Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Queen Size: QSR-005 ft. Metro, Percee P, more

It's about that time to post a threat about Queen Size Records from Ireland and their catalogue of nice vinyl releases featuring some prominent support from the US hip-hop scene.

Queen Size is currently the home of producer "Metro" and MC/Producer Graf Cratedigger from Poland. In 2009 Metro started a nice series of cool designed 7inch records featuring Guilty Simpson, Rakaa or Percee P to name only a few. 

For end Feb the 5th release is in plan to be available so check it out and get some wax from that label if you like. Records are limited to 500 copies. and more ...

QSR-001: Acquired Taste ft. Metro, Guilty Simpson & DJ Twister
QSR-002: Black Opps Mission ft. Metro, Wildchild & DJ Romes
QSR-003: Keep Low ft. Metro, MED, OhNo & Eprom
QSR-004: New Maps ft. Metro, Rakaa & DJ Babu
QSR-005: Get Down ft. Metro, Percee P & DJ Haem

My special thanks goes out to Queen Size Records, Metro and all people involved in the releases. Also a shout out to Kuba from Blunted Astronaut Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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