Samstag, 23. April 2011

Holy Grails: Unity Committee & Rebels Of Rhythm - Unified Rebelution

In 1994 two crews from Los Angeles teamed up and influenced the 90's west coast hip-hop scene strongly.

Unified Rebelution, Catalog-No. UR-1000, became a holy grail due to the limited pressing of 300 copies (yellow coloured label). On behalf of London's former hip-hop store "Mr. Bongos" the combo re-pressed another 500 copies with a light blue coloured label.

But what's the clue on that historical release? I tell you: Unity Committee members Charli 2na, Cut Chemist, Mark 7 and Rebels Of Rhythm members Nu-Mark, Zaakir and Akil finally formed the famous crew Jurassic 5. On a side-note the rest of the Unity Committee members Jahli, Kemit, Longevity and Metalogik do still hip-hop under the crew name Darkleaf.

A1: Unified Rebelution (Vocal)
A2: Nu Marks Bonus Beats
A3: Unified Rebelution (Acapella)
B1: Lesson 4: The Radio
B2: Unified Rebelution (Instrumental)
B3: Quality Control

For those who don't need the rare first or second press "Unified Rebelution" became an official "Jurassic 5" release in 1995 on Blunt Records but with a slightly different track list. Please beware, there are some bootlegs / represses of the J5 issue circulating.

My special thanks goes out to J5 for high quality hip-hop since 1994. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

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