Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Holy Grails: Finsta - Finsta Baby

What's poppin? The "Stitch By Stitch" blogspot is mainly well known as a conclusion of those so called "Limited Releases" but nevertheless I always said that I do post Hip-Hop records I like so I decided to open up a new section called HOLY GRAIL. Now 1st is Finsta - Finsta Baby:

The debut single of Finsta, one part of the combo Finsta Bundy and Da Beatminerz affiliate, released this record back in 1992 on Cracd Record Company. The record features 4 tracks which are produced by Finsta himself, Evil Dee and Mr. Walt.

I guess who ever heard Finsta's "Feel The High Pt. 2" on Haze Presents: New York Reality Check 101 became a fan of that amazin MCee from Bushwick. Of course I collected almost every single and features of Finsta over the last decades and finally I also got my hands on his debut too.

Who knows how many copies ever found the way to the hip-hop crowd but it couldn't be a lot which is sad because all tracks are dope in every way.

A1: Finsta Baby
A2: Finsta Baby Instrumental
B1: Finsta Baby (Clean Version)
B2: Payday Is Bliss

From my 1st auction, where I missed that record for a ridiculous price of 90 US$ to the highest auction price of 310 US$ I saw on popsike, this record is the intro to my HOLY GRAIL story. OX

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