Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2015

Back In The Days: BITD-006 ft. Pielroja

Pielroja from Barcelona, Spain started rhyming in the age of 16. Two years later he released his first tracks and with 22 he recorded his first music video. 

On Back In The Days he started releasing his music on vinyl together with the homies. This 7" is a great example of dope hip-hop - hablas Español?

A: Sobre Un Beat De Asier ft. Rxnde Akozta
A: Diggin In The Crates ft. Nelo
B: I Declare War ft. Da Foury Bastards
B: Sepulturero

Produced by Asier, Rels, Gonso MPC and MPadrums

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies.

My special thanks goes to Back In The Days Records, Pielroja and MPadrums. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2015

Digga Please?: DIGG003 / DIGG005 ft. Boca 45 & The Good People

Digga Please? is a UK based record label who's promise it is "giving you the finest in funk, soul, disco, rap, b-boy breaks and all that good shit". Their first vinyl releases is dated to 2010 which was according to the discogs database an "unofficial" record.

It took three years before the label dropped their second vinyl release. Also in 2013 Digga Please? released a 7" by Boca 45 - a DJ and producer from Bristol - featuring New York duo The Good People. The success of this collaboration seem to lead into a second release which came out late 2015. The B-side of the second release features also one of my favorite combo's: Soundsci. 

A: We're Right Here
B: We're Right Here Instrumental

A: People Are You Ready
B: People Are You Ready Remix ft. Soundsci

Order: or or your trusted record store

Both 7" are limited edition releases, not sure how many got pressed each. My special thanks goes to Digga Please? Records, Boca 45 and The Good People. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

Origu: ORIGU45-001-3 ft. Various Artists

Origu was founded in 2015 as a sublabel of the Funk-imprint "Our Label Records" and starts it's business with a series of Hip Hop 45s by new and established artists from the United States.

The first 7“ on German label Origu features two tracks of Maryland's Substantial with guest vocals by Deborah Bond. Substantials first album was released in 2001 and his new album is due early 2016. (

A: Follow The Master
B: Cool Mornings ft. Deborah Bond

For the second release Origu teamed up with Misfit Music for a 7” by the trio of Kayohes, V3RB and Rusher, two MCs from the US and a producer and filmmaker from Germany. In the late 2000s German producer and filmmaker Rusher and MC and producer Kayohes from Albuquerque, USA, met over Myspace and shortly thereafter united with V3RB to start working on musical projects.

A: Some Way, Some How
B: March On

Third Origu releases two brand new tracks by Andy Cooper of Ugly Duckling. Since the late 1990's, Ugly Duckling has put out six albums and recently, Andy launched a solo career with the release of his 7" "Bring It To Me" on Soundweight Records.Unique Records is due to issue Andy's debut, ten-track LP "Room To Breathe" on vinyl in February '16.

A: Room To Breathe
B: Unlikely Assassin

All three releases got pressed on 45 rpm and are limited to 500 copies. You can order them on the labels own bigcartel store or at several retailers online and offline. 


My special thanks goes to Origu, Substantial, Kayohes, V3RB, Rusher and Andy Cooper. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

Chopped Herring: CH2PO3T1C01 ft. Too Poetic

Congratulations Chopped Herring Records for the 150th release. It features another Wu-affiliated MC: Too Poetic. He was part of the group "Gravediggaz" but he was also one of those who had the chance to work with the great Paul C for his vinyl debut release in 1989.

The previously unreleased Tommy Boy album "Droppin' Signal" finally comes to light. Sadly, Too Poetic passed away in 2001. This EP is a selection of joints from that shelved album from 1989, transferred from the original DAT's. Let's hope there will be a Volume 2 with the remaining tracks of the album.

A1: Droppin' Signal
A2: Out Of Pocket
A3: Do It For Self
B1: Soul Survivor
B2: Motivation
B3: Ruff Son Of A Gun

The "Droppin' Signal EP" is limited to 350 copies - the first 120 copies come on white, gold, blue coloured vinyl - the remaining 230 are on traditional black wax. 

My special thanks goes to Chopped Herring Records and Too Poetic. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Daily Concept: DC017 / DC018 ft. Warpath

"Pure Butter" is the debut album of Warpath, a MC from Bremen, Germany. Driven by Boom Bap sound the entire LP is produced by Soulmade and features guests like Chezz&DAM, DFACE DXA, Progress Evolution and Steez.

In addition to the vinyl LP, Warpath releases a bonus 7" with 4 additional tracks named "More Butter". It is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies and comes in stickered sleeve. 

A1: Prologue
A2: Pure Butter
A3: W.A.R.P.A.T.H. 2.0
A4: Know The Ropes
A5: Pencraft ft. Chezz&DAM
A6: Medium Rare
B1: Karmalude
B2: Karma
B4: Blue Funk ft. Steez & Progress Evolution
B5: Hammerheads
B6: Word 2 Mother
B7: Obese
B8: Outro

A1: Cheers
A2: True To The Beat (Reloaded)
B1: Vast
B2: Apes

Daily Concept offers the two releases as the "Butter Bundle".

My special thanks goes to Warpath, Soulmade, Daily Concept and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

PS: Don't hesitate, even if the rhymes are partly German the flow of the MCs will make you feel the LP - check it out, then place your order :)

Crooked Cat: CCR004 ft. Georgy Whistler

"The Slow Movement" is an instrumental project from German beat maker "Georgy Whistler". George suggests "Let the record spin, pitch it to your rhythm of life and enjoy the moment, just for the heck of it!"

Georgy is a 27 years old producer from Freiburg / Germany. He made himself a name in the underground with his unique remixes and beattapes. He grew up with the hip-hop sound of the 90s so that his production is mainly based on samples.

The LP "The Slow Movement" contains 13 beats from deep to mellow, from jazzy to funky, from old to new. It comes with picture cover, printed inner sleeve and is limited to 350 copies. As a bonus there is a limited cassette tape with about 40 bonus beats that don't appear on the vinyl LP. Discount bundles available, strongly limited!

A: Slow Down
A: Levitation
A: Oddities
A: Whistle
A: Move On
A: One Time
A: Visualize
B: Express
B: Mint Condition
B: Elevate
B: Nothin' To Loose
B: The Outroducer
B: ... Bonus Track


My special thanks goes to Crooked Cat and Georgy Whistler. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Village Live: TVI001 ft. Remulak

This is the debut vinyl release of beat maker Remulak. Two cuts and a dope picture sleeved 7"  with guest features by Nottingham's Cappo and London's Lewis Parker. The b-side also contains scratches by DJ Jabba Tha Kut.

A: Karma ft. Cappo
A: Karma Instrumental
A: Karma (Accapella)
B: Maintain ft. Lewis Parker & Jabba Tha Kut
B: Maintain (Instrumental)
B: Maintain (Accapella)

Produced by Remulak
Artwork By Dan Birkbeck


This 45rpm is limited to 200 copies and comes in full colored picture sleeve.

My special thanks goes to Village Live, Remulak and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015

Minority Rules: MRE-003 ft. LEX

Queens MC LEX (NYRE) presents his new 7" EP on Minority Rules Ent. with 4 brand new tracks.

The 7" is limited to 250 copies on random color vinyl. The title track "Necessary" features cuts by Debonair P with whom LEX already collaborated for the Polarity & LEX EP on Gentleman's Relief Records. 

A: Necessary
A: Butta ft. Steph Geber
B: Crash Down
B: All His Life


My special thanks goes to Lex, Debonair P and Minority Rules. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

Rugged: RRLP0010 ft. DJ Duke

"Time To Shine" is the new project of DJ Duke from Paris, France. He invited Reks, Mykill Miers and Absouljah for rhyming on three tracks plus a remix of the title track. 

The B-Side features all instrumentals and a scratch tool. 

The EP is entirely produced by DJ Duke except "Time To Shine Remix" produced by Al Tarba. 

A: Here Comes The City Brother
A: Time To Shine ft. Reks
A: Pain ft. Mykill Miers
A: Chillin ft. Absouljah
A: Time To Shine Remix ft. Reks
B: Time To Shine (Instrumental)
B: Pain (Instrumental)
B: Chillin (Instrumental)
B: Time To Shine Remix (Instrumental)
B: Scratch Shine Tools


My special thanks goes to DJ Duke and Rugged Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-037 ft. Beneficence

After dropping his two classic albums "Sidewalk Science" (2011) and "Concrete Soul" (2012), Brick City veteran and Ill Adrenaline Records co-founder Beneficence releases his brand new solo LP "Basement Chemistry".

Armed with the true sounds of the golden era Benef drops rejuvenated flows and shares mics with hip-hop's elite lyricists like Inspectah Deck, Masta Ace, AG, Dres and many many more. 

The line-up of international elite producers on the in total 19 tracks strong 2LP is impressive. "Basement Chemistry" will be available end of January and is now available for pre-order. 

The white vinyl LP version is limited to 200 copies - further copies on traditional black wax available.

A1: Intro
A2: EZ As 1-2 (prod. by P Original)
A3: Digital Warfare ft. Inspectah Deck
A4: Anyway It Goes ft. MC Eiht
A5: Wranglers & Asics
B1: Smooth Hardcore ft. AG
B2: Vibrate the Streets
B3: Maui Vacation
B4: Against The Grain
B5: Forever More
C1: When The Sun Comes ft. Masta Ace
C2: Ghetto Music Rap (We Doin' It)
C3: Blast This $hit! ft. El Da Sensei 
C4: Each One Teach One ft. Estee Nack
C5: We Got That!
D1: Masters Of The Class ft. Chubb Rock
D2: Manuscripts ft. MindsOne
D3: The Heart
D4: Make It Hot (Jingle Jangle 2.0) ft. The Legion. Dres

Produced by Sam Brown, P Original, Ben Hedibi, KON Sci, Confidence, Jazz Spastics, DJ Qvali, Malik Turner, Explizit One, 12 Finger Dan, Beatmizerz, DJ Spinna, Presto, L'Orange, Astro Vandalist

Order & Listen:

My special thanks goes to Ill Adrenaline, Beneficence and all featured artists and producers featured on the album. Shout out to my homeboy 12 Finger Dan, one of the best!

Heavy Crates: HC-005 ft. Various Artists

Heavy Crates presents the "Saran Rap EP" featuring some of the best New York based MCs including legendary artists and some of the hardest rappers coming out of New York these days.

Dropping knowledge over a selection of beats provided by our team of producers from across Europe, Australia and USA. “Saran Rap” pays homage to the bootleg white label EPs that were coming out of America during the golden age of Hip Hop but with a international Heavy Crates flavor.

A1: Crystal ft. Blaq Poet, Kevroc, Stoic Poetic
A2: My Ninja ft. Mitchell Aimss
A3: Bizm Revisited ft. FinstaBundy
A4: Time for Us ft. Kong & Spiga
A5: Keep My Word ft. King Cesar

B1: Walking Target ft. Mitchell Aimss,  Banga K
B2: Ferocious ft. Agallah, Smoovth, Spit Gemz
B3: 6 Degrees Of Separation ft. FT, Mitchell Aimss
B4: The Rundown ft. Mitchell Aimss

My special thanks goes to Heavy Crates and all featured artists on this EP. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2015

Gentleman's Relief: GRR-023 ft. Mental Dimension

Gentleman's Relief Records returns with two brand new releases. One of them is the 1996 debut album by North Carolina's Mental Dimension previously available on CD only via High Density Records. The 2LP contains 12 classic tracks and comes in white sleeve with oversized sticker.

The "MD's On The Come In" 2LP will be limited to 300 copies - 100 copies come on green vinyl with black swirl - the remaining 200 copies on traditional black wax. 

C: Verbal Format
C: U Know Who U R
D: Shades Of Rage
D: Soul Of Warmth
D: What's The Real

My special thanks goes to GRR and MD. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Gentleman's Relief: GRR-024 / GRR-025 ft. O.C.

Diggin In The Crates member O.C. cooperates with Australien beat maker Debonair P for the release of "Dive In" an 8 track EP containing 4 brand new tracks plus 4 remixes.

Housed in picture sleeve there will be 350 copies - 100 copies on white colored vinyl, 200 on traditional black wax.

For the beat freaks there will be a random colored version with the instrumentals of the EP limited to only 80 copies.  (GRR-025)

Those who like to combine orders can do this with a second GRR release and/or the upcoming project of Heavy Jewelz Records - to be announced real soon. 

A: Dive In
A: Foolish
A: God Praise
A: Grand Stand
B: Remix
B: Remix
B: Remix
B: Remix

My special thanks goes to O.C., Debonair P and Gentleman's Relief Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

F5: ft. ALPS Cru

D.J. Al Bass (Alejan) and P. Smooth founded the Concept Of The ALPS in 1992 and released their debut 12" EP "Unknown" two years later in 1994. As most of you know the EP is very hard to get (rumours say 4 in existence) and not cheap which makes this partial re-release on 7" a must buy. A proper 12" re-release would be my choice!

The original 12" contained six tracks and got released via Rivertown Records. Three of those tracks will be on the new 7" which will be housed in picture sleeve signed by the artist - if you reserve your copy quickly at F5 Records. As a bonus the 7" will deliver bonus beats of "Pick Up The Crossfader".

A1: Pitstop
A2: The Wait ft. Mizz (R.I.P.)
B1: Pick Up The Crossfader
B2: Pick Up The Crossfader Bonus Beats  

My special thanks goes to ALPS, DJ Crucial and F5 Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015

Pro & Ak: PA 009 ft. Professor P & DJ Akilles

"All Year, Every Year: Fall" is the fourth and final 7" of the ultimate Professor P and DJ Akilles series. Remember the covers of all 4 seasons will build a comprehensive art piece.

The 7" comes on see through red vinyl

Shipping: Feb. '16

A: As Long As I Can ft. Planet Asia
A: Thinking of You ft. Masta Ace
B: The Interview
B: Additional Instrumental Loops
Produced & mixed by Professor P & DJ Akilles
Distributed by Ill Adrenaline Records

My special thanks goes to Professor P, Achilles and IAR. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

Chopped Herring: CH5UPR3ME02 ft. Scientific Shabazz

Red Hook's finest MC Scientific Shabazz aka Shabazz The Disicple releases his demo tracks from 1989-1991, entirely produced by Su-Preme.

After the release Hell Razah's Demo EP this is the second release of early Su-preme productions on Chopped Herring Records. 

Another Sunz Of Man affiliated release, with purely unreleased material. Wu!!!

A1: Blow Em Up Bazz
A2: Story
A3: Comp 123 ft. Plush & Su-Preme
B1: Lyrics Go
B2: The Method
B3: Party Wit A Tec (Original)

All songs produced by Su-preme

The "Blow Em Up Bazz Demos EP" is limited to 350 copies - the first 120 copies come on gold coloured vinyl - the remaining 230 are on traditional black wax. 

My special thanks goes to Shabazz The Disciple, Su-preme and Chopped Herring Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015

Radio Krimi: RK001 ft. Emskee & Doc TMK

Made in France: Radio Krimi proudly pre-announces their first 7" release, which is a label activity in addition to the radio station.

DJ Krimi first found his passion for music through Hip Hop in 1988. Following his love of music, DJ Krimi opened a record shop in 1992. In 2011, he started his own radio broadcast which is still running 24/7.

A: Sound Of The SP 
B: Deep Down

Vocals by Emskee (The Good People)
Produced by Doc TMK
Cuts by DJ Suspect

My special thanks goes to Emskee, Doc TMK, DJ Suspect and Radio Krimi. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2015

Chopped Herring: CH1LLCON5001 ft. Ill Conscious

Fresh new release on Chopped Herring Records by Baltimore based artist "Ill Conscious".

Ill’s style is still pleasantly reminiscent of the authentic 90’s hip-hop era. Since 2007, Ill has been performing along the east coast, mid-west and has sparred in several battle competitions with other emcees.

Chopped Herring drops his vinyl debut "The Essence" which features 12 tracks.

"The Essence" is limited to 350 copies - The first 120 copies come on crystal clear vinyl - the remaining 230 copies are traditional black wax.

A1: Good Morning Baltimore
A2: The Pledge
A3: Sheep
A4: What You Need
A5: Born Supreme
A6: When it Sounded Like This

B1: The Essence
B2: A West Side Thing ft. Dirt Platoon
B3: The Ruler
B4: Wisdom
B5: Subliminal Propaganda
B6: When It Sounded Like This Pt. 2

Produced by Loop Holes (Norway), Cold Logistics, TooNorth, M.W.P. (Denmark),
illMeasured and Theology
Cuts by illMeasured, Dekstra Large and DJ Modesty


My special thanks goes to Chopped Herring Records and Ill Conscious. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Redefinition: RDF-084 ft. Damu The Fudgemunk

Damu The Fudgemunk's debut solo album “Spare Time” and it's companion EP “Overtime” are finally available for the first time on vinyl. Both in 2008 recorded releases were previously available in digital form only and are now packaged together under the name "Full Time”.

Spare Time and Overtime etched Damu The Fudgmunk as one of the most promising beat makers of the 2000's. This was also the beginning of his long standing partnership with Jnota, as they started to grow the label, Redefinition Records. 

In 2013, an updated yet consolidated version known as "Spare Overtime Re-Inspired" was released as a single 12” LP, but in order to make that possible, Damu and Redef had to make some executive edits to final product due to time constraints, so a handful of tracks were left off, including some fan favorites. "Full Time" preserves what was cut, and then some. S

All the tracks mastered from their original recordings. This special 2LP edition + bonus 7" is limited to 500 copies and are now available for preorder directly from the label or at HHV. 

Double LP:
A1: Last Ole

A2: Ego Troopin'

A3: Colorful Storms

A4: Pulse
B1: L.B.

B2: Leo the... Pt. 2

B3: To RBI

B4: Now Generation

C1: 09 2004 Beat Original
C2: Randi*
C3: Leo the... Pt. 1
C3: Coffee Table*
D1: Overtime OG 2008 EP Intro w Cuts*
D2: Puttin' in Work feat Bill Lumbergh*
D3: Work in Progress Remix Instro*
D4: Summer 2004
D5: Overtime OG 2008 EP, Instro (BONUS)*

Bonus 7": 
A: Work In Progress Remix ft. Kev Brown
B: Pulse Remix ft. Panacea

Order: (listen)

My special thanks goes to Damu The Fudgemunk and Redefinition Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015

Under The Sun: UTS-102 ft. George Fields

After the huge success of his instrumental LP "From The Sticks" producer George Fields returns with his second LP on Under The Sun Records (UTS). "Glad To Meet You" features vocal artists like Glad2Mecha, Realistic, Triple C, John Robinson, Doam Peace, Alildab and A.G ( of D.I.T.C) as well as all instrumental versions on the B-side.

The "Glad To Meet You" vinyl release is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies - the first 100 copies are pressed on white/yellow vinyl and include a "Welcome To Dorset" postcard.  The additional 200 copies are on traditional black wax.

A1: Feel Like That ft. Glad2mecha, Realistic
A2: Worldwide ft. Triple C, Glad2mecha
A3: How Are You? ft. Glad2mecha, John Robinson
A4: Get Up! ft. Doam Peace, Glad2mecha
A5: How It Went Down ft. Alildab, Glad2mecha
A6: Just Like Before ft. AG, Glad2mecha

B1: Feel Like That (Instrumental)
B2: Worldwide (Instrumental)
B3: How Are You? (Instrumental)
B4: Get Up! (Instrumental)
B5: How It Went Down (Instrumental)
B6: Just Like Before (Instrumental)

Photo by Rory Fisher, layout by Mr Krum

Order: (sold out)

My special thanks goes to George Fields and UTC Records as well as all featured artists. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.