- Release Year: 1992
- Producer: Kutmasta Kurt

A1: Intro: Genesis
A2: Evil Light Box
A3: Unsilent Minority
B1: Late Great Planet Earth
B2: Annihilation Of A Nation
B3: Target Zero

20 years later Threshold Recordings decided to re-release the EP in a limited edition of 100 vinyl copies. The records come in a stickered sleeve, signed by Kutmasta Kurt himself. For a very limited time the record is available for 50$ (USA) / 60$ (INT) including shipping costs. To place your order just visit and safe your copy. Shipping date is the 1st of March.

My special thanks goes up to Mike and Kutmasta Kurt. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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