Freitag, 28. August 2015

ScrimShawWax: ft. Colossus

Colossus is a producer trio consisting of Ayatollah and the Widowmaker (Blue Healer and Guttah Grey). Inspired by De La Soul's Kickstarter project the trio started their own and easily reached the goal.

On the recommendation of Drasar Monumental and MF Grimm Colossus recently contacted me in order to let you know that there are copies left.

The record is a sample based instrumental release, limited to 500 copies. Next up on Scrimshaw will be an Ayatollah solo vinyl release.

A: Intro / Brain Cells Are Lit
A: Cold Blooded
A: Laila
A: Guilty As Charged
A: Spell Under (Interlude)
A: Tsunami
A: Out My Way
A: Wildlife
A: Juniper (Interlude)
A: My Deepest Sympathy
A: Kings
B: Another (Interlude)
B: Watch Me Rise
B: Little Red Book
B: What Can I Hope For
B: The Clouds
B: The Hardcore
B: Dennys (Interlude)
B: Nibiru
B: Bop To The Beats
B: Wretched Mutations

OG Project:

My special thanks goes to Ayatollah, Blue Healer and Guttah Grey. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Mittwoch, 26. August 2015

Threshold: THR-4421 ft. Motion Man

Threshold Recordings and Motion Man present the 5th Anniversary release "Adult Situations". The album was first released on CD and digital in 2010.

The vinyl LP is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and now available via Threshold but also well-known retailers like HHV or Vinyl-Digital.

Beats produced by Unagi & Jethro, remixes by Kutmasta Kurt & Tom C3, guest appearance by Lyrical C & DWYZE of B.U.M.S.


A1: Pouring You Mo Champagne
A2: High School Reunion feat. LC
A3: Interoffice Romance
A4: Remodeling Job
A5: You're The Woman
A6: Porno Mustache feat. LC
A7: Close Call

B1: Smile
B2: Tell Me What You Want feat. D'WYZE (B.U.M.S.)
B3: Night Stroll
B4: Interoffice Romance (KutMasta Kurt Remix)
B5: Tell Me What You Want (TomC3 Remix)
B6: Night Stroll (Jethroe Bonus Remix 2015)
B7: Porno Mustache (Unagi & Jethroe Bonus Remix 2015)

My special thanks goes to Motion Man, Threshold, Kutmasta Kurt and everyone else involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Sonntag, 23. August 2015

Pro & Ak: PA008 ft. Professor P & DJ Akilles

The "All Year, Every Year" series of Professor P and DJ Akilles continues with volume 3: "Summer". Remember the covers of all 4 seasons will build a comprehensive art piece.

The 7" comes on see through green vinyl
and will be shipped around August 24th.

Listen: here

A: All Year, Every Year
A: Mind Travel Pt. II ft. Promoe
B: So Amazing
B: Additional Instrumental Loops

Produced & mixed by Professor P & DJ Akilles
Distributed by Ill Adrenaline Records

My special thanks goes to Professor P, Achilles and IAR. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Freitag, 21. August 2015

Effiscienz: EFFI014 ft. Mood

Cincinnati's legendary trio Mood who consist of the MCs Donte and Main Flow and producer Jahson became very famous with their underground smash-hit "Verbal Stampede" released back in 1994.

In 1997 they dropped their debut album "Doom" that had production feature of Hi-Tek and vocal support from Talib Kweli. 

In 2002 they released two EPs on an indie label. Both records got great support by the underground scene but unfortunately the label didn't handle their business with care and so the group didn't get the props they deserved.  

Great for the heads is that the crew continues releasing dope hip-hop music and now collaborates with the French label Effiscienz. Mood is back with "Into The Mood"! The vinyl version comes on white wax.

A1: Mood Is Back
A2: The Maschine
A3: Snakes & Vultures
A4: N.E.W.S (North, East, West, South)
A5: In Someone's Skin
B1: All Seeing
B2: Illness
B3: And After The End?
B4: All Seeing Remix
B5: The Maschine Remix

Vocals by Donte & Main Flow
Produced by Mil and DJ Brans

Pre-Order: (mid Sept.)
Listen: coming soon

My special thanks goes to Donte, Main Flow, Jahson, Brans, Djaz, Loscar and Effiscienz. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

HHV: HHV424 ft. A Cat Called Fritz

After his first vinyl release on Slice Of Spice Records producer A Cat Called Fritz drops his debut album "Tribulation & Life Of ..." on German record label HHV. 

The 2LP is strongly limited to 300 copies containing 12 beautiful cuts featuring vocals from Audessey (Soundsci), T-Love, Chaotik Stylz, RepLife and others. The album is planned for a late September release. 

Order & Listen:

A1: Tribulation & Life Of
A2: The Sun ft. RepLife
A3: The Moon
B1: Jungle Vibe
B2: Contact ft. Audessey
B3: Purpose ft. Chaotik Stylz

C1: Coast To Coast ft. Miranda Perkins & Ree-Call
C2: Fly Like I Do ft. Kokayi
C3: Get Down
D1: In & Out ft. T-Love
D2: My Life Is Like A Movie ft. ZigSixteen
D3: Herbe A Chat ft. Lemdi & Moax

My special thanks goes to A Cat Called Fritz and HHV. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Montag, 17. August 2015

Grindin: ft. Briggs & Ill Bill

Grindin’ is a Sydney based record label established with the aim of releasing, touring and managing quality Australian and International artists.

The label's vinyl debut dropped back in 2006 and featured UK lyricist Mystro. The latest release is a limited edition 7" of Australian artist Adam Briggs and Non Phixion MC Ill Bill containing two versions of the title track "Eye For An Eye".

A: Eye For An Eye ft. Ill Bill
B: Eye For An Eye Simples Remix

If you are after Australian hip-hop in general I can also recommend the 10" release "2015 Golden Era Cypher" ft. Briggs, Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, Vents and K12 on Golden Era Records. 

My special thanks goes to Briggs and Ill Bill. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 14. August 2015

B-Line: BLN016 ft. Various Artists

It's that time again that B-Line releases another traditional EP featuring various artists and companions containing nine tracks in total.

The EP gets delivered with sticker cover in the now already traditional design. Make sure to complete the collection!

If you are interested please also check the B-Line writers T-shirt which is now on stock and limited to 40 white shirts (less than 50% left). 

A: Ready To Attack ft. Agent Finch, Specifik, Rola, Project Cee, Samuel Otis, Whirlwind, Doozer, Chrome
A:  Corner Music ft. Kista, Glad2Mecha, Realistic
A: What You Want ft. Mosik, Cosm
A: Horror Story ft. DJ Jabbathakut, Wordsmiff
A: Won ft. Uncle Mic, Nitro, Cheebo

B: N.B.K ft. Wax Bee, Stypes
B: Shut Your Trap ft. Beattrix, Nobsta Nutts, Wex Cooze
B: Hollow Tips ft. Heavy Links, Four Elements, Beyond
B: Blue Moon ft. Strange Man Called Seb, Harry Six, Mr. Fantastic, Melodic

My special thanks goes to B-Line Recordings and all artists and producers involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

KicDrum: KDP-12-FF-FW-002 ft. Formulatin' Fathers

The "Flexin x Whilin EP" accompanied the vinyl release of the Formulatin Fathers "Sleepless Knights" album. 

The limited edition EP (300 copies pressen) includes the vocal, instrumental and acapella version of "Flexin x Whilin", the instrumental version of "Ease Your Sorrow", a remix plus instrumental of "The Sheep Step" plus the heavy Shane Great remix of "October 26th".

A1: Flexin x Whilin Vocal
A2: Flexin x Whilin' Instrumental
A3: Ease Your Sorrow Bonus Instrumental
A4: Flexin x Whilin' A Capella
B1: The Sheep Step Remix Vocal
B2: The Sheep Step Instrumental
B3: October 26th (Shane Great Remix) Vocal
B4: October 26th (Shane Great Remix) Instrumental

Listen: here

My special thanks goes to Formulatin' Fathers and KicDrum Products. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

KicDrum: KDP-12-DL-BM-003 ft. Drumz & Llingo and KDP have teamed up again to release this limited edition double vinyl LP (300 copies). “Blakmarket” offers a fresh approach with evocative cover illustrations and hand drawn logotypes by acclaimed comic book artist and illustrator, Daniel Elisi.

Drumatic and Lingo Apt - the duo affectionately called DRUMZ & LLINGO - provide a sound remarkably distinct, immediately separating them from the most recent of both underground and commercial Hip Hop album releases. 

"BlakMarket", the duo's first full length LP, mixes the sounds of the E-MU SP1200 and EMAX 1 with lyrics of Lingo.

A: Never Separate
A: No Wonder ft. Wise Dome
A: Mc1two ft. Ikan & Bamboo
A: TipitBack ft. Need Not Worry
B: Dfacen Property ft. DFace
B: And So It Is
B: Check It Out Yawl
B: Thats Not My Style 

C: Bamboozled ft. Bamboo
C: The Instruktion Manual
C: Another Calamity ft. Calamity Chris
C: Friday Night Light
D: Dome Peasin ft. Dome Peace
D: Check It Out Yawl Act 2
D: That OG Sound ft. Ikan
D: Well Done
D: BlakMarket ft. Lord Dio

Order: or

My special thanks goes to KicDrum, Drumz & Llingo. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Dope Folks: DF-0072 ft. Lone Catalysts

Ohio's Lone Catalysts consists of J-Rawls and J-Sands. Both formed the group in the mid 90's. These "demos" were recorded between 1994 and 1996. Fully remastered 6 song made it to "The Prequel EP" and Dope Folks Records made this all happen.

All songs are previously unreleased. The track "All Time Great" features an early appearance by legendary underground MC DOSE ONE.  The EP is limited to 300 copies, available on orange colored or traditional black wax.

A: Top Of The World
A: Rhyme & Uplift
A: Revolving
B: Age Of Aquarian ft. Rashad
B: All Time Great ft. Dose One, Fat John & Hood
B: Hot This Year


My special thanks goes to Lone Catalysts and Dope Folks Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Dope Folks: DF-0071 ft. Stezo

Dope Folks release in July: The rare and unreleased EP of Connecticut MC and producer Stezo contains 8 songs in total, 3 unreleased, 1 remix, 4 previously released but hard to get hits.

Stezo released his debut single and album in 1989 with mixing and engineering by mastermind Paul C. Let's have a look on the track list of this dope release:

A: Here To School Ya
A: Police Story
A: I Have A Dream
A: Where's The Funk At
B: Figure It Out
B: Time Ta Blow Ya Mind
B: Tension Off The Chest ft. K-Solo
B: Where's The Funk At? (DJ Funkdat Remix)

Produced by S. Williams, Chris Lowe and DJ Funkdat. All tracks recorded between 1989 and 1996.


The EP is limited to 300 copies, 100 on yellow color vinyl - 200 on traditional black wax. 

My special thanks goes to Stezo and Dope Folks Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

HHV: HHV419 ft. Awon

German's most popular hip-hop vinyl store HHV and indie label Sergent Records collaborate for the release of the full length album "Matte Black Soil" by Fort Greene, Brooklyn MC Awon.

The double LP contains 24 track with production by Odweenye & Gorilla Block (Chat Noir) as well as former companions Dephlow and Phoniks. A picture cover refines this release.

Order your copy at HHV or Sergent Records and make the best deal for you. Listen at shops or on bandcamp.

A1: Escaping Youth
A2: Hungry
A3: Listen (Instrumental)
A4: Natural High
A5: Have Mercy
A6: Can You Feel It
A7: Alone Tonight (Instrumental)
B1: Take Time
B2: Exquisite
B3: Ying Vs Yang
B4: Supersoula (Instrumental)
B5: Free Your Mind
B6: Haunted

C1: Escaping Youth
C2: Hungry
C3: Natural High
C4: Have Mercy
C5: Can You Feel It
D1: Take Time
D2: Exquisite
D3: Ying Vs Yang
D4: Free Your Mind
D5: Haunted
D6: Boom Back Track (Bonus)

My special thanks goes to Awon, Sergent, HHV and all producers involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.