Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Sure Shot: SS-003 ft. Fabreeze Brothers

Phill Most Chill & Paul Nice are "The Fabreeze Brothers!" Two titans of the true school team up and drop their debut single on Sure Shot! Paul & Phill collaborated once before on "Never Stop Diggin", released on DWG in 2011. Now, with a full length LP slated to drop this summer as The Fabreeze Brothers, this dynamic duo of dope beats and rhymes are diligently answering the long unheeded call for real Hip Hop from the heart.

"Power Man & Iron Fist" is an uptempo, b-boy/park jam calling card - announcing to the world the official arrival of Fabreeze in the guise of their alter-alter egos, Luke Cage & Danny Rand. The B-Side serves as the final knock out blow with "Phyllis Diller", a drum-heavy, shit-talking, Shaw Brothers-sampling road map to ruin for all sucker mc's & dj's who dare question the prowess of PMC & Paul Nice. Completing the package with artwork by the one and only Lance Pilgrim of Hot Peas & Butta fame, this first official Sure Shot! release promises to be a keeper.

A1: PM&IF (Restricted)
A2: PM&IF (Genreal Admission)
A3: PM&IF (Silent)
B1: Phyllis Diller (Diller-esque)
B2: Phyllis Diller (Shields & Yarnell)

PRE-ORDER DATE: 24.02.2012

My special thanks goes out to Paul Nice and PMC. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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