Sonntag, 3. April 2011

White Label: 041787 ft. Ultra Magnetic MC's

"Chilling with Chuck Chill Out" - originally a one sided acetate - never pressed to vinyl or on any Ultra Magnetic albums or compilations. Probably one of a kind acetate played exclusively by "Chuck Chill Out" at the beginning of his historic radio mix show in the late 80's on KISS FM.

The song features a nice Herbie Hancock break and wild abstract verses from the whole crew, record mastering by Dick Charles (DCHARLES). One acetate changed his owner for 2.827 $ on ebay last year.

Without a doubt most of us would never spend so much money for a record so I have good news for you. Potentiolly bootlegged but finally available on vinyl the one-sided 10" is limited to 250 numbered copies

The label art is a replica of the original acetate, this is the only time the lost track has found it's way to finished vinyl form. While most of the 250 copies are already sold out here you find another batch of copies for a good amount.

My special thanks goes out to the Ultra Magnetic MC's. I usually do not support potentiolly bootlegs but this music is awesome and needs to be heard instead of getting more and more dusty.


  1. Hey, this is great!
    Unfortunately I can't download the song. If I click on "Kadoo", it only reopens the same page. where is the green "Download" button that is usually to be found on divshare? Please help me!

  2. I guess the dude who has the copies for sale uploaded the snippets ... maybe there is an option to prevent downloading?

    Best thing is buying one of those very limited issues and enjoying the track on 10inch vinyl.

    Nice you like that, thanks for the comment



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