Freitag, 22. März 2013

Chopped Herring: CHEPID33MIC001 ft. Epidemic

Epidemic is Hex-One and Tek-Nition - a rap duo from Hollywood, Florida. Born in the late 80s,  rhyming together since 2006 - they released their first song "Illin Spree" on CD and digital download.

In 2012 Epdemic released their online album "Monochrome Skies" featuring beats by producer "Jesse James" from Luxembourg. For the first their music is now available on vinyl. 

A1: Stay Golden
A2: Da Basicks
A3: Past the Margin feat Estee Nack & Purpose
A4: Psychos
B1: Why Not
B2: Brainstorm
B3: Bogeys
B4: Infinity

The record is limited to 350 copies. The first records are pressed on clear/silver vinyl, the next 75 copies on blue/silver vinyl and the last 200 copies on black wax. Order your copy now (together with Da Hoodz Uv Misbhavya and Timeless Truth) and receive all of them within the next week. 

My special thanks goes out to B at Chopped Herring Records, Epidemic and Jesse James. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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