Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

AE: AE008 ft. Phill Most Chill & Mr. Fantastic

And once again we have Mr. Fantastic with a dope release on AE Records. This time Phill Most Chill is flowing over his beats and it's amazing to hear Phill's rhymes on this beats with the "British touch".

The 12" release contains two tracks in 3 different versions each. The record comes in a full colored picture cover (B-Boy style) and is limited to 450 retails copies.

Pre-Orders are open now - shipping expected for April '13.

A1: Superfunk Inc. (Vocal)
A2: Superfunk Inc. (Instrumental)
A3: Superfunk Inc. (Accapella)
B1: The Most Fantastic (Vocal)
B2: The Most Fantastic (Instrumental)
B3: The Most Fantastic (Accapella)

My special thanks goes out to Fanta and Phill. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Tru-Tone: TTR005 ft. Whirlwind D & Mr. Fantastic

"Bristol Built" is the new 12" single from Solid N Mind MCee Whirlwind D and producer Mr. Fantastic. The record comes in a full picture cover designed by Mr Krum, an additional poster of the cover design, sticker and a press sheet disclosing some insights of the release.

Both tracks are produced by Fantastic with Sir Beans OBE on the cuts. Sound engineer is Rola who is also famous for his work for Numskullz. 

A1: Late Night Rhyme (Vocal)
A2: Late Night Rhyme (Instrumental)
A3: Late Night Rhyme (Acapella)
B1: Star (Vocal)
B2: Star (Instrumental)
B3: Star (Acapella)

My special thanks goes out to Whirlwind D, Fanta and Beans. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Pay Jay: ft. J Dilla & Frank N Dank

Well it is an open secret that I am not a fan of most of the latest J Dilla releases because a lot of stuff didn't have the quality as it usually had. Also the latest sales of part of his collection is questionable from my personal point of view.

Nevertheless exceptions prove the rule so I like to give you a fair warning of something quite dope. I am talking about the two tracker “Anthem” bw “Trucks”. Both tracks got recorded in late 2001 / early 2002 to be part of an album that features Dilla Rap over beats by Madlib, Pete Rock, Nottz and others. These two tracks, were produced by Jaydee himself.

Here are some information provided by Pay Jay:
- found on 2-inch tape shortly after Dilla’s passing in 2006
- mixed by engineer Dave Cooley from Los Angeles
- Cooley attempted to finalize Dilla’s vision for these tracks, while keeping all of the elements that Dilla had in place in his original demos presents
- Trucks (demo mix) features an alternate version of Dilla’s vocals and a third verse not found on Dilla’s final sessions

A1: Anthem ft. Frank N Dank
A2: Anthem (Instrumental)
A3: Anthem (A Cappella)
B1: Trucks
B2: Trucks (Instrumental)
B3: Trucks (Dilla’s Original Mix)

This limited edition 12" gets pressed on clear vinyl and comes in a printed sleeve & plastic outer sleeve.
PRE-ORDER - expected shipping date is the 15th of April

My special thanks goes out to Jaydee aka the Ummah - R.I.P. - All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Street Symphony: SSR003 ft. Marco Polo

Street Symphony Records is the label of German producer Amazing Maze. In 2011 he announced the debut vinyl release "My Story Is Yours" followed by "This Is My Hood" in the same year. In 2012 Street Symphony released the full length album of Wyldbunch via iTunes and hopefully this dope album will also be available on wax someday.

Next on the agenda is a collaboration project with super-producer Marco Polo. Born in Canada, living in Brooklyn Marco Polo released a dozen of records since 2006 featuring the who is who of hip-hop lyricists.

The first of hopefully a few vinyl projects is the "Rare Instrumentals Vol. 1" containing 7 formally unavailable beats.

A1: My Own Line w/o lyrics by Neek The Exotic
A2: Block Shit w/o lyrics by Skyzoo
A3: Rolling w/o lyrics by A.G., JuJu & Sadat X
A4: The Veteran w/o lyrics by Grand Daddy I.U.
B1: Push Thru Remix w/o lyrics by Talib Kweli
B2: I Wonder w/o lyrics by Reef The Lost Cauze
B3: Crime Library w/o lyrics by Vinnie Paz

Release Date: 01.03.2013

My special thanks goes out to Amazing Maze, Marco Polo and Street Symphony Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Mello Music Group: LP-MMG-034 ft. gENSu dEAn & Planet Asia

I am following gENSu dEAn since I've heard his music more than 3 years ago. With his 7inch releases of "Forever" and his debut album "Lo-Fi Fingahz" he satisfied from start up and now presents the pre-order of his second double LP "Abrasions DLX" together with west coast legend Planet Asia.

The collaboration 2LP contains 17 tracks all produced by Gensu Dean himself on his SP1200. Planet Asia spits rhymes like usual and features MCs like David Banner, Tristate or Tragedy Khadafi. This is simply the next blazin' release on Mello Music Group.

The album will be available in a limited deluxe edition pressed on red/black splattered vinyl including an exclusive Flexi Disc. 

A: Abrasions (Intro)
A: Thoroughest
A: Bar Mitzvah
A: Time To Get Dough ft. Twin Gambino & Killa Kali
A: Cochise
B: Dignity ft. Tristate
B: Aura
B: Chichi, Get The Yayo
B: Faces On The Dollar
C: God Hour ft. AA Rashid & Tristate
C: Tough
C: Do What I Want ft. LarIna & Washey Choir
C:  Chuck Berry ft. Shawn Pen
D:  Listen
D: Reflections ft. Rogue Venom
D: Thyself ft. David Banner & Tragedy Khadafi
D: Coup de Grace (Final Blow) ft. Gold Chain Military

My special thanks goes out to Gensu Dean, Planet Asia and all others involved. Shout out to the Mello Music Group and respect for all the releases over the last few years. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Uncle Howie: UHR-452 ft. Ill Bill

Non Phixion MCee Ill Bill presents the teaser of his upcoming full length album "The Grimy Awards".  (release date: 26th Feb '13)

This 7” is available as a limited edition release of only 500 copies pressed on grey wax. The side A version of "When I Die" is exclusive to this 7" and not available on the full length album.


A: When I Die
B: When I Die (Pete Rock Remix)

My special thanks goes out to Ill Bill and Pete Rock. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Vendetta: ft. Drasar Monumental & M.F. Grimm

V like Vendetta and another "Good Morning Vietnam" related release by Drasar Monumantal and M.F. Grimm. Following their long player Vendetta now accepts pre-orders for a brand new 7" vinyl release. Only 250 copies are being pressed; shipping expected for 1st of April.

The a-side tracks is from the previous LP while the b-side track is fresh, brand new and previously unreleased.

A: Be Noble
A: Be Noble Instrumental
B: Time
B: Time Instrumental

Check the store and get some other stuff from Grimm before they're gone. By the way the "Good Morning Vietnam" LP was pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies - less then 75 copies left.

My special thanks goes out to Greg, Drasar and Grimm. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Queen Size: QSR-005 ft. Metro, Percee P, more

It's about that time to post a threat about Queen Size Records from Ireland and their catalogue of nice vinyl releases featuring some prominent support from the US hip-hop scene.

Queen Size is currently the home of producer "Metro" and MC/Producer Graf Cratedigger from Poland. In 2009 Metro started a nice series of cool designed 7inch records featuring Guilty Simpson, Rakaa or Percee P to name only a few. 

For end Feb the 5th release is in plan to be available so check it out and get some wax from that label if you like. Records are limited to 500 copies. and more ...

QSR-001: Acquired Taste ft. Metro, Guilty Simpson & DJ Twister
QSR-002: Black Opps Mission ft. Metro, Wildchild & DJ Romes
QSR-003: Keep Low ft. Metro, MED, OhNo & Eprom
QSR-004: New Maps ft. Metro, Rakaa & DJ Babu
QSR-005: Get Down ft. Metro, Percee P & DJ Haem

My special thanks goes out to Queen Size Records, Metro and all people involved in the releases. Also a shout out to Kuba from Blunted Astronaut Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

World Expo: WE-001 ft. Soundsci

My friends from Soundsci are back with the next dope project called "The Ultimate". Expect dope rhymes by Oxygen, U-George and Audessey plus blazin beats by Ollie Teeba or Jonny Cuba? Additional to the established formula (remember their last album title) Soundsci invited DJ Spinna and DJ Format for some dope remixes.


The EP contains 8 tracks and a sticker cover - available on the 16th of Feb. 2013. Place your order for a single 12" or a DJ double pack. A very few test pressings will be available for the early birds.

A1. The Ultimate
A2. Ill Dialect (DJ Spinna's Classic Beyond Real Remix)
A3. Rhyme 4 Rhyme (DJ Format Remix)
A4. The Ultimate (Ollie Teeba's Drillakilla Remix)
B1. The Vow
B2. Bon Apettit
B3. Lyrical Beatdown
B4. P.O.T.U (Plight Of The Underdog)

My special thanks goes out to the whole Soundsci fam and World Expo. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Dope Folks: DF-0029 ft. Mischievous Lq And The Mad Mischief Crew

Yesterday we informed about the first of two new and upcoming releases on Dope Folks Records. Today we talk about the second installment that answers to the name "Mischievous Lq & The Mad Mischief Crew".

Their debut EP got released in 1996 on King Poet records and featured three tracks plus one instrumental version. The Dope Folks release "EP Vol. 1" contains 6 blazin' tracks including 3 previously unreleased. In the tradition of the label another limited edition of 300 copies. Expect pre-orders beginning of March 2013 >>>

My special thanks goes out to John and Chris from Dope Folks Records and Mischievous Lq & The Mad Mischief Crew.

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Chopped Herring: CHAC3001 ft. Masta Ace

Chopped Herring has most probably the highest speed in releasing dope stuff. Only one week after ordering the latest Action Bronson release I had the next appointment with ppal. And what we have here is some blazin stuff from 1992 by no one else than Juice Crew veteran Masta Ace.

Shelf Life Volume 1

Masta Ace has always been one of my favorite MCs shining on beats by almost every dope producer in the hip-hop industry. No doubt this is a extra big fish Chopped Herring has on the fishing rod.

A: Kick It On The One ft. Paula Perry
A: Hell Up In Harlem ft. Kid Dynamite
A: Jack B Nimble (Original version)
B: Aint Misbehavin'
B: Lonely
B: Ace Iz Wild (Instrumental)

Tracks produced by Masta Ace, Delite and Marley Marl. All tracks recorded in 1992, except "Ace Iz Wild" recorded 1990. There will be 300 copies pressed - first 75 copies on Clear/Purple swirl - next 75 on Black/Purple swirl and remaining 150 on traditional black vinyl.

My special thanks goes out to B" at Chopped Herring Records and Masta Ace. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dope Folks: DF-0028 ft. Parts Unknown

With a sell out of their last release (DF-0027 ft. Example) in round about one day Dope Folks Records manifested again their sense for in demand vinyl releases. The label already confirmed the shipment of the last two installments and pre-announced cat# twenty-eight featuring "Parts Unknown" from East Palo Alto.

The album "Time For Turmoil" got released in 1990 on cassette only. With the support of Dope Folks Records this will be available on vinyl for the first and maybe last time. Check the store in the next few days - preorders coming real soon.

The album contains 10 tracks - the vinyl release will be limited to 300 copies coming in a sticker cover designed in the style of the cassette artwork.

A: 911 Funk
A: NuTack Remix
A: Unknowns Wet Dream
A: Aud. 1 - Another Day In EPA
A: EPA city
B: Time For Turmoil
B: Smoove
B: Shit Talking Blues
B: Aud. 3-Trade Mark
B: Radio Version Of The Underground

My special thanks goes out to John and Chris at Dope Folks Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Redefinition: RDF-036 ft. K-Def

New Jersey producer K-Def and Redefinition Records team up to release the instrumental album "One Man Band". The LP features 12 blazin beats and will be pressed on black and green colored wax.

The record comes in a full black/white picture cover and is in stores now. Green version is limited to 500 copies!

order details: and get further information about the release straight from the label and K-Def.

A: Funky Fridays
A: Dark Soul
A: I'm Chillin
A: Touching Realness
A: Street Jazz

B: Ghetto's Groove
B: Soul Paper
B: K Comes Thru
B: NJ Dodgers
B: Lovely Woman
B: Watching The Clouds
B: I Seen A Blind Bat (Bonus)

My special thanks goes out to K-Def and Redefinition Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Chopped Herring: CHxxx ft. Action Bronson and Party Supplies

Chopped Herring starts 2013 with another Action Bronson bundle release. The follow up to the Dr. Lecter LP names "Blue Chips" which comes on double vinyl pressing and a full coloured sticker on cover. Also available and part of the bundle is  an Instrumental EP featuring 8 joints off the Blue Chips album produced by Party Supplies

Exclusive to the bundle purchase is a white label bonus EP that is limited to 175 copies. The EP includes the unreleased live show anthem "Midget's Cough" plus 2 acapellas and 2 instrumentals.

As usual Chopped Herring Records offers a very limited number  of coloured vinyl copies - this time in yellow/clear or blue/white swirl. Check the store and make your choice but beware - coloured vinyl copies usually sell out promptly. 

Album (500 copies only)
A: Pouches of Tuna ft Roc Marciano
A: Steve Wynn
A: Tan Leather
A: Double Breasted
B: Nordic Wind
B: Thug Love Story 2012
B: Hookers at the Point
B: Dreamer
C: Ron Simmons
C: Expensive Pens feat. Meyhem Lauren
C: 9-24-11
C: Arts & Leisure feat. Kool AD
D: Intercontinental Champion
D: 5 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps
D: Blue Chips
D: 103 & Rosy
D: Tapas

Instrumental EP (350 copies only)

Bonus White Label EP (175 copies only)

A: Midgets Cough
A: Tapas (Acapella)
B: Hookers at the Point (Instrumental)
B: Thug Love Story 2012 Part2 (Instrumental)
B: Nordic Wind (Acapella)

My special thanks goes out to Bob at Chopped Herring Records, Bronson and Supply. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Slice Of Spice: SSR-014.5 ft. K-Def

K-Def is well known as one of the best producers from the 90s golden era. But also his remix skillz are off the hook and so he pimped some tracks from "not bad" to "amazing". One of those tracks is the remix of "Street Dreams". Originally produced by Poke & Tone the track got released on the second Nas album "It Was Written". The single 12" featured a remix of "Affirmative Action" while the "Street Dreams Remix" by K-Def has never been released officially.

Nevertheless the remix was available on a white label only 12 inch - no idea if this was a bootleg or just unofficially released by people involved.

In cooperation with K-Def the label Slice Of Spice Records pressed very limited test press copies but it will most probably never be released by the label. All test presses come in a stamped and hand-numbered cover signed by K-Def.

A: Street Dreams Remix (Vocal)
B: Street Dreams Remix (Instrumental)

My special thanks goes out to Slice Of Spice and K-Def. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Slice Of Spice: SSR-025 ft. Lord Finesse

Slice Of Spice Records invited you to an exciting event last weekend. Everything started with some nice competitions to win dope limited vinyl copies of their current discography. The first half ended with the announcement of the shaped "Slave To My Soundwaves Remix" picture disc. The available pre-order copies sold out in about 2 hours - further copies will be available on the forthcoming Japan tour - maybe some leftovers right after the tour has finished?

In the second half Slice Of Spice spread further presents at minute intervals before the event ended with a big bang - BANG!. Slice Of Spice gave an insight into what's coming next:

Rare unreleased demos and remixes finally get a quality vinyl releases in form of a 2LP. Lord Finesse - "Funky Man: The Prequel" gets released on 180g in March (expected date).

My special thanks goes out to Richard and Lord Finesse. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

FinstaBundy: ft. Finsta Bundy

With kind regards to my bruh Walter aka Finsta Stitch By Stitch proudly presents another FinstaBundy EP named "The via FB EP" that contains also some track from the former mp3 only "The Swiss EP".

On their own initiative Finsta and Bundy release this limited 12" edition record. With the first pre-order you can get 1 of 45 copies on green coloured vinyl. Additional copies in black will be available a little bit later.  


A: Brooklyn Nights
A: Euphoria
B: Crush Dat
B: Jumpoff

Produced by Finsta Bundy

Listen to the Swiss EP under the above pre-order links and you'll know what turns on your record player really soon. 

My special thanks goes out to Finsta and Bundy. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.  Show support, the $ go directly into the artists pockets.