Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Asphalt: ASP0003 ft. Asphalt Poetry

Today it is one of the most wanted, sought after, most expensive hip-hop records but with regards to its history the whole thing makes sense. Originally released in 1994 Asphalt Poetry released "The Genuine EP". Due to technical difficulties ASP-0002 was never supposed to be released. But because DJ Coolie Bee wanted his crew to be documented on vinyl the master was pressed anyway. The number of available copies is round about 100.

Imperial and I discussed many times and I really implored to see a re-release but at that time Imperial confessed it is not possible; the masters were not available. Luckily things have changes so it's time to complete the Asphalt Poetry discography with a limited re-release of 200 copies. It has taken 2 years to acquire the vintage equipment and archive material to reconstruct this rare gem, giving The Genuine EP another chance to breathe in the form of ASP-0003.

A1: The Genuine (Original Mix)
A2: Neurological Tactics (Reworked)
B1: Give Me The Mic (Preproduction Take)
B2: Bonk Pon Di Head (Remastered)

Beats: DJ Cooley Bee
Raps: Bhang, DJ Cooley Bee, EJ The Analytical

My special thanks goes out to DJ Imperial and Asphalt Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Support the real shit and you make the best deal kid !!!

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