Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Dope Folks: DF-0006 ft. Legion Of D.U.M.E.

Back in '94 producer GM Web D aka X-Ray released the awesome single "Sons Of Sam" on Darc Side Records. With the help of Dope Folks Records now the Legion Of D.U.M.E. single gets repressed and will feature addtional unreleased tracks. All songs got remastered by Justin Perkins.

For all those who can't wait check out the bandcamp of Dope Folks and download it now!

A: Knights Of The Roundtable
A: Darc Mind Inc.
A: Sons Of Sam
A: Bullet In The Clip
B: Vived I Recollect
B: Senile
B: Darc Mind Inc. Remix (Spontaneous)
B: Sons Of Sam Remix

My special thanks goes out to Dope Folks Records and X-Ray for sharing some signed OG copies with me.

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Diggers With Gratitude: DWG-7005 ft. Damu The Fudgemunk

The cat is out the bag. As soon as the DWG crew shipped the whole bunch of DWG-7004 they will drop the details of DWG-7005 ft. Damu The Fudgemunk. Until then enjoy the snippets and prepere yourself to cop that shit!

A: When Winter Comes ft. Buff1
B: Truly Get Yours

Check out the press release and order information right here!

My special thanks goes out to Slice of Spice and the rest of the DWG overlords. All copyrights reserve, posted for promotion only!

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Wayback: WBR-001 ft. Beyond Da Order

On the 5th Of December I already posted: Vinyladdicts Goes Wayback Records. Now it's official - their first release is the unreleased EP by Beyond Da Order. It's time for "The Lost Kron-I-Kulz". The EP is limited to 444 copies with sticker cover and includes a press sheet.

"With the help of Oxygen (of Sputnik Brown) we now bring you five slammin’ tracks from Brooklyn’s best kept secret, Beyond Da Order. Back in ’94 this duo – consisting of Wonder and Valentino – released a three track 12” titled “Red Enuff”, their only release up ‘til now. The tracks on WBR001 were recorded prior to this release and have that ruff and rugged NYC flavor from the early to mid 90s that we all love. Check out the snippets below and judge for yourself!" All order information is are available right here! [source:]

A1: Time 4 Ya Squad 2 Move
A2: Keep On Doin’ It
A3: Buck ‘Em
B1: Power To The Mack
B2: Gimi Mine

Beyond Da Order - The Lost Kron-I-Kulz EP (snippets)
My special thanks goes out to Redkhat and Smoov. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only!

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Big Toe's Hi-Fi: BT-007 ft. Capitol 1212

In the meantime the list of Big Toe's Hi-Fi releases got longer and longer so it's time to introduce the latest installment. A nice little 7inch release of  "Good Feeling" by Capitol 1212 ft. Mike G of Jungle Brothers, MCM, Cadence, Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling and DJ Sheep.

The UK pressed 7" comes in a full coloured picture cover and features also a nice mix of "Don Man Sound" ft. Tenor Fly.

Check out the full Big Toe's catalogue and get an idea of what they do by checkin' out the snippets!

  Good Feelin by Capitol 1212 feat. Mike G,Cadence, MCM,Dizzy Dustin & Dj Sheep

  Don man sound ft Tenor Fly - JSTAR remix

To get your hands on a copy please check out the official Capitol 1212 bandcamp page! My special thanks goes out to Fly-T. All copyrights reserved.

Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Street Symphony: SSR001 ft. Amazing Maze

Street Symphony Records proudly presents its first 12" release: Amazing Maze - "My Story Is Yours". Packed with three dope joints, from street anthems like "My Story Is Yours" with Bronx legend Lord Tariq and Street Symphony artist Wyldbunch to food for thought like "Think It Through" feat. Constant Deviants, this release sticks to the formula of real HipHop: hard hittin' drums, dope samples and mcees that are nothing less than beasts on the mic - a real treat for true heads!

The 12" is limited to 300 copies and comes with a full colored picture sleeve.

To order your copies check out the details in the comment section.

My personal thanks goes out to Amazing Maze, Tariq, Wyldbunch and Constant Deviants. All copyrights reserved posted for promotion use only.

Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Holy Grails: Money Boss Players - G. C. D.

Ghetto Chronicle Daily, the posse album of the group around famous MCee Lord Tariq (Deja Vu) and super-producer Minnesota. The Money Boss Players released this debut album in 1994 while some of the crew members already collaborated as the Gunrunners aka Gunrunnerz.

Even though the MBP released further 12inches beyond this LP while none of them ever earned this massiv attention. "Walk With The Limp" I personally liked when I heard it on DJ Premier's Crooklyn Cuts Mixtape A.

A1: Use To Fear Death
A2: Ghetto Chronicle Daily
A3: Sat. Nite - Sun. Morn
A4: What U Saying
B1: Nighty Night
B2: Stick-N-Step
B3: Death Of A Salesman
B4: Ghetto Chronicle Daily Instrumental
B5: What-U Saying Instrumental

Holy Grails: Kenspin - Spin To My Funk

Thanks Bibow for introducing Kenspin on TNR blogspot.

Probably 99 % of the hip-hop crowd assume Redman behind that voice. In 1994 the MCee "Kenspin" released two singles called "Spin 2 My Funk" (2 different versions existing) and "Da Stork" on Tree Top Records.

Tree Top Records is based in Englewood, New Jersey which makes me quite sure the MCee is from NJ too. Both records are rarely seen!!!

Producer: Top Cat

A1: Spin 2 My Funk (Radio & Extended Version-New Remix)
A2: Spin 2 My Funk (Instrumental)
B1: Spin 2 My Funk (Radio & Extended Version-Regular Mix)
B2: Spin 2 My Funk (Instrumental-Regular Mix)

Regardless of how independent that record is, so much better that a music video exists! Check it out and enjoy the sound. Spin 2 My Funk!!!

Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Holy Grails: 360 Degrees - Definition Of ...

360 Degrees ... turn round and round and round ... 360 Degrees ... that's confusion me, feels like loosing the orientation. Well seems there are different groups with the same name ??? anyway I recently got this one:

The 12 inch features three different versions of side A and a vocal version plus instrumental son side B.

A1: Definition Of A Hyped Up Blackman (Vocal)
A2: Definition Of A Hyped Up Blackman (Hard Rore Remix)
A3: Definition Of A Hyped Up Blackman (Unique Vocal)
B1: I'll Make You Dance (Vocal)
B2: I'lll Make You Dance (Instrumental)

Also my copy has a great promotion picture included which is showing the 3 group members! As far as I know this is the only release on the "Lost Boy Records" label and it's pure fire!

So what's the definition? Flavor Flav: "The Hype"

Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Holy Grails: Finsta - Finsta Baby

What's poppin? The "Stitch By Stitch" blogspot is mainly well known as a conclusion of those so called "Limited Releases" but nevertheless I always said that I do post Hip-Hop records I like so I decided to open up a new section called HOLY GRAIL. Now 1st is Finsta - Finsta Baby:

The debut single of Finsta, one part of the combo Finsta Bundy and Da Beatminerz affiliate, released this record back in 1992 on Cracd Record Company. The record features 4 tracks which are produced by Finsta himself, Evil Dee and Mr. Walt.

I guess who ever heard Finsta's "Feel The High Pt. 2" on Haze Presents: New York Reality Check 101 became a fan of that amazin MCee from Bushwick. Of course I collected almost every single and features of Finsta over the last decades and finally I also got my hands on his debut too.

Who knows how many copies ever found the way to the hip-hop crowd but it couldn't be a lot which is sad because all tracks are dope in every way.

A1: Finsta Baby
A2: Finsta Baby Instrumental
B1: Finsta Baby (Clean Version)
B2: Payday Is Bliss

From my 1st auction, where I missed that record for a ridiculous price of 90 US$ to the highest auction price of 310 US$ I saw on popsike, this record is the intro to my HOLY GRAIL story. OX

Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Sidewalk Science: IAR-070-001 ft. Beneficence

Beneficence's 4th full length album featuring star-studded guest appearances from Diamond D, Roc Marciano, Prince Po, Lord Tariq, Rob-O, The Legion, DJ LKB, Kazi, El Da Sensei, Truth Enola, Presto, DJ Madsol-Desar, 12 Finger Dan and Frank Nitt. Record comes in a nice sticker cover.

You find details in comment section!!!

My special thanks goes out to Beneficence, Benny and 12 Finger Dan. All copyrights by the artist and the label.