Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

No Sleep: NSREP-004 ft. O.C.

No Sleep Recordings wraps up its second series with their latest release from none other then the phenomenon O.C! As announced earlier, this is the companion record to our first “Ozone Originals” EP and like its predecessor; it does not disappoint the faithful! No Sleep is at their fifth / final release in this series, and that means giveaway time to all those that have kept up…..Details below.

This EP is a mixed bag of unreleased joints spanning from pre-“Word…Life” to “Jewelz”. With production handled by Buckwild, DJ Ogee, and Da Beatminerz, this is absolutely essential to anyone that has followed O.C.’s career. Not too much I can say about this; just straight up dope unreleased gems from one of the greatest lyricists ever, working with some of the best producers of the mid-90s. D.I.T.C. from this era never disappoints and it is again an honor to finally unearth these tracks. Enjoy. Song titles, creation / production details, and snippets are below.

This is already in stock (and sounds great) and all packages will ship in bulk on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week of May 9th, 2011. This series is over, No Sleep is coming back very soon with some serious heat on vinyl. New announcements coming shortly…. [source: email by No Sleep Rec.]

The giveway... All who qualified will get further information soon. Ordering information please see comment section.

A1: “Flipside” [DJ Ogee] * - This was a track done right after “Word…Life” was finished, but well before “Jewelz” started.
A2:. “Master Ya High” [Buckwild] * - This was another track done in between the first two albums. Buckwild ended up using an altered version of this beat for a Faith Evans record years later.
A3: “Gone” [DJ Ogee] * - This was an outtake from “Jewelz”. This song was revisted and remixed years later for the “Smoke and Mirrors” album.
A4:. “Kevvy Kev Promo” [Buckwild] + - This was a promo done during the early promotion of “Word…Life” for Bay Area DJ / host, Kevvy Kev at KZSU.
B1: “Sharp As A Knife” [Buckwild] + - This track was done before “Word…Life” around the same time as “Sugar” and “Outsiders”.
B2: “Stronjay”(Original Version) [DJ Ogee] * - This was the original version of the song on “Jewelz”.
B3 “Pain” [Da Beatminerz] * - This was another song done for “Jewelz” that was deleted at the last moment.
B4. “Sway and Tech Promo” feat. MC Serch [DJ Ogee] + - Another promo done for “The Wake Up Show” during the promotion of “Word…Life”.

Snippets zSHARE - OC Part 2.mp3

My special thanks goes out the DL of No Sleep Recordings and the involved DITC homies. All copiyrights reserved, posted for promotion only

Montag, 25. April 2011

Sound Ink: SIK022LP ft. MF Doom

Oh sh!t, seems it's DOOMSDAY today. Beside the 4LP Box Set of Operation Doomsday I like to welcome the next collectors item of MF Doom. Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain Gold Edition.

Legendary MCee MF Doom releases this classic LP now in a limited, hand numbered GOLD EDITION! Contains a bonus gold-colored LP with instrumentals and accapellas, including the very rare “Saliva” instrumental produced by RJD2. All in one 25 tracks. The original artwork comes with gold tinted lettering, and also includes two tracks only previously released on the CD version - Open Mic Night and Change the Beat. All packaged in a thick clear plastic jacket.

This concept album evokes plenty of high comedy, street technology, and hijinks. Next-school beats by King Honey, Heat Sensor, and Max Bill move freely in the spaces between electronica and hiphop. Take a trip back to the origin of the Super Villain. An unanticipated time travel-machine breakdown left him stuck in the early 90’s where he has no choice but to battle sucka MCs and carry out side-hustles so he can repair the time machine and go back to the future. [sourse:]

All copyrights reserved. Posted for promotion only.

Metalface: MF ft. Operation Doomsday (Box Set)

Collectors and MF Doom fans already got notice of the limited CD box set deliverd with an extravagant lunchbox. No doubt the collectors items of MF Doom are always nice to have. Personally I still need an action figure so if you have one for sale ... get at me!!!

For those who prefer vinyl here it is! DOOM's Metalface label is releasing the first complete version of his debut album OPERATION: DOOMSDAY. The complete version contains the original album, alternate versions, b-sides and instrumentals - 42 tracks total, all remastered.

OPERATION: DOOMSDAY was originally released in 1999. It has seen at least two different versions on different labels, gone in and out of print, bootlegged, and even released once with a cheap scan of the original cover. Release Date: June 21, 2011.

Vinyl Box Set Contains:
- 4 RECORDS: Album, Instrumentals, B-Sides, alternate versions
- TIN BOX: Four records protected by paper dividers and cushioned inner box
- LYRIC BOOK: In large 7x7-inch format, 32 pages.
- CARDS: The 10 Doomsday MC card set.

For all diggers who can't wait: Stones Throw Records already accepts pre-orders and shares snippets of all songs.

My special thanks goes out to Metalface and Stones Throw Records. All copyrights reserved by the labels. Posted for promotion only.

Samstag, 23. April 2011

Holy Grails: Unity Committee & Rebels Of Rhythm - Unified Rebelution

In 1994 two crews from Los Angeles teamed up and influenced the 90's west coast hip-hop scene strongly.

Unified Rebelution, Catalog-No. UR-1000, became a holy grail due to the limited pressing of 300 copies (yellow coloured label). On behalf of London's former hip-hop store "Mr. Bongos" the combo re-pressed another 500 copies with a light blue coloured label.

But what's the clue on that historical release? I tell you: Unity Committee members Charli 2na, Cut Chemist, Mark 7 and Rebels Of Rhythm members Nu-Mark, Zaakir and Akil finally formed the famous crew Jurassic 5. On a side-note the rest of the Unity Committee members Jahli, Kemit, Longevity and Metalogik do still hip-hop under the crew name Darkleaf.

A1: Unified Rebelution (Vocal)
A2: Nu Marks Bonus Beats
A3: Unified Rebelution (Acapella)
B1: Lesson 4: The Radio
B2: Unified Rebelution (Instrumental)
B3: Quality Control

For those who don't need the rare first or second press "Unified Rebelution" became an official "Jurassic 5" release in 1995 on Blunt Records but with a slightly different track list. Please beware, there are some bootlegs / represses of the J5 issue circulating.

My special thanks goes out to J5 for high quality hip-hop since 1994. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

Slice Of Spice: SSR-002 ft. Paul Nice

Device: BK - We Don't Play
Beats: DJ Paul Nice
Rhymes: Masta Ace
Label: Slice Of Spice
Initiator: R. Smith

New announcement on DWG-Forum and Facebook. Slice Of Spice is still representin' Brooklyn and releases a 2001 burner featuring DJ Paul Nice and Masta Ace.

Snippets and order details of this 7" record will follow soon.

My special thanks goes out to Richard and Slice Of Spice Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

Pre-orders available now


Montag, 18. April 2011

Dope Folks: DF-0007 ft. Prophets Of The Ghetto

I can't remember a label that released so many sure shots within' such a short time. Dope Folks Records is just prepering the next installment and I can tell you it's  

Prophets Of The Ghetto - Wreckless Writers EP.

All songs were recorded between 1996 and 1999. As always the EP is strictly limited to 300 copies. Pre-orders will be available in May 2011. For all who prefer digital download you get it here.

A1: The Battle
A2: Da Expansion
A3: Puff And Listen
A4: Suave Soul
B1: Kurrency
B2: West Phil
B3: Block Is Hot
B4: Muffled Mics

All copyrights reserved by Dope Folks Records. Posted for promotion use only.

King Of The Beats: KOTB0003 ft. Psycho Les

Third release on Kiing Of The Beats.

- Limited Edition 7′.
- Only 300 pressed. 
- Printed in the UK
- Produced by Psycho Les
of the ‘World Famous Beatnuts’. The First Single taken from the film ‘KING OF THE BEATS NYC’

Three tracks of pure Beatnuts flavor from one of the most significant producers of this genre.  To get your copy pre-order here!

KOTB 003 / PITFIGHT 0001 PSYCHO LES by kingofthebeatsrecords

My special thanks goes out to Psycho Les and King Of The Beats. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

KingUnderground: KU/WODV-001 ft. Lewis Parker (Deluxe)

Since end of March some websites report about a forthcoming EP - a cooperation of King Underground and A World Of Dusty Vinyl Production. Dangerous Adventures is the name of Lewis Parkers upcoming EP. The limited (100 gold coloured vinyl issues) and hand numbered EP features 5 tracks and their full instrumental versions with guest appearance of Planet Asia, Killa Sha, Vast Aire and others.

To pre-order your limited DELUXE EDITION with golden vinyl EP plus 7" please hurry up cause this is very limited!!!

A1: Dangerous Adventures Feat. Planet Asia, EastKoast, Tah-Born
A2: Murder One Feat. EastKoast, Vast Aire, Trac, Sav Kills, Baron & Lewis Parker
A3: Six Feet Deep In Dirt and Dust Feat. Lewis Parker
A4: Big Imact Feat. Sav Kills, Killa Sha, John Robinson, Trac, Lewis Parker
A5: Bang Feat. EastKoast

B1: Dangerous Adventures (Instrumental)
B2: Murder One (Instrumental)
B3: Six Feet Deep In Dirt and Dust (Instrumental)
B4: Big Imact (Instrumental)
B5: Bang (Instrumental)

For those who can't wait let me recommend you the Lewis Parker EP: The Puzzle Episode One. Released in January 2011 and in a limited quantity of 300 copies the record delivers 12 tracks of jazzy hip-hop.

If you missed out on this one get your copy quick before it's gone. Some of the available issues have a signed press photo included.

My special thanks goes out to Lewis Parker for such a great work on both EPs and King Underground for a reliable distribution.

All copyrights reserved and posted for promotion use only.

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

White Label: 041787 ft. Ultra Magnetic MC's

"Chilling with Chuck Chill Out" - originally a one sided acetate - never pressed to vinyl or on any Ultra Magnetic albums or compilations. Probably one of a kind acetate played exclusively by "Chuck Chill Out" at the beginning of his historic radio mix show in the late 80's on KISS FM.

The song features a nice Herbie Hancock break and wild abstract verses from the whole crew, record mastering by Dick Charles (DCHARLES). One acetate changed his owner for 2.827 $ on ebay last year.

Without a doubt most of us would never spend so much money for a record so I have good news for you. Potentiolly bootlegged but finally available on vinyl the one-sided 10" is limited to 250 numbered copies

The label art is a replica of the original acetate, this is the only time the lost track has found it's way to finished vinyl form. While most of the 250 copies are already sold out here you find another batch of copies for a good amount.

My special thanks goes out to the Ultra Magnetic MC's. I usually do not support potentiolly bootlegs but this music is awesome and needs to be heard instead of getting more and more dusty.