Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Chopped Herring: CHL3CT3RLP01 ft. Action Bronson

In 2011 Action Bronson released his debut album "Dr Lecter" but for now on CD and digital download only. As usual for every dope hip-hop release nowadays a significant group promptly asked for an official vinyl release.

Good news from Chopped Herring Records today. The vinyl pressing is now officially announced and will be shipped late June. The album will be pressed on double vinyl and will have a full colored gatefold cover.

Additional to the double LP Chopped Herring releases an Instrumentals EP featuring 8 joints off the "Dr Lecter" album.  And now it's becoming crazy: Every seller supporting the 2LP as well as the beat EP receives a third white label 5-tracker via bundle order!!!

The full details of the colored vinyl editions are available at Chopped Herring but here is a lil overview of what is in the planning. Album: 1st 75 copies on red, next 200 copies on multicolored and 225 copies on black vinyl. Instrumental EP: 75 red copies, 75 orange copies, 200 black copies. White Label EP: 175 black copies

A1: Moonstruck
A2: Barry Horowitz
A3: The Madness
A4: Larry Csonka
B1: Ronnie Coleman
B2: Bag Of Money
B3: Brunch
B4: Shiraz
C1: Buddy Guy
C2: Jerk Chicken
C3: Chuck Person
C4: Forbidden Fruit
D1: Suede
D2: Get Off My P.P
D3: Beautiful Music

A1: Moonstruck
A2: Barry Horowitz
A3: The Madness
A4: Larry Csonka
B1: Brunch
B2: Shiraz
B3: Buddy Guy
B4: Beautiful Music

A1: Consensual Rape (unreleased)
A1: Consensual Rape (Instrumental)
A3: Consensual Rape (Acapella)
B1: Get off My P.P (Instrumental)
B2: Get off My P.P (Acapella)

My special thanks goes out to Bob and Action Bronson for making this release happen. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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