Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Big Toe's Hi-Fi: BT-007 ft. Capitol 1212

In the meantime the list of Big Toe's Hi-Fi releases got longer and longer so it's time to introduce the latest installment. A nice little 7inch release of  "Good Feeling" by Capitol 1212 ft. Mike G of Jungle Brothers, MCM, Cadence, Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling and DJ Sheep.

The UK pressed 7" comes in a full coloured picture cover and features also a nice mix of "Don Man Sound" ft. Tenor Fly.

Check out the full Big Toe's catalogue and get an idea of what they do by checkin' out the snippets!

  Good Feelin by Capitol 1212 feat. Mike G,Cadence, MCM,Dizzy Dustin & Dj Sheep

  Don man sound ft Tenor Fly - JSTAR remix

To get your hands on a copy please check out the official Capitol 1212 bandcamp page! My special thanks goes out to Fly-T. All copyrights reserved.

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