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Self-Released: ft. Tommy Tee

Tommy Tee is a Norwegian record producer and MC, somehow the godfather of Norwegian hip hop. He is also the founder of the world famous Graffiti magazine FatCap. On his own label Tee Productions as well as on Guesswhyld he released a long list of vinyl singles with international guests like Large Pro, A.G., Pete Rock, M.O.P., Royal Flush and many more. In 1998 he released his debut album Bonds, Beats & Beliefs on CD. 

Together with the second volume of Bonds, Beats & Beliefs Tommy Tee also releases the album from 1998 as well as a LP with outtakes and remixes. All together the boxset includes 9LPs with vocal and instrumental versions of both long-players. 

The boxset is limited to 300 copies and could be combined with concert tickets, etc. Unfortunately the project got released in Norwegian language and so its difficult to differentiate the options available. Tommy Tee confirmed that for international orders the 120 € reward is correct.

  1. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 1 - 2LP (Gatefold Sleeve)
  2. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 1 - 2LP Instrumentals 
  3. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 2 - 2LP (Gatefold Sleeve)
  4. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs 2 - 2LP (Instrumentals)
  5. Bonds, Beats & Beliefs Outtakes & Remixes - 1LP
Bonds, Beats & Beliefs I
A: Bonds Intro ft. Father Blanco
A: International Connects ft. El Da Sensei, Mike Zoot
A: The Reply ft. Diaz, Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Opaque, Warlocks
A: Horizon ft. Bansheeba Earth, Black Sun, Mr. Eon, Tru Persona
A: So Fantastic ft. N-Light-N
B: Blood Rush ft. F.T., P Dap
B: The Conjunction ft. Zombi Squad
B: Takin Ova US Version ft. Joe Sexx, Mr. Eon, Reservoir Dogs, Shabaam Sahdeeq
B: Educated ft. Line, Opaque
B: Primoz II ft. El Santo, Father Blanco, The Eye

C: That's My Fucking Word ft. COD Crew
C: It's All True ft. COD Crew, Debbie Dro
C: Aerodynamics ft. Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Tech-Rock
C: Intense ft. Craig G, Will Pack
C: Hip Hop Love ft. Shawn J Period, Star Orion, Wisdom Life
D: Day By Day ft. A.L., Punch & Words, Talib Kweli
D: Defenders Of The North Sea ft. Diaz
D: Crown Holders ft. I.G. Off And Hazadous, Skam
D: Spectators ft. Opaque, Tech-Rock
D: Takin Ova ft. Diaz, Father Blanco, N-Light-N, Opaque, Warlocks

Bonds, Beats & Beliefs II
A: The Plague
A: International Connex 3
A: Anti Social
A: Lonely One
B: Greenz interlude 1
B: Uno Mas
B: Going On
B: I See You

C: Ballad of Dope
C: Quantum Leap
C: Happiness is..
C: Barack Babba
D: Samson
D: Greenz interlude 2
D: Like Lady Saw
D: Run the Streets
D: Shadow Governmen

Listen: (soon)

My special thanks goes to Tommy Tee and New Jelly. Shout out to JRunck for telling me about the project. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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