Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Sergent: SR-000024 ft. MRKD Men & SR-0000025 ft. Revolutionary Suicide

It's "Gorilla Time" and that means nothing else than Sergent Records invites you to pre-order the next two releases. Again this is something for the mid 90s heads but let's start with cat-# 24.

MRKD Men is the crew of producer Pzaz that we already know from the "Time To Think EP" by "Supreme C". The "Funkin With The Wrong People EP" got released in 1992 on Zoo Crew Records and is very hard to get. This re-release contains all five tracks plus three instrumental and is limited to 150 copies only.

A: Stroke
A: Bashin Heads w/a Concept
A: P-Funk
A: Keepin On
B: Standing On The Block
B: Stroke (Instrumental)
B: P-Funk (Instrumental)
B: Standing On The Block (Instrumental)

Cat-# 25 features "Revolutionary Suicide" who released their only vinyl record in 1995 on Exile Records.

The 12" features two tracks including instrumentals. The re-release is limited to 150 copies.

A: Revelation
A: Revelation (Instrumental)
B: Rotation
B: Rotation (Instrumental)
B: Rotation (Accapella)

Place your order now at Sergent Records and save some money by purchasing one of the limited Gorilla bundles (50 available).

My special thanks goes out to Sergent Records, MRKD Men and Revolutionary Suicide. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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