Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

Redefinition: RDF-090 ft. Sebastian Fraye

Sebastian Fraye is a producer from California, who started playing instruments from a very young age. Although a graphic designer by trade, his passion for music and producing is endless. His love for music from around the world as well as digging for obscure sounds and instruments led to Sebastian Fraye’s first showcase. 

Vol. 1 is a selection of instrumentals created between 2009 - 2014. Both, sampled and recorded instruments were used throughout the entire album. 

His artwork is a collection of stickers that were acquired from his personal collection. "As a designer, Sebastian feels that the stickers not only have a beautiful aesthetic look, but represent the experience of buying used records from dusty old stores."

Limited pressing of only 250 copies on traditional black wax and with full color picture sleeve.

A: Let’s Go (Intro)
A: Yo (Route)
A: Don’t Walk Away (Get Live)
A: Each Night (Slammin)
A: Opening Credits (Laid Back)
A: Talk is Cheap (Word is Bond)
A: Rock (Jam)
A: Stop, Look, And Listen (Get Live)
A: After Life (Or Not)
A: The Flyest (Soul)
A: Ballin (Boss)
A: Trying to Survive (Shadows)

B: Back and Forth (Snafu)
B: Dark Clouds (Sunset)
B: Philosophical (Create)
B: Thump a Chest (Get Live)
B: In the Rain (Sound Crazy)
B: Young (Fool)
B: We Got to Jam (Slaps)
B: Dance with One Leg (Broken)
B: Smooth as Silk (Salvador)
B: Drop the Bomb (Dominate)
B: Thus I Began (Heat of Zeal)
B: You Can Hear (Outro)

Listen: coming soon

My special thanks goes to Sebastian Fraye and Redefinition Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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