Samstag, 30. März 2013

KicDrum: KDP-WS-STCK-004 ft. Walt Sicknin

Listen to another KicDrum ft. Walt Sicknin’. Walt is an MCee and street legend from Huntington,  North Philadelphia since back in ‘92.

"The myth of Walt Sicknin grew for nearly ten years before emerging from the concrete of Broad Street, seeking refuge in the hard, gritty music of Drumz and Llingo. Now equipped with an ultra-rugged sound that demands respect, Walt is out to take it. We present to you for the first time, Walt Sicknin’—The greatest Philly rapper you’ve never heard."[source]

A: Signature Time ft. Llingo Apt & Kenobi
     produced by gENSu dEAn
B: Chamber Crack (Sewer Mix)
     produced by Drumz / Llingo

The 7" is limited to 300 copies - 150 in burgundy red, 150 in black - the cover is typical KicDrum style  "Silver Metallic Ink, 18pt. Black Paper Jacket, 100% Recycled.

This is a pre-order, shipping expected for June 2013. My special thanks goes out to KicDrum and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Neosonic: ft. Panacea (Raw Poetic, K-Murdock, Damu The Fudgemunk)

To avoid any confusion this post attends to Panacea releases from 2006 and 2010. The reason for this post is that our friends from Vinyl-Digital found a dead stock of the "12 Step Program" LP and vinyl copies of the "Ink Is The Drink" 2LP. Let's dedicate our attention to one release after the other:

"Ink Is The Drink" got released in 2006 on "Glow In The Dark" (GITD012LP) and contains twelve blazin' tracks featuring vocals by Raw Poetic and beats by K-Murdock. The original CD version got released by legendary Rawkus Records.

"12 Step Program" got released in 2010. The limited edition LP on blue coloured vinyl was distributed by K-Murdock himself. Some white generic covers were signed by the artists and those are also available here if you act fast.  Get another twelve Panacea tracks with this LP. 

A: The Long Pull
A: Collard Fried Grey Sky
A: Stumble Home
A: Sync In City
A: Blue Oceanwave
A: Black Coffee
B: Texas Jigsaw Massacre
B: Natural Selection
B: Revolution World Crazy
B: Katana Blue
B: Immortal
B: Incubator Purgatory

My very special thanks goes out to Raw Poetic, K-Murdock and Damu. A big shout out to Vinyl-Digital. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Freitag, 22. März 2013

Chopped Herring: CHEPID33MIC001 ft. Epidemic

Epidemic is Hex-One and Tek-Nition - a rap duo from Hollywood, Florida. Born in the late 80s,  rhyming together since 2006 - they released their first song "Illin Spree" on CD and digital download.

In 2012 Epdemic released their online album "Monochrome Skies" featuring beats by producer "Jesse James" from Luxembourg. For the first their music is now available on vinyl. 

A1: Stay Golden
A2: Da Basicks
A3: Past the Margin feat Estee Nack & Purpose
A4: Psychos
B1: Why Not
B2: Brainstorm
B3: Bogeys
B4: Infinity

The record is limited to 350 copies. The first records are pressed on clear/silver vinyl, the next 75 copies on blue/silver vinyl and the last 200 copies on black wax. Order your copy now (together with Da Hoodz Uv Misbhavya and Timeless Truth) and receive all of them within the next week. 

My special thanks goes out to B at Chopped Herring Records, Epidemic and Jesse James. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Redefinition: RDF-037 ft. K-Def

... alright ok, alright ok ok ... This is a heads up for all fans of Redefinition Records and/or K-Def. Scheduled for April the 22nd is the next EP by producer K-Def. The album will feature lyrics by Blu, Quartermaine and Seven Shawn but also 11 instrumental tracks.

The vinyl version will be available on blue coloured wax - check the store late April and enjoy the realness.

My special thanks goes out to K-Def, Redefinition Records and all further artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Chopped Herring: CHQU33NS06 ft. Timeless Truth

Timeless Truth (the brothers OPrime39 and Solace) is a group from Corona, Queens who raised later in Flushing. They started rhyming with their purchase of the first record players and a mixer over !"2 instrumentals. They weren't really hangin out and sharing their passion for Hip Hop. 

"One day, hearing his older brother and their cousins rhyming over instrumental records in his bedroom, Joel bust in and while observing the skills on display was asked to kick a verse with the older boys - he 'got up' and that moment was the very first stage of Timeless Truth." [source]

In the early 2000s they started rhyming together but the first tracks were recorded around 2004. In 2007 they founded "Timeless Truth". Chopped Herring proudly presents: Scene Of The Rhyme EP.

A1: Connect 4 ft. Thirstin Howl III & Meyhem Lauren
A2: Scene of the Rhyme
A3: Amazin' ft. Action Bronson
A4: True Grit ft. Sean price
B1: Circa
B2: Memorex Massacre
B3: Irene ft. Roc Marciano
B4: Leave it Alone

Producers: Keybangaz, R8DAR, Roc Marciano

The EP is limited to 350 copies, 75 on yellow, 75 on blue and 200 on black vinyl. All copies come in a promo cover with black/white sticker. Get your copy now for a nice price and support the underground.

My special thanks goes out to Bob at CH, Timeless Truth and all further artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-014 ft. Regiment & Confidence

We already heard "rumors" about an potential vinyl re-release of the 2nd Brainwash 2000 single but more official is the next release that features The Regiment & Confidence.

The 7" single features the two tracks "Yours And Mine" and "We Gon" both produced by Confidence - who is well known from the previous LPs by "Purpose & Confidence" and "Rashad & Confidence" both released on Ill Adrenaline as well.

For those who buy this from the label directly there will be 100 green colored records as a special edition.

A: Yours And Mine
B: We Gon

My special thanks goes out to Benny at Ill Adrenaline Records, Regiment and Confidence. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Six2Six: SIX-16 ft. Constant Deviants

It's OK! and much more than OK is that Six2Six Records has a bunch of new record releases in preparation but let's start with a 12" vinyl release by Constant Deviants called "It's OK!".

Constant Deviants (M.I. & DJ Cutt) started in the mid 90s and delighted us with lots of dope releases over the last few year via their label Six2Six Records.

The new 12" contains four tracks plus their instrumental versions. Both a-side tracks are from the album "Diamond" that got released on CD in Nov. 2012 (I bet it will be available on vinyl one day). The b-side tracks are non-LP tracks or even previously unreleased. "Man Alove"produced by Australian beat-maker Debonair P.

The 12" is now available for a decent price. It's a pre-order - shipping expected mid April.

A: It's OK!
A: It's OK! Instrumental
A: One, Two
A: One, Two Instrumental
B: California (Jewelia Pt. 2)
B: California (Jewelia Pt. 2) Instrumental
B: Man Alone (Max Rockatansky Mix)
B: Man Alone (Max Rockatansky Mix) Instrumental

Keep your eyes open for new material from Sparrow, Global Platoon and Constant Deviants. My special thanks goes out to M.I., DJ Cutt, Debonair P and the whole Six2Six Shift. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Asphalt: ASP0007 ft. Marlon

Imperial proudly presents the new release on Asphalt Records that features North California MCee "Marlon".

DJ Coolie Bee and Marlon met in 1994 while the promotion tour for the "Genuine EP". Because of Marlon's freestyle skillz and unique flow Coolie Bee invited him to record some stuff together with Asphalt Legion.

In 1995 they recorded a couple of demo tracks together that finally never got released due to some money issues. Now and 18 years later Imperial finally releases this 4-track EP named "Listener Discretion Advised" in a limited number of 100 copies.

Expect rough, rugged and raw material out of Santa Cruz, California and order your copies of this right here:

A: My Braw's Period
A: Trip
B: Evil
B: Cold Busted

My special thanks goes out to Imperial and Marlon. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Avalon Zone: ft. One Stream Mental

Wake up call on this record by One Stream Mental (Lausanne, SUI). This producer features famous artists like Chief Kamachi, Kwote 1 or LMNO on his debut "When The Night Falls" from Sept. 2012. For the cover artwork my man Fred Whyte took responsibility who also did some dope covers for the Grim Reaperz.

The limited edition vinyl (300) got pressed on blue colored wax If you are interested please contact ( or order this from my dude Patric.

A: Introducin’ Mr. Nobody
A: 1st Round ft. Chief Kamachi & Mark Deez
A: Sugar Berry ft. Irealz & L.I.F.E. Long
A: The Beast ft. Fubar
A: Fresh Is ft. Masai Bey
A: As The Moon Drops ft. L.I.F.E. Long
B: Communion ft. Beast 1333
B: Danger ft. Kwote 1
B: The Void ft. Irealz
B: Power of Freedom ft. Dr. Creep
B: Eternity ft. LMNO
B: Exit My Mental

My special thanks goes out to One Stream Mental and all further artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Martha Knuckles ft. (Dillon & Boog Brown)

Lyricists Dillon & Boog Brown are "Martha Knuckles" and they collaborate with beat-maker Anthony Accurate to release a 7" vinyl pressed in a limited number of 300 copies packed in a gold stickered cover.

The "Martha Knuckles" project started with a Kickstarter auction and generated easily the minimum amount to be pressed. For those who missed out the Kickstarter auction I have good news because this record is also available via bandcamp now.

A: One Two Yall (Prod. Anthony Accurate)
A: ATL-DET (Prod. Anthony Accurate)
B: Give Me Room (Prod. Anthony Accurate)
B: DET-ATL (Prod. Anthony Accurate)

With every purchase you receive immediate download access so get this for only 8$ a copy now. No pre-order here anymore - ships within a few days.

My special thanks goes out to all artists involved and some fb friends waking me up on this! All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sergent: SR-000024 ft. MRKD Men & SR-0000025 ft. Revolutionary Suicide

It's "Gorilla Time" and that means nothing else than Sergent Records invites you to pre-order the next two releases. Again this is something for the mid 90s heads but let's start with cat-# 24.

MRKD Men is the crew of producer Pzaz that we already know from the "Time To Think EP" by "Supreme C". The "Funkin With The Wrong People EP" got released in 1992 on Zoo Crew Records and is very hard to get. This re-release contains all five tracks plus three instrumental and is limited to 150 copies only.

A: Stroke
A: Bashin Heads w/a Concept
A: P-Funk
A: Keepin On
B: Standing On The Block
B: Stroke (Instrumental)
B: P-Funk (Instrumental)
B: Standing On The Block (Instrumental)

Cat-# 25 features "Revolutionary Suicide" who released their only vinyl record in 1995 on Exile Records.

The 12" features two tracks including instrumentals. The re-release is limited to 150 copies.

A: Revelation
A: Revelation (Instrumental)
B: Rotation
B: Rotation (Instrumental)
B: Rotation (Accapella)

Place your order now at Sergent Records and save some money by purchasing one of the limited Gorilla bundles (50 available).

My special thanks goes out to Sergent Records, MRKD Men and Revolutionary Suicide. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Chopped Herring: CHDHUM001 ft. Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya

Expect the unexpected if you deal with Chopped Herring Records. From Masta Ace and Prince Paul to Henchmen and Action Bronson the richness is infinite!!!

The first of most probably three March/April releases on CH is a time travel to the Bronx in 1994. Maybe only those who are diggin deep into mid 90s indie crates ever heard about "Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya".

Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya released their debut record on North Pole Recordings back in '94. The small EP got 4 tracks - 2 of them are available on this brand new CH release. The others will be hard to get as most of the first EPs might be destroyed.

"Suckaz In Da Mud" is limited to 300 copies, first 75 copies on red/black/clear vinyl, next 75 copies on red/gold vinyl, 150 copies on black vinyl.

A: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
A: Watcha Ass
A: Watch Out ft. Foriena
B: How You Look
B: Suckaz In Da Mud
B: Fun And Games

Order Now: here

My special thanks goes out to Bob @ Chopped Herring Records and Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. PS: HEY B! WHY NOT PRESSING A BONUS 7" WITH THIS RELEASE FEATURING "THE BLUE PRINT" & "THE BAD SEED" :)

Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Low Budget: LB-007 ft. Kev Brown

Brand new release by Kev Brown. "Songs Without Words" is a new but ongoing series of instrumental albums.

Now available is Vol. 1 that features 12 instrumentals of Kev Brown's favorite beats plus some previously unreleased material.

A1: 1% [Out the MPC] (Instrumental)
A2: Life (Remix] (Instrumental)
A3: Batida (Instrumental)
A4: Look (Instrumental)
A5: Multiply (Instrumental)
A6: Another Private Conversation (Instrumental)

B1: Couldn't Hear Me Over The Music [Remix] (Instrumental)
B2: Whoever Programmed Us [Remix] (Instrumental)
B3: The Marvin Joint [Out The MPC] (Instrumental)
B4: Shotgun (Instrumental)
B5: Come Back (Instrumental)
B6: Armada Latina [Remix] (Instrumental)

All songs produced by Kev Brown, released on Low Budget, distributed by Redefinition Records.

The record is available on orange and black vinyl. Get your copy now. My special thanks goes out to Kev Brown and Redefinition Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.