Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Def Jam: ft. Watch The Throne

First of all I don't support this release, I don't need this in my collection and I am not willing to pay 120 € for synthie bling-bling music just because of a very special release artwork.

But due to the fact that the picture discs and the gold embossed cover are kinda something special I am open to share the picture right here on the blog.

Please use the comment section for discussion ;)

Artists: Jay-Z & Kanye West
Title: Watch The Throne
Format: 2LP Limited Edition

A1: No Church In The Wild (feat Frank Ocean)
A2: Lift Off (feat Beyonce)
A3: Ni**as In Paris
A4: Otis (feat Otis Redding)
B1: Gotta Have It
B2: New Day
B3: That's My Bitch
B4: Welcome To The Jungle

C1: Who Gon Stop Me
C2: Murder To Excellence
C3: Made In America (feat Frank Ocean)
C4: Why I Love You (feat Mr Hudson)
D1: Illest Motherf**ker Alive
D3: Primetime

Thanks to Def Jam and the involved artists for a brilliant example how hip-hop should not be ... Def Jam was a dope label back in the days. All copyrights reserved by their owners, posted for promo only.


  1. if you don't want support that jiggy shit.
    don't post it!!!thats it!!!!

  2. This is a blogspot for rare and limited hip-hop records. Most of the records get my support because I like but my taste is not crucial. So maybe some readers are interested in this and shouldn't miss out just because it's no stuff for me ... and on a side note the type of cover is a nice idea, embossing is a great idea !!!

  3. Post gave me a good laugh this morning. $120-130 for some kanye and hova, haha. Someone at def scam is smoking crack. I say post things like this for the humor aspect.

  4. I wouldnt pay that price either. I didnt even buy the cd for $15. But the embossed cover and artwork is fly. I appreciate you throwing it up on your blog for those reasons.

  5. the packaging is excellent, no question about that but the asking price is obscene. i wouldn't pay that for any record though.

  6. What's even more crazy is they don't seem to release the production numbers to the public. Maybe they have, but not that I've seen. They could be sitting on 5,000+ of these for all anyone knows. Hova gonna cop himself a private island just from this press alone :P

  7. the nintendo generation don,t even rock a turntable.... they gonna look for a free download ( or pay). older cats don,t listen to this pophop shit,l maybe a handfull of fans will cop this ......


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