Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Holy Grails: 360 Degrees - Definition Of ...

360 Degrees ... turn round and round and round ... 360 Degrees ... that's confusion me, feels like loosing the orientation. Well seems there are different groups with the same name ??? anyway I recently got this one:

The 12 inch features three different versions of side A and a vocal version plus instrumental son side B.

A1: Definition Of A Hyped Up Blackman (Vocal)
A2: Definition Of A Hyped Up Blackman (Hard Rore Remix)
A3: Definition Of A Hyped Up Blackman (Unique Vocal)
B1: I'll Make You Dance (Vocal)
B2: I'lll Make You Dance (Instrumental)

Also my copy has a great promotion picture included which is showing the 3 group members! As far as I know this is the only release on the "Lost Boy Records" label and it's pure fire!

So what's the definition? Flavor Flav: "The Hype"

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