Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Reality Check: RC-001 ft. Silvanoë

Slivanoë is a French producer who started betaking with his MPC1000 in 2008. Within the last four years he worked in different projects together with local MCees like Speeedy, Memento, MGM, Zoneraze and others. 

In cooperation with my man F.I.P and the label Reality Check Silvanoë releases the Injection EP including 7 instrumentals produced within the past two years and a bonus track with guest vocals by Speeedy. With the purchase of RC-001 every customer receives the full beat tape containing more than 25 tracks. 

The record was produced by the label Reality Check created by F.I.P. and Slivanoë in 2009. The artwork is made by H. Guillome. Attention this release is limited to 100 copies hand-numbered / signed copies, labels painted with 4 colors (gold, chrome, red and black). 

A1: Beat Stambouliote #1
A2: Nachos
A3: Baguala
A4: So Good
B1: Relax
B2: San Juanito
B3: Jazzy Beat
B4: Ce Qu'On Veut Dire ft. Speeedy

PRE-Order your copy at and get your personal download link directly with your purchase. Also get more information at

My special thanks goes out to F.I.P. and Silvanoë. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only. 

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