Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

Origu: ORIGU45-001-3 ft. Various Artists

Origu was founded in 2015 as a sublabel of the Funk-imprint "Our Label Records" and starts it's business with a series of Hip Hop 45s by new and established artists from the United States.

The first 7“ on German label Origu features two tracks of Maryland's Substantial with guest vocals by Deborah Bond. Substantials first album was released in 2001 and his new album is due early 2016. (

A: Follow The Master
B: Cool Mornings ft. Deborah Bond

For the second release Origu teamed up with Misfit Music for a 7” by the trio of Kayohes, V3RB and Rusher, two MCs from the US and a producer and filmmaker from Germany. In the late 2000s German producer and filmmaker Rusher and MC and producer Kayohes from Albuquerque, USA, met over Myspace and shortly thereafter united with V3RB to start working on musical projects.

A: Some Way, Some How
B: March On

Third Origu releases two brand new tracks by Andy Cooper of Ugly Duckling. Since the late 1990's, Ugly Duckling has put out six albums and recently, Andy launched a solo career with the release of his 7" "Bring It To Me" on Soundweight Records.Unique Records is due to issue Andy's debut, ten-track LP "Room To Breathe" on vinyl in February '16.

A: Room To Breathe
B: Unlikely Assassin

All three releases got pressed on 45 rpm and are limited to 500 copies. You can order them on the labels own bigcartel store or at several retailers online and offline. 


My special thanks goes to Origu, Substantial, Kayohes, V3RB, Rusher and Andy Cooper. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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