Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Six2Six: SIX-16 ft. Constant Deviants

It's OK! and much more than OK is that Six2Six Records has a bunch of new record releases in preparation but let's start with a 12" vinyl release by Constant Deviants called "It's OK!".

Constant Deviants (M.I. & DJ Cutt) started in the mid 90s and delighted us with lots of dope releases over the last few year via their label Six2Six Records.

The new 12" contains four tracks plus their instrumental versions. Both a-side tracks are from the album "Diamond" that got released on CD in Nov. 2012 (I bet it will be available on vinyl one day). The b-side tracks are non-LP tracks or even previously unreleased. "Man Alove"produced by Australian beat-maker Debonair P.

The 12" is now available for a decent price. It's a pre-order - shipping expected mid April.

A: It's OK!
A: It's OK! Instrumental
A: One, Two
A: One, Two Instrumental
B: California (Jewelia Pt. 2)
B: California (Jewelia Pt. 2) Instrumental
B: Man Alone (Max Rockatansky Mix)
B: Man Alone (Max Rockatansky Mix) Instrumental

Keep your eyes open for new material from Sparrow, Global Platoon and Constant Deviants. My special thanks goes out to M.I., DJ Cutt, Debonair P and the whole Six2Six Shift. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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