Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

6 Feet Deep: ft. Grim Reaperz

Grim Reaperz are a duo of hip hop producers from the French underground rap scene; their names: Oxydz and Crown. Under the name  "Grim Reaperz" Oxydz and Crown represent their very unique hip-hop sound based on sometimes untypical samples. The sound is melodic with a touch of grimy elements. Feel the darkness and you'll see hip-hop daylight.

Grim Reaperz & Seek (from Boston) present their new Ep "6 Dayz Of Torture". The EP comes as a limited edition 10inch vinyl in a dope designed cover by FredWhyte. Get your copy at and if it's sold out like at many places you'll need to digg a little deeper.

A1 : 6 Dayz Of Torture
A2 : Cold World
A3 : Hold On

B1 : Survival
B2 : Odds Are Stacked
B3 : 52 Bars

My special thanks goes out to Crown and the Grim Reaperz. A big shout out to my man Fred Whyte for another amazing dope artwork. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Check it out FRANCE MEETS BOSTON.

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