Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Sergent: SR-000015 ft. Rah Rah Gorilla

Sergent Records is know for releases or re-releases from the 90s and good ol' boom bap hip-hop. This release is nothing like that, it's brand new stuff but still with a vibe of the golden era.

The Rah Rah Gorilla sampler features some "new" underground artists from Europe and the U.S.

This record is limited to 200 copies coming in a smooth sticker cover.

A: Caligari feat Fire - Ur-Krostizer und Jazzzigaretten
A: Ego the Baptist - Egotrip
A: EllMatic - Building Up
A: GPM - U got style
A: Het VerZet - Dakloos cypher Pt. 1
A: Mista Melo - In the Cut
B: A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again (Caligari Remix)
B: Ego The Baptist & Propo '88 - 71.1 Freestyle Session
B: FunkaHolic - Träumerei
B: Mista Melo - Too Much
B: Propo '88 & Blabbermouf - Boogiewitdaruffneck
B: Xzibit ft. Ras Kass & Saafir - 3 Card Molly (Azaia Remix)

My special thanks goes out to Mac D and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Sergent: SR-000014 ft. Kukoo Da Bag A Bonez

Stand Or Fall Entertainment and Sergent Records present "Kukoo Da Bag A Bonez Unreleased Demos 94-97"

Kukoo da Bag a Bonez is an underground legend responsible for the underground classic "Real Kukoo". Kukoo worked with people like Mista Sinista from the X-Executioners and dropped freestyles on the legendary Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show.

“I feel like my music is a combination of street reality, dedication, struggle and creativeness, but at the same time a good feel and a vibe to party and have fun to” says Kukoo.

Now Sergent Records comes around with 3 unreleased tracks fresh from some dusty D.A.Ts. More insane psycho home madness in collaboration with his long time partner in crime Mista Sinista.

A1: You Must Understand 
A2: You Must Understand (Instrumental)
B1: Stop Playing The Role
B2: Sleep On The Enemy 

All tracks recorded in the period of 94-97.
A limited pressing of 150 copies.
Expected release date: July/August.

My special thanks goes out to Sergent / Stand Or Fall and Kukoo Da Bag A Bonez. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Hot Plate: HPR-003 ft. DJ Nu-Mark

The third record of the "Broken Sunlight Series" features the original sample from the classic Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth track “Straighten It Out” from Mecca And The Soul Brother album.

This is a re-edit from the master reel of the original Ernie Hines recording session. Due to a limited license there will not be future pressings of this limited edition 10”.

A1: Our Generation feat. Ernie Hines
A2: Our Generation (Instrumental)
A3: Our Generation (Drumapella)
B1: The Fever feat. A-Skillz
B2: Our Generation (Acapella)

Limited Edition: Translucent Orange Vinyl
Exp. Release Date: 19.06.2012

Instead of releasing all of the songs at once, Nu-Mark plans to release two songs per month on different colored 10" records. But Nu-Mark also confirmed “... at the end of the cycle, I’m going to release the full album with instrumentals, acappellas, and a documentary style DVD of collaborations in the studio and on the road...”

(space for Volume 4)

(space for Volume 4)

My special thanks goes out to DJ Nu-Mark and All copyrights reserved posted for promotion use only.

Hot Plate: HPR-001-10 ft. DJ Nu-Mark

What a sunny day today! My man 12 Finger Dan and I used the day to go on a little record store check and I must tell you ... it was disappointing.

The record I like to present you today is more or less the only new achievement from this trip but it's worth to check it and to have an eye on what will follow until the end of the year.

DJ Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5) presents the "Broken Sunlight Series" and here we start with Vol. 1/6. Released on the 22nd of April the 10" record features 2 tracks in 3 versions each plus 2 dope MCee features.

A1: Dumpin Em All ft. Bumpy Knuckles
A2: Dumpin Em All (Clean)
A3: Dumpin Em All (Instrumental)
B1: When You Sleep ft. Large Professor
B2: When You Sleep (Clean)
B3: When You Sleep (Instrumental)

The first volume comes on transparent red vinyl in a clear sleeve with cover sheet and download code. The second volume just hits the stores, this time on transparent green vinyl. Expect another volume every month so the series will be completed by the end of the year.

A1: Feel The Way ft. Tiron, Ayomari
A2: Feel The Way (Instrumental)
A3: Feel The Way (Acapella)
B1: Tonight ft. J-Live, Luscious Beats
B2: Tonight (Clean)
B3: Tonight (Instrumental)

The third volume will be available late June and features Ernie Hines (A) and A-Skillz (B). Expect an update of the series with a short cut post in July. So I expect we'll have the details for V3 and V4 available.

Official Site: - check the merchandise stuff !!! nice head shell USB

My special thanks goes out DJ Nu-Mark, Hot Plate Records and the MCs involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Shout out to Groove City Hamburg.

Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

Crate Escape: Crate-004 ft. Soundsci

Yesterday, I told you, Soundsci ist back, I told you, but it got late before I got the chance to post this amazing release on the blog.

If you didn't hear about Audessey, Jonny Cuba and Olllie Teeba aka Soundsci you possibly missed one blogpost on Stitch By Stitch but here is another chance. After the success Soundsci's got back to the studio and recorded new material. The LP also presents some heavy features by U-George (Hemisphere), Oxygen, Cadence (Raw Produce, Alternate Reality) and Ghettosocks (Twin Peaks).

Production is handled again by Jonny and Ollie, with the only outside production from Jaisu, miixing by No Sleep Nigel, mastered by Simon, distributed by Cro and Crates Escape Records.

A1: The Lockdown
A2: Hey Hey feat John Robinson
A3: In A Flash
B1: Candyland
B2: Da Livin'
B3: Ill Dialect
B4: Rhyme 4 Rhyme feat Ghettosocks and Cadence
C1: Formula 99
C2: Change Intro
C3: Change
C4: Trees
D1: End Game
D2: Keep on
D3: Give Thanks

Finishing the album off we have the incredible design skills of Mr Krum (Cold Rock Stuff / Vinyl Veterans). The record is available in a "standard" version and a limited bundle (30 copies for sale only). The "standard" comes in a full picture cover including inlay/lyric sheet. The bundle includes a double sticker cover, a CD version with bonus tracks, a Soundsci shirt, inlay/lyric sheet ... ah check it out at:

My very special thanks goes out to Cro, Jonny and the whole Soundsci posse. Big respec to my man Krum! All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Dope Folks: DF-0017 ft. Lord Aaqil

What's up? I am right back from going crazy, the reason is the announcement of Dope Folks Records from June 2012. The label is releasing the much sought after rare Philly banger Lord Aaqil's "Check It Out EP". It will be a full color sticker cover with a 4 x 4 inch sticker of the original artwork from the CD single!

This six track EP will be limited to 300 copies and costs 20$ a pop ... yeah as usual!

Words from Dope Folks: "This record should have been a golden era Hip Hop Classic! If you have an original of this, you know how dope it is! We are also happy to share with the world Lord Aaqil's never before seen video of "Check it out"! Aaqil just unearthed it a few days ago and uploaded it to youtube. It also features a young Questlove on the drums! Check out, "Check it Out" and stay tuned for more pre-order details!!! Thanks Chris & John"

A1: Check It Out
A2: Kick It Like Dis
A3: Kid, What's Ya Name?
B1: Kid, What's Ya Name? (DJ Ran's Raw Mix)
B2: Kamillah Story
B3: Check It Out (Instrumental)

My special thanks goes out to Chris and John at Dope Folks Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

High Noon: HN022-7 ft. Mr. Fantastic

New 7" release by our homeboy Mr. Fantastic from Bristol, UK. Exactly 1 year and 5 days ago Stitch By Stitch posted Fantastic's "Harvey's Bristol Cream" LP. Now it's time for the next slice featuring vocals by Retna (Binary Brothers).

A: What U Rhymin' 4 (Vocal)
B: What U Rhymin' 4 (Instrumental)

Producer: Mr. Fantastic (UK)
Lyrics: Retna
Release Date: 20th Of May 2012
Order Details: here

Also on High Noon Records you better check that 7" release of 101 (Hundred Strong). The track "Pure Science" features Surreal (from Sound Providers) and the flip side has the Instrumental version with scratches by Mr Fantastic.

Both 7" releases are also available in a great bundle deal for just 8 GBP plus s&h.

Release Date: 20th Of May 2012
Order Details: here

My special thanks goes out to Justin aka Mr. Fantastic. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Mello Music Group: Special

DJ and hip-hop nerd Tolle from Arizona is the man behind the rising label "Mello Music Group". Founded in 2007 MMG represents a clear vision of the hip-hop culture in America at present. It reminds me a little bit to the Rawkus era where a label signed a lot of talented MC's, DJs and Producers and formed a massive discography in a very short time.

Since five years the label signed artists like Oddisse, yU, Gensu Dean, Apollo Brown, Declaime, Hassaan Mackey, OC and many others. The number or releases became almost bigger than 70 including vinyl, CDs and digital output.

We want to dedicate this post to a couple of releases that need your special consideration. First of all we have the album and single release of Gensu Dean. The 7inch "Forever" got posted in Feb '12 on SBS but the full-length album "Lo-Fi Fingahz" also represents his dope sound and the swirl blue colored vinyl has an optical attraction too.

Next on the agenda is the album of "yU" named "the EARN". As part of the group Diamond District (yU, Oddisse, XO) the MC from Washington also performs solo and already convinced on his single debut "Before Taxes". The 2LP is 17 tracks strong and comes on money green vinyl.

Go and check out vast numbers of Oddisse releases. Nuff said! (haha) and when you do this you should also check the solo and collabo releases of Hassaan Mackey and Apollo Brown. New York MC Hassaan Mackey rhymes like a raw vision of the streets while Detroit producer Apollo Brown lays the sonic foundation with hard drums and big bass. Their collabo album "Daily Bread" brings to mind an old photograph that bangs out the system.

Last but not least I have to entrust everybody the "Mello Music Group 7" Series" with releases of Boog Brown (MMG7001), Gensu Dean (MMG7002), Oddisee (MMG7003) and DJ Soko ft. Guilty Simpson (MMG7004).

My special thanks goes out to MMG and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved by the label and its artists, posted for promotion use only.

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-7007 ft. DJ Format & The Good People (Emskee, Saint)

Diggers With Gratitude invites their members to the first official DWG party in conjunction with the Marisco Club's 45th anniversary. Of course every DWG action is related to hip-hop and some vinyl action. The celebrate 45 years of the Marisco club DJ Format, Emskee and Saint release a 7" single with the exclusive track "MARISCO".

DJ Format and The Good People (Emskee, Saint) will perform the track at Marisco Club on the 22nd of June. The vinyl nerds will be able to order their copy before: 

Also planned for July 2012 is an album release of "The Good People" with the name "Gone For Good". The album sampler as well as the artwork just leaked. Check it out and return to Stitch By Stitch late June when this release gets the attention it deserves by his own post.

My special thanks goes out to DWG, DJ Format and The Good People. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. >>> and don't forget to join the party at Marisco Club ;)

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Joe Left Hand: JLH-702 ft. Infinito 2017

The attentive audience of Stitch By Stitch readers noticed an Infinito 2017 release in the x-mas special post. In the meantime the label "Joe Left Hand" released a couple of his tracks and they are all dope. So it's about that time to finally post the latest release and to list the former releases for all who missed out and want to add them to their want list.

All three releases I posted are 7inches. The latest (2012) features 4 tracks, one of them produced by Da Beatminerz and the rest by Fatnice. As far as I know the release was not a limited edition but sold out at almost every record store. Check the sound clips and make your decision.

A1: Never Artificial (Mr. Walt)
A2: Where Ever I Go
B1: Not You (Who)
B2: Good At Being Myself

JLH-701 got released in October 2011 in a limited number of 200 copies. Three dope tracks, full picture cover and grayish colored wax were strong arguments to sell out quickly. The title track got produced by Oddisse. <<<Listen>>>

A1: Who Ever
B1: We Gonna Stay Up
B2: Cold Flow

Last but not least but for sure the rarest release is the test pressing of "Programmed Slaves" bw "Try Again". The label confirmed only 20 hand-numbered copies were pressed. If you become an Infinito 2017 fan this is definitely the one to chase. Feel free to make a serious offer ;)

My special thanks goes out to Infinito 2017 and Joe Left Hand Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Slice Of Spice: SSR-FLEX8 ft. Lord Finesse

Slice Of Spice and Underboss with the next installment. The previously unreleased and unheard Lord Finesse Instrumental of "Suicidal Thoughts" will be pressed to a super limited edition promo only white flexi-disc.

This will only be available with your order of a signed "The Prequel" CD (SSR-CD001) available on the SOS store now.

Don't sleep because this package deal is  available in a limited qty of 150 and just for a very short time. The CD only will be exclusive to Japan afterwards so better digg your bundle now.

1. Praise The Lord (OG)
2. Stop Sweating The Next Man (Finesse Mix)
3. Isn't He Something (Showbiz Mix)
4. Isn't He Something (Large Pr Remix)
5. I Like My Girls With A Boom (OG)
6. Hey Look At Shorty (Demo)
7. Fat For The 90's (OG) ft. A.G.
8. Funky On The Fast Tip (OG)
9. Show 'Em How We Do Things (Demo)
10. Hands In The Air, Mouth Shut (Re-mastered)
11. Kicking Flavor With My Man (2012 Remix)

My special thanks goes out to Rich at Slice Of Spice. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Six2Six: S2S-016 ft. Global Platoon

Six 2 Six Records and Debonair P preparing the next release ft. Global Platoon. The G8 Summit' EP will be released on beautiful colored wax and alternatively on cassette tape.

The cassette version contains bonus remixes as well as three additional tracks. But for now let's focus on the track list of the red vinyl edition:

A1: Showtime ft. Fla Fla, M.I.
A2: No Man's Land ft. Bosch, M.I., Fla Fla, Rome
A3: Playin' For Keeps ft. M.I., Steve Colossal, Rome
A4: Sunrise ft. Supreme, Bosch, Rome
B1: International ft. Fla Fla, M.I., Liberator
B2: Heavyweights ft. Fla Fla, M.I., Steve Colossal
B3: Blackout ft. M.I., Bosch
B4: Perfection ft. Steve Colossal, Supreme, M.I.

All tracks produced and mixed by Debonair P for GRR
Released date: 11th June 2012 
Pre-orders now
My special thanks goes out to Debonair P, the Six 2 Six crew and all artists involved. Copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

Blunted Astronaut: BAR-7-OG-0003 ft. Dirty Treats

With a view to making an album of their collaborations with emcees and friends, Dirty Treats decided on finding distribution for their work and started to produce beats together. Anyone of them, at anytime, coming up with a loop, chop, break, drum sound or other nucleus and then layering sounds and arranging together with the scratches going in last.

For "Originally Original" Praverb took a little longer than usual, and DT got into some other beats. When the acapellas eventually made it across the Atlantic, Hairy was already bored of the samples and with Treats pushing for a full make over, he was very enthusiastic pulling in the majority of the sounds, pianos, horns, and vocal snippets. They redid the whole track with a new arrangement, keeping the original drums.

"Everything Is Broken" was made when Dirty Treats combined and set up all of their equipment, they realized a lot of repair work was needed to be done to their main tools. Mpc faders and floppy drives broke, screens needed replacing, the custom built 40GB PC computer kept crashing and one monitor speaker had a broken tweeter. Basically, there was a lot to stunt creativity. Dirty Treats contributed some real nice melodies which you hear on this track beyond the loop, in the form of horns and vocal samples, and Hairy finally laced the cuts. Lady of Rage is one of the lines scratched, where she spits on DJ Premier's "Unfucwitable". Praverb spits the lyrics and his verses concentrate on witty observations on the current state of Hip-Hop culture and our ailing society.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on white vinyl.and they both are currently working through the DT catalogue to release more of these soulful jams into the world.

A: Original
B: Everything Is Broken

Producer: Dirty Treats
Hardware: MPC60/S950
Lyrics: Praverb The Wyse
Cover: 18pt brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard using letterpress and offset techniques
Order details: Blunted Astronauts

Expected shipping date: 20.07.2012

My special thanks goes out to Kuba Bujko and Blunted Astronaut Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Support the real shit and make the best deal kid!

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Asphalt: ASP0003 ft. Asphalt Poetry

Today it is one of the most wanted, sought after, most expensive hip-hop records but with regards to its history the whole thing makes sense. Originally released in 1994 Asphalt Poetry released "The Genuine EP". Due to technical difficulties ASP-0002 was never supposed to be released. But because DJ Coolie Bee wanted his crew to be documented on vinyl the master was pressed anyway. The number of available copies is round about 100.

Imperial and I discussed many times and I really implored to see a re-release but at that time Imperial confessed it is not possible; the masters were not available. Luckily things have changes so it's time to complete the Asphalt Poetry discography with a limited re-release of 200 copies. It has taken 2 years to acquire the vintage equipment and archive material to reconstruct this rare gem, giving The Genuine EP another chance to breathe in the form of ASP-0003.

A1: The Genuine (Original Mix)
A2: Neurological Tactics (Reworked)
B1: Give Me The Mic (Preproduction Take)
B2: Bonk Pon Di Head (Remastered)

Beats: DJ Cooley Bee
Raps: Bhang, DJ Cooley Bee, EJ The Analytical

My special thanks goes out to DJ Imperial and Asphalt Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Support the real shit and you make the best deal kid !!!

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Chopped Herring: CHL3CT3RLP01 ft. Action Bronson

In 2011 Action Bronson released his debut album "Dr Lecter" but for now on CD and digital download only. As usual for every dope hip-hop release nowadays a significant group promptly asked for an official vinyl release.

Good news from Chopped Herring Records today. The vinyl pressing is now officially announced and will be shipped late June. The album will be pressed on double vinyl and will have a full colored gatefold cover.

Additional to the double LP Chopped Herring releases an Instrumentals EP featuring 8 joints off the "Dr Lecter" album.  And now it's becoming crazy: Every seller supporting the 2LP as well as the beat EP receives a third white label 5-tracker via bundle order!!!

The full details of the colored vinyl editions are available at Chopped Herring but here is a lil overview of what is in the planning. Album: 1st 75 copies on red, next 200 copies on multicolored and 225 copies on black vinyl. Instrumental EP: 75 red copies, 75 orange copies, 200 black copies. White Label EP: 175 black copies

A1: Moonstruck
A2: Barry Horowitz
A3: The Madness
A4: Larry Csonka
B1: Ronnie Coleman
B2: Bag Of Money
B3: Brunch
B4: Shiraz
C1: Buddy Guy
C2: Jerk Chicken
C3: Chuck Person
C4: Forbidden Fruit
D1: Suede
D2: Get Off My P.P
D3: Beautiful Music

A1: Moonstruck
A2: Barry Horowitz
A3: The Madness
A4: Larry Csonka
B1: Brunch
B2: Shiraz
B3: Buddy Guy
B4: Beautiful Music

A1: Consensual Rape (unreleased)
A1: Consensual Rape (Instrumental)
A3: Consensual Rape (Acapella)
B1: Get off My P.P (Instrumental)
B2: Get off My P.P (Acapella)

My special thanks goes out to Bob and Action Bronson for making this release happen. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Montag, 7. Mai 2012

King Kong: KKHC02 ft. The Purist

It is really hard to follow all the current releases but I don't want to miss a post of this great 7" release. The 2nd release of King Kong Holding Co. features producer "The Purist" and two good old friends on the Mic.

In a limited edition of 300 copies and a nice blaxplotation styled picture cover the vinyl is now available via bandcamp. Get your vinyl package or choose the poster edition (150 only) for a fair price of 8-12 GBP.

A: Change ft. Roc Marciano
B: Northern & Roozy ft. Action Bronson

Every purchase will forward you to the download link of the digital LP which is a very fine addition to every purchase. 

My special thanks goes out to The Purist and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Redefinition: RDF-022 ft. Damu The Fudgemunk

Today Redefinition Records presents their new website and with that their new web store.  And surprise surprise beside a few past but rare items we find also a new release on stock. 

The Bright Side Remix by Damu The Fudgemunk displays his production, rhyming and DJing skills. Two years since an abbreviated version first appeared on his Supply For Demand EP, REDEF finally got the full 5:58 masterpiece on a dedicated piece of vinyl. 

This record also features a few bonus tracks and comes packaged in a full color picture sleeve.

A1: Bright Side - 25th Bday Remix (10" tweak) - Vocal Version
A2: Bright Side Remix 2008 Outtake Beats
A3: Bright Side Remix DJ Bonus

B1: Jazzley Ou’Francis Instrumental
B2: Wonka Beat 8 (10" exclusive Instrumental)

In existence there is a very small amount of alternate colored versions of this record. Because there were so few of the color variants were mixed in with the regular ones. A handful of these pressings are on white vinyl and even fewer are on splattered colored wax. Nobody knows which sealed cover includes one of the colored records so you'll see what you got as soon as you break the seal.

My special thanks goes out to J. Nota and Redefinition Records and Damu The Fudgemunk. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.