Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Holy Grails: Kenspin - Spin To My Funk

Thanks Bibow for introducing Kenspin on TNR blogspot.

Probably 99 % of the hip-hop crowd assume Redman behind that voice. In 1994 the MCee "Kenspin" released two singles called "Spin 2 My Funk" (2 different versions existing) and "Da Stork" on Tree Top Records.

Tree Top Records is based in Englewood, New Jersey which makes me quite sure the MCee is from NJ too. Both records are rarely seen!!!

Producer: Top Cat

A1: Spin 2 My Funk (Radio & Extended Version-New Remix)
A2: Spin 2 My Funk (Instrumental)
B1: Spin 2 My Funk (Radio & Extended Version-Regular Mix)
B2: Spin 2 My Funk (Instrumental-Regular Mix)

Regardless of how independent that record is, so much better that a music video exists! Check it out and enjoy the sound. Spin 2 My Funk!!!

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