Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Holy Grails: Money Boss Players - G. C. D.

Ghetto Chronicle Daily, the posse album of the group around famous MCee Lord Tariq (Deja Vu) and super-producer Minnesota. The Money Boss Players released this debut album in 1994 while some of the crew members already collaborated as the Gunrunners aka Gunrunnerz.

Even though the MBP released further 12inches beyond this LP while none of them ever earned this massiv attention. "Walk With The Limp" I personally liked when I heard it on DJ Premier's Crooklyn Cuts Mixtape A.

A1: Use To Fear Death
A2: Ghetto Chronicle Daily
A3: Sat. Nite - Sun. Morn
A4: What U Saying
B1: Nighty Night
B2: Stick-N-Step
B3: Death Of A Salesman
B4: Ghetto Chronicle Daily Instrumental
B5: What-U Saying Instrumental

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