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No Sleep: NSREP-004 ft. O.C.

No Sleep Recordings wraps up its second series with their latest release from none other then the phenomenon O.C! As announced earlier, this is the companion record to our first “Ozone Originals” EP and like its predecessor; it does not disappoint the faithful! No Sleep is at their fifth / final release in this series, and that means giveaway time to all those that have kept up…..Details below.

This EP is a mixed bag of unreleased joints spanning from pre-“Word…Life” to “Jewelz”. With production handled by Buckwild, DJ Ogee, and Da Beatminerz, this is absolutely essential to anyone that has followed O.C.’s career. Not too much I can say about this; just straight up dope unreleased gems from one of the greatest lyricists ever, working with some of the best producers of the mid-90s. D.I.T.C. from this era never disappoints and it is again an honor to finally unearth these tracks. Enjoy. Song titles, creation / production details, and snippets are below.

This is already in stock (and sounds great) and all packages will ship in bulk on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week of May 9th, 2011. This series is over, No Sleep is coming back very soon with some serious heat on vinyl. New announcements coming shortly…. [source: email by No Sleep Rec.]

The giveway... All who qualified will get further information soon. Ordering information please see comment section.

A1: “Flipside” [DJ Ogee] * - This was a track done right after “Word…Life” was finished, but well before “Jewelz” started.
A2:. “Master Ya High” [Buckwild] * - This was another track done in between the first two albums. Buckwild ended up using an altered version of this beat for a Faith Evans record years later.
A3: “Gone” [DJ Ogee] * - This was an outtake from “Jewelz”. This song was revisted and remixed years later for the “Smoke and Mirrors” album.
A4:. “Kevvy Kev Promo” [Buckwild] + - This was a promo done during the early promotion of “Word…Life” for Bay Area DJ / host, Kevvy Kev at KZSU.
B1: “Sharp As A Knife” [Buckwild] + - This track was done before “Word…Life” around the same time as “Sugar” and “Outsiders”.
B2: “Stronjay”(Original Version) [DJ Ogee] * - This was the original version of the song on “Jewelz”.
B3 “Pain” [Da Beatminerz] * - This was another song done for “Jewelz” that was deleted at the last moment.
B4. “Sway and Tech Promo” feat. MC Serch [DJ Ogee] + - Another promo done for “The Wake Up Show” during the promotion of “Word…Life”.

Snippets zSHARE - OC Part 2.mp3

My special thanks goes out the DL of No Sleep Recordings and the involved DITC homies. All copiyrights reserved, posted for promotion only

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  1. sold out within 1,5 days ... respec' to my homie DL of No Sleep Recordings ... sounds like a record, doesn't it?


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