Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

World Expo: WP-007 ft. Soundsci

Their releases are always a highlight for me because they deliver the best of everything - rhymes, beats, cuts, artwork, design ...

Soundsci and World Expo Records present two new cuts on 7" vinyl in company sleeve with sticker. This is the first single release of the new album "Walk The Earth" coming later 2016.

A: Ronin
B: All Hands On Deck
     ft. DJ Woody & Mr. Thing

Produced by Ollie Teeba and Jonny Cuba.

Order: (soon)
Snippets: coming soon

If this is limited or not I don't know, I would just recommend to grab this as soon as its on stock, everybody should be a Soundsci fan. ;)

My special thanks goes to the whole Soundsci fam and World Expo, Mr. Thing and DJ Woody. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016

Cha-Ching: CCR-008 ft. Tony D

Black Prince aka Don Blaq, a Trenton, NJ MC who has been featured on DJ Doo Wop mixtapes. but also on Poor Righteous Teachers posse cut "Da Rill Shit" in 1993.

"Roger Gardens" was recorded in early 1993 and is completed with final mixes. All songs are produced by the legendary prolific Italian American NJ Hip Hop producer and emcee Tony D, who passed away on April 4th, 2009.

The Roger Gardens EP is being officially released on Cha-Ching Records through Tony D’s wife.

A: Contact
A: Watch Blak Bake Em'
A: Props & Specs
B: Black Ya
B: Bringin It 2 Ya
B: Lifestyles Of A Rude Boy ft. S.B.T.

Release date: expected April '16

This EP is limited to 350 copies on transparent deep purple colored vinyl, hand-numbered in stickers sleeve. 

My special thanks goes to Cha-Ching Records, Black Prince, Aziatic. RIP Tony D. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

Dinked: RR-005 ft. Mo'Matic & Oxygen

Dinked Records was launched in September 2015. The labels aims for high quality 7" records with big holes (dinked centres) all licensed and remastered for quality vinyl enjoyment. The label kindly equipped me with their debut release "Funky Mule" by "Ike Turner & The Rhythm Kings".

After three Funk & Soul releases (all cat# start with DINK-xxx) the label attended to the first Hip-Hop re-presses by KRS-One, BDP and Souls Of Mischief (all cat# start with RR-xxx). But not enough, with their latest release Dinked Records proves how diverse their discography is going to be: Funk & Soul, Hip-Hop Classics and New Hits.

RR-005 is the vinyl debut of London beat maker Mo'Matic who invited NY emcee Oxygen (Soundsci, Spox PHD, Sputnik Brown) for a Dinked "Sureshot"! The flip-side features the remix version by DJ Nick Bike from Canada.

A: Sureshot (Original)
B: Sureshot (Remix)

Listen: TBC

My special thanks goes to Dinked, Oxygen and Mo'Matic. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

Redefinition: RDF-067 ft. Blu & The 45 King

The collaboration of eastcoast pioneer 45 King and westcoast MC Blu makes a lot of noise. Redef captured the rarity on a limited edition 45RPM beautifully designed by Joe Buck.

The 7" comes on clear vinyl with full color 7” sleeve designed by Joseph Buckingham.

A: Pocket Full Of Miracles (Vocal)
B: Pocket Full Of Miracles (Instrumental)

Snippets: coming soon

My special thanks goes to Blu, Mark, Joe and the whole Redef team. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016

F5: ft. Serengeti

Serengeti is the nephew of Sonny Cohn, Count Basie's trumpeter of thirty years. Himself released fourteen albums in ten years. He made his first two nearly by accident, on the way to complete his so-called debut, "Gasoline Rainbows".

In 2009, Adam “doseone” Drucker signed "Geti" and his sometimes production partner Polyphonic to Anticon. The duo released their collaboration on the label that same year. In 2011 Anticon released "Tha Grimm Teachaz’ long-lost cassette-only classic "There’s a Situation On The Homefront" where Geti helped bringing the formerly shelved 1993 album to the label. 

Now Serengeti and DJ Crucial release a 10" EP via F5 Records. The 6 tracker comes on white, green & blue splatter designed vinyl and is scheduled for March '16.


A: Dust
A: 66
A: Foster Brother
B: Chi Ali
B: Poem Type Rhymes
B: Ninja III

Lyrics by Serengeti
Produced by DJ Crucial

My special thanks goes to F5 Records, Serengeti and DJ Crucial. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Self-Released: ft. Tommy Tee

Tommy Tee is a Norwegian record producer and MC, somehow the godfather of Norwegian hip hop. He is also the founder of the world famous Graffiti magazine FatCap. On his own label Tee Productions as well as on Guesswhyld he released a long list of vinyl singles with international guests like Large Pro, A.G., Pete Rock, M.O.P., Royal Flush and many more. In 1998 he released his debut album Bonds, Beats & Beliefs on CD. 

Together with the second volume of Bonds, Beats & Beliefs Tommy Tee also releases the album from 1998 as well as a LP with outtakes and remixes. All together the boxset includes 9LPs with vocal and instrumental versions of both long-players. 

The boxset is limited to 300 copies and could be combined with concert tickets, etc. Unfortunately the project got released in Norwegian language and so its difficult to differentiate the options available. Tommy Tee confirmed that for international orders the 120 € reward is correct.

  1. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 1 - 2LP (Gatefold Sleeve)
  2. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 1 - 2LP Instrumentals 
  3. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 2 - 2LP (Gatefold Sleeve)
  4. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 2 - 2LP (Instrumentals)
  5. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs Outtakes & Remixes - 1LP
Bonds, Beats & Beliefs I
A: Bonds Intro ft. Father Blanco
A: International Connects ft. El Da Sensei, Mike Zoot
A: The Reply ft. Diaz, Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Opaque, Warlocks
A: Horizon ft. Bansheeba Earth, Black Sun, Mr. Eon, Tru Persona
A: So Fantastic ft. N-Light-N
B: Blood Rush ft. F.T., P Dap
B: The Conjunction ft. Zombi Squad
B: Takin Ova US Version ft. Joe Sexx, Mr. Eon, Reservoir Dogs, Shabaam Sahdeeq
B: Educated ft. Line, Opaque
B: Primoz II ft. El Santo, Father Blanco, The Eye

C: That's My Fucking Word ft. COD Crew
C: It's All True ft. COD Crew, Debbie Dro
C: Aerodynamics ft. Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Tech-Rock
C: Intense ft. Craig G, Will Pack
C: Hip Hop Love ft. Shawn J Period, Star Orion, Wisdom Life
D: Day By Day ft. A.L., Punch & Words, Talib Kweli
D: Defenders Of The North Sea ft. Diaz
D: Crown Holders ft. I.G. Off And Hazadous, Skam
D: Spectators ft. Opaque, Tech-Rock
D: Takin Ova ft. Diaz, Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Opaque, Warlocks

Bonds, Beats & Beliefs II
A: The Plague
A: International Connex 3
A: Anti Social
A: Lonely One
B: Greenz interlude 1
B: Uno Mas
B: Going On
B: I See You

C: Ballad of Dope
C: Quantum Leap
C: Happiness is..
C: Barack Babba
D: Samson
D: Greenz interlude 2
D: Like Lady Saw
D: Run the Streets
D: Shadow Governmen

Listen: (soon)

My special thanks goes to Tommy Tee and New Jelly. Shout out to JRunck for telling me about the project. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

B-Line: BLN019 ft. Whirlwind D

Whirlwind D and B-Line Recordings work together for several years now. After the album release "Nomansland" in 2014 and the single "B-Line Business" in 2015 it time for another full-length album. 

Whirlwind D says ""Other Side" takes the listener on a journey through the many sides of the writer's personality."[source: insert]

The album features productions by Mr Fantastic, Specific, Sir Beans OBE, Phil Wilks, Cel One, Tuf Kut and Spatts and comes housed in full color picture sleeve with insert.

A: When I Write ft. Oxygen
A: Pioneers
A: B-Line Business
A: Crew Call ft. Chrome & Illinspired, Heavy Links, Rola
A: Take Flight

B: 7 Eyed Monster
B: Avenger Of Death
B: Other Side
B: Hate Makes Hate
B: Thank You ft. Dookie Squad, Project Cee, ???

The test pressings have an alternative artwork designed by Mr Tibbz. Some available from artist/label.

My special thanks goes to Whirlwind D, B-Line and everybody involved in this release. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Watch out for BLN018 coming probably April '16 featuring two tracks from Heavy Links. 

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016

Invisible Spies: ft. Kid Acne & Mongrels

Kid Acne, born and raised in Malawi, located in Sheffield UK, is an artist, illustrator, print-maker and MC. Having first picked up a spray can at the age of 12, his formative years were spent painting graffiti, making fanzines, screen-printing and producing DIY punk/ hip-hop records. His signature style has now been commissioned by some of the world’s leading brands, from fashion houses in Paris to toy manufacturers in New York. 

On the label Invisible Spies, Kid Acne has released a series of singles and EPs collaborating with Mongrels and others. This blogpost is about introducing you to the discography of  Invisible Spies, Kid Acne and his companions. Recently Mongrels collaborated with Burgundy Blood to release a limited cassette tape. Here is a small selection of releases ...

INV005: Mongrels ‎– Fresh Arrangements 7"
INV006: Kid Acne ‎– Regarde Kid Acne 7"
INV008: Kid Acne - Rap Traffic LP
INV021: Burgundy Blood meets Mongrels - In The Pop Wilderness Cass.
none: Mongrels - Slingshots 7"


My special thanks goes to Invisible Spies, Kid Acne and the Mongrels. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Elite Fleet: EFR001 ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq

Dutch/Swedish-based Hip-Hop consortium, Elite Fleet Records, unveils the EP "Modern Artillery" from Brooklyn rap veteran Shabaam Sahdeeq.

"Modern Artillery" is a seven track LP on orange colored vinyl with full color picture sleeve, produced entirely by the Dutch-based beatsmith Big Ape supported by DJ Devastate. Featured on the LP are Outerspace, Ruste juxx, Reef the Lost Cauze, Torae, 8thW1, and the late PH (Pumpkin Head). 

A: D.I.L.L.I.G.A.G.
A: Be About It ft. Outerspace
A: Gladiator School ft. Ruste Juxx
A: Get it
B: Chance ft. Reef The Lost Cauze
B: All Over The World
B: Men Of Respect ft. PH, Torae, 8thW1

My special thanks goes to Shabaam Sahdeeq, Elite Fleet and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Ozone Crew: OCR002 ft. Crystal Lake

Welcome to Crystal Lake, evolved from the movie Friday The 13th. Headed by C-Vorheez, the Crystal Lake camp also consists of Big Slo, Sludge Champion, Master Poet & Flex Man and many more coming through.

In 1999 Crystal Lake Entertainment released the two 12inch "Crown Movers b/w Dreams" by C-Vorheez and the crew EP "This Is Our Sh#!".

Late February Ozone Crew Records presents the second vinyl installment "Hidden Files Vol. 1" including 10 previously unreleased tracks from the years 1997 - 2000. 

Limited edition of 300 copies with full color picture sleeve designed by Spek The Architek. 

A: Walking Thru The Lake
A: Various Lake Members
A: Day One
A: Front & Center
A: Line Em Up

B: Long Dicking
B: We Rock Shit
B: USA Bytch
B: Lake 2000 Beyond
B: Cock & Squeeze

Produced & Mastered by C-Vorheez

My special thanks goes to Ozone Crew and the Crystal Lake fam. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

Heavy Links: ft. Donnie Propa & J Dilla

Donnie Propa & Heavy Links in association with Village Live and Planet Rock Graphics present a limited edition cassette tape with yellow shell. 

After the success of Donnie Propa's mixtape with the legendary Masta Ace, Heavy Links goes back diggin in his crates and put together some records produced by the late, great J Dilla. 

Released on the 10th anniversary of his passing, this mixtape features some classics, rarities and instrumentals from the well respected and sorely missed producer.

Order/Digital: or

My special thanks goes to Donnie Propa and Heavy Links. RIP J Dilla. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Effiscienz: EFFI-016 ft. AKD & Deepstar

"The core purpose of this album was to celebrate the universal language that is Hip Hop" AKD & Deepstar  about their forthcoming vinyl release of their album "Universal Language". It is also a creation born from the shared love of golden era boom bap.

An international partnership spanning from the UK to Australia forged from an unlikely meeting on the now defunct social media platform Conspiracy Worldwide Connect, which rolled from collaboration on one track to an EP into the album 'Universal Language'

Digitally released early 2015 Effiscienz decided to release the album on 2LP beautifully designed on blue colored splatter vinyl and with full color picture cover.  

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

Loyalty Digital: ft. Fokis (Krysis)

Fokis, born William Heredia to Dominican parents, was raised on New York City’s Lower East Side of Manhattan. He began rhyming at an early age and later began to produce his own music. His first official release was in 1999 via the now defunct rap group KRYSIS with a 12” single called “Flame Throwa”. Formerly known as, Aqua Bandit and one half of the group KRYSIS, Fokis produced 2 of the 3 songs on the 12” and literally snuck his way up to Hot97 to get DJ Enuff to play the record on the radio. A year later the group parted ways but the knowledge and experience he gained was invaluable.

Seeking to enhance his career, Fokis pursued formal training as a recording engineer, later opening his own recording studio Krystal Clear Recordings. There, Fokis recorded and mixed for many artists including Slaughterhouse, Fat Joe, Skyzoo, Torae, Dres, N.O.R.E, Kool G Rap, Brand Nubian, Chi-Ali, Mic Geranimo, Bubba Sparxx and Rahsaan Patterson. Not deterred, Fokis went on to release several albums collaborating with various artists such as Joe Budden, Olu Dara (Nas’ father), Deemi, Joell Ortiz and various producers such as Ty Fyffe, Focus…(Aftermath Ent.) Fantom Of The Beat and Jake One. Fokis released various projects including the “20/20” EP exclusively produced by Focus of Aftermath “The Appetizer” LP with Punchline (formerly of eMC) “A Vintage State Of Mind” & many more, that were all well received by his fans.

As his experience with the business side of the industry grew, Fokis established his own independent record label, Loyalty Digital Corp. Through his label, Fokis has worked with and executive produced projects like “An Ode To Reasonable Doubt” by Skyzoo & Antman Wonder, “Barrel Brothers” Skyzoo & Torae, “Never Left” Sadat X and various others. Most recently, Fokis has created a Union for artists and Producers called Local-Mu12, The members span from all over the world. They are currently preparing their Sophomore LP for a 2016 release. In his own words Fokis states “I am a dreamer, a visionary and a grinder with a capital G.”

Vinyl Discography:
1999: Krysis - "Flame Throwa"
2002: Fokis - "No Chaser"
2002: Fokis - "What's My Name"
2004: Fokis - "Dress Shoes"

If you are interested in vinyl or cassette tapes please contact Fokis via one of his official websites. 


My special thanks goes to Fokis. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Sergent: SR-51 ft. Unknown Mizery

French beat maker Odweeyne has teamed up with Toronto MC Unknown Mizery to release a
7 track 12" called "Smiled EP". The EP also features the instrumental versions of all 7 tracks.

The EP will be limited to 200 copies with full color picture sleeve. The records will be shippied around mid June. 

A/B: Bulldog Pyramids (Inst.)
A/B: Sticky Bombs (Inst.)
A/B: Smiling At The Rain (Inst.)
A/B: Golden Feet (Inst.)
A/B: They Ain't Saying Shit (Inst.)
A/B: Royal Flush (Inst.)
A/B: Let Me Breath (Inst.)


My special thanks goes to Odweeyne, Unknown Mizery and Sergent Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Chopped Herring: CHSTET5A01 ft. Stetsasonic

Stetsasonic was formed in 1979 by Daddy-O, Fruitkwan, Prince Paul, Wise, DBC, and MC Delite. Stetsasonic are possibly one of the most important and influential groups in the history Hip-Hop. The use of live instruments and Jazz samples made not only "Talkin' All That Jazz" and "Sally" legendary!

Chopped Herring dug out 6 unreleased, unheard and unleaked joints from the years 1991 to 1994. The title track "People in the Neighborhood" is a retort to the world of Sesame Street.

The "People In The Neighborhood EP" is limited to 350 copies only - the first 120 copies come on blue, gold & white mixed coloured vinyl - the remaining 230 are on traditional black wax.

A1: Big Up
A2: Funk Around
A3: Strawberry Letter
B1: Check Da Styles
B2: People In The Neighborhood
B3: Give It To Me

My special thanks goes to Stetsasonic and Chopped Herring Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. Read the interview with Daddy-O here as well. 

Montag, 8. Februar 2016

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-006 ft. I.G. Off & Hazadous

I.G. Off & Hazadous are one of those duos who represent the 90s NYC scene with several indie releases and countless underground radio sessions known for their gritty raw street grammar and freestyle skills.

The Bronx/Queens duo first appeared on the DJ Spinna produced and released 3-track 12" "Street Serenade" in 1997 and were featured on the classic Rawkus Lyricist Lounge Volume One compilation. Within the next few years I.G. Off & Hazadous recorded a string of singles, working with DJ Spinna again on the "The Nicest 12", and getting a placement on the Superrappin Vol. II album.

Around that time the duo also connected with Norway's finest producer and Guesswhyld Records affiliate Tommy Tee.

Ill Adrenaline Records and Tee Productions a limited edition 7" featuring two tracks from 1998/99. Make your choice between red or black color vinyl. Both tracks were previously released on two different Tommy Tee albums but also featured on the critically acclaimed documentary "Hip-Hop: A Tale from the Hood".

A: Ready For Me
B: Crown Holders ft. Skam 2

Produced by Tommy Tee

My special thanks goes to Ill Adrenaline, I.G. Off and Hazadous. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

Redefinition: RDF-090 ft. Sebastian Fraye

Sebastian Fraye is a producer from California, who started playing instruments from a very young age. Although a graphic designer by trade, his passion for music and producing is endless. His love for music from around the world as well as digging for obscure sounds and instruments led to Sebastian Fraye’s first showcase. 

Vol. 1 is a selection of instrumentals created between 2009 - 2014. Both, sampled and recorded instruments were used throughout the entire album. 

His artwork is a collection of stickers that were acquired from his personal collection. "As a designer, Sebastian feels that the stickers not only have a beautiful aesthetic look, but represent the experience of buying used records from dusty old stores."

Limited pressing of only 250 copies on traditional black wax and with full color picture sleeve.

A: Let’s Go (Intro)
A: Yo (Route)
A: Don’t Walk Away (Get Live)
A: Each Night (Slammin)
A: Opening Credits (Laid Back)
A: Talk is Cheap (Word is Bond)
A: Rock (Jam)
A: Stop, Look, And Listen (Get Live)
A: After Life (Or Not)
A: The Flyest (Soul)
A: Ballin (Boss)
A: Trying to Survive (Shadows)

B: Back and Forth (Snafu)
B: Dark Clouds (Sunset)
B: Philosophical (Create)
B: Thump a Chest (Get Live)
B: In the Rain (Sound Crazy)
B: Young (Fool)
B: We Got to Jam (Slaps)
B: Dance with One Leg (Broken)
B: Smooth as Silk (Salvador)
B: Drop the Bomb (Dominate)
B: Thus I Began (Heat of Zeal)
B: You Can Hear (Outro)

Listen: coming soon

My special thanks goes to Sebastian Fraye and Redefinition Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

Slice Of Spice: SSR-059 ft. Jeru The Damaja

This fantastic looking picture disk release named "The Dirty Rotten Demos" delivers 3 tracks entirely produced by big G.U.R.U. - they were all recorded between 1991 and 1992. Gang Starr Foundation!

A: God Of Rhyming
B: The Damaja
B: Dirty Rotten Demo

Produced by Guru
Artwork by Mr Krum


Free download via soundcloud for a limited time only.

My special thanks goes to Jeru The Damaja, Slice Of Spice Records and Mr Krum. RIP almighty Guru. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Montag, 1. Februar 2016

Chopped Herring: CHY@KBALL201 ft. Y@k Ballz

Y@k Balls is a MC from Queens and member of the group The Weathermen. In 2000 he releases his vinyl debut over the famous Fondle 'Em label.

"True City Killahz" features 7 tracks from the era of 1998-1999 and one song recorded in 2005. Recognise the lead track from several Stretch & Bobbito shows.

The "True City Killahz EP" is limited to 350 copies - the first 120 come on white/orange mixed coloured vinyl - the remaining 230 are on traditional black wax.

A1: Homework
A2: T.C.K. (True City Killahz)
A3: Dreamz
A4: T.C.K. (Instrumental)
B1: Fire in the Sky
B2: Elevated
B3: Detox feat Cage
B4: Homework (Instrumental)

Produced by Mondee & Cage


My special thanks goes to Y@k Ballz, Chopped Herring Records, Stretch & Bobbito. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Soundweight: SWR008 ft. DJ Drinks (Summit)

Soundweight Records hook up with The Summit aka DJ Drinks for another classic release. After a number of collaborations with MCs like Cappo, Lewis Parker or Melanin 9, DJ Drinks releases the instrumental album "Nocturnes". 

"Nocturnes brings you a live instrumental edge to the 90’s grassroots sound, allowing the listener to sit back and reflect. Eerie jazzy loops along with soft hi hats sit nicely over technical drum patterns reminiscent of Godfather Don & Lord Finesse." [source

Produced by DJ Drinks aka Summit
Artwork by Mr Krum


My special thanks goes to DJ Drinks and Soundweight Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.