Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

KicDrum: KDP-12-DL-BM-003 ft. Drumz & Llingo and KDP have teamed up again to release this limited edition double vinyl LP (300 copies). “Blakmarket” offers a fresh approach with evocative cover illustrations and hand drawn logotypes by acclaimed comic book artist and illustrator, Daniel Elisi.

Drumatic and Lingo Apt - the duo affectionately called DRUMZ & LLINGO - provide a sound remarkably distinct, immediately separating them from the most recent of both underground and commercial Hip Hop album releases. 

"BlakMarket", the duo's first full length LP, mixes the sounds of the E-MU SP1200 and EMAX 1 with lyrics of Lingo.

A: Never Separate
A: No Wonder ft. Wise Dome
A: Mc1two ft. Ikan & Bamboo
A: TipitBack ft. Need Not Worry
B: Dfacen Property ft. DFace
B: And So It Is
B: Check It Out Yawl
B: Thats Not My Style 

C: Bamboozled ft. Bamboo
C: The Instruktion Manual
C: Another Calamity ft. Calamity Chris
C: Friday Night Light
D: Dome Peasin ft. Dome Peace
D: Check It Out Yawl Act 2
D: That OG Sound ft. Ikan
D: Well Done
D: BlakMarket ft. Lord Dio

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My special thanks goes to KicDrum, Drumz & Llingo. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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