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Chopped Herring: CHQU33NS06 ft. Timeless Truth

Timeless Truth (the brothers OPrime39 and Solace) is a group from Corona, Queens who raised later in Flushing. They started rhyming with their purchase of the first record players and a mixer over !"2 instrumentals. They weren't really hangin out and sharing their passion for Hip Hop. 

"One day, hearing his older brother and their cousins rhyming over instrumental records in his bedroom, Joel bust in and while observing the skills on display was asked to kick a verse with the older boys - he 'got up' and that moment was the very first stage of Timeless Truth." [source]

In the early 2000s they started rhyming together but the first tracks were recorded around 2004. In 2007 they founded "Timeless Truth". Chopped Herring proudly presents: Scene Of The Rhyme EP.

A1: Connect 4 ft. Thirstin Howl III & Meyhem Lauren
A2: Scene of the Rhyme
A3: Amazin' ft. Action Bronson
A4: True Grit ft. Sean price
B1: Circa
B2: Memorex Massacre
B3: Irene ft. Roc Marciano
B4: Leave it Alone

Producers: Keybangaz, R8DAR, Roc Marciano

The EP is limited to 350 copies, 75 on yellow, 75 on blue and 200 on black vinyl. All copies come in a promo cover with black/white sticker. Get your copy now for a nice price and support the underground.

My special thanks goes out to Bob at CH, Timeless Truth and all further artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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