Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Chopped Herring: CHGRIMM01 ft. Grimm Teachaz

High Speed! Chopped Herring Records with the next installment. Two days ago I received the amazing dope Natural Elements EP on golden colored wax and POW ... NEXT!

With the same dominance that he ran the ball courts of the NBA in the 1990's and with a similar abuse of power that brought about an unlikely record deal as an 'MC' with Jive Records, the re-writing of Golden Era Hip Hop was callously exercised by ball-bouncing giant Shaquille O'Neal to the detriment of our art form’s greatest never-was group, Tha Grimm Teachaz.

It was nothing short of a miracle when the original masters were excavated in 2010 by KDz' younger brother, the unfortunately named Tanya. While digging through the family storage unit in search of scraps of sustinance (this recession is a killer) he happened upon a decaying, almost entirely rotten cardboard box full of Tha Grimm Teachaz’ memorabilia, which contained the dead sea scrolls, if you will, of Hip Hop's greatest ever losers - the 1993 masters of their never-released long player 'There's a Situation on the Home Front'.

Chopped Herring Records' Pro Celebrity Golf was so ‘touched’ by this saddening and at the same time rapturous story that he personally contacted Tha Teachaz proclaiming a heartfelt desire to help with their sorry plight. We are now ecstatic to be able to announce that we will indeed be releasing these previously lost Hip Hop artefacts on vinyl for the very first time. This humongously dope six track EP includes what would've been the lead single and sure fire BET hit 'I Getz', which features none other than Funkdoobiest MC Son Doobie in his marijuana-doused prime, as well as five other boomin’ joints for your noggin.

Tha Grimm Teachaz - There's a Situation on the Homefront EP

A1 Grimm Sayvas feat. MC-17
A2 I getz feat. Son Doobie
A3 Melissa
B1 Poobutts feat. MC-17
B2 Whatchagonnado
B3 Grimm Teachin

The record is limited to 350 copies, first 75 copies on clean wax, next 75 records on green wax and the rest of 200 copies on standard black wax. Get your order in before it's too late again. Follow the paypal link on www.choppedherringrecords.com.

My special thanks goes out to Grimm Teachaz and Bob @ Chopped Herring Records. All copyrights reserved by artist and label. Posted for promotion use only.

Samstag, 17. September 2011

Holy Grails: SCU-1000 ft. Self Contained Unit

The 90s got us a good number of incredible Baltimore hip-hop records. My friends from the Six2Six shift are working hard to bring more and more B'more heat to the people. Beside the amazing releases of Sparrow we're unpatiently waiting for the next clue with the name S.C.U. (Self Contained Unit).

Back in 1996 producer J-Funk released S.C.Us only single on Mad Skunk Records ft. 3 blazin' mid 90s bangers. Another track is available on a CD compilation (thx).

A1: Ware Da Son Don´t Shyne (LP Version)
A2: Ware Da Son Don´t Shyne (Instrumental)
A3: Murder 1
B1: 123 ... (Dirty)
B2: 123 ... (Clean)
B3: 123 ... (Instrumental)

From the vaults of Super Producer Jay Funk, Self Contained Unit (S.C.U) offers a full clip of previously unreleased archived material going directly on vinyl via SIX2SIX Records ® 2011. All tracks lifted from the LP 'Brace Yo Delf' form 96 to 97. All songs written and performed by S.C.U. members MASTER S & SHAHID, produced by JAY FUNK for FUNKIE AVE. PRODUCTIONS ® / AFFINITY RECORDS © 1996.


My special thanks goes out to six2sixrecords and J-Funk. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only. If you still need an original copy please send your offer so six2sixrecords@gmail.com

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Fat Hop: SPECIAL-001 ft. The Criminal Minds (TCM)

Straight over their facebook group T.C.M. informed about the release of their brand new 12. As one of the original UK hardcore crews T.C.M. returns with a 6 track britcore EP named "Regroup The Loops".

From the lead track "On The Run - Part 2" TCM take us through a fast journey of huge beats, firing lyrics and twisted scratching.

Only 300 copies available - to secure yourself a copy please send your request to Ohmage88@hotmail.com

A1 On The Run Part 2
A2 Blow This – Spatts Version
B1 Six Steps
B2 Blow This – Merlins Version
B3 Lyrics From Insanity

My special thanks goes out to The Criminal Minds and www.undergroundunited.de. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Sonntag, 11. September 2011

White Label Promo: Chart Moves ft. Blade

Blade was born in Iran, raised in London, B-Boy and Graffiti artists under the name Electron, one of UKs most respected Britcore artists and he successfully teamed up with producer Mark B to release hardcore hip-hop for ya earz.

For a long time the "Lyrical Maniac EP" applied to be Blade's debut release, printed on 691 Influential back in 1989. With a limited press of 300 copies Blade tried to sell his EP to the crowd but it failed so he decided to complain the records and kept only 10 copies for himself and some friends. Later (1992) the record got thankfully re-released.

Recently some heads unearthed the lost 12inch single "Chart Moves" which is Blade's essentially debut release. Printed in 1988 the single contains 4 versions of the track "Chart Moves" which were produced by Mastermix. At the board "Heroes Of UK Hip Hop" Blade shared a little bit of history about that record ... anyway ... with the rumour that less than 100 copies are in existence this will become a holy grail status. All copies were pressed on transparent orange coloured wax.

"Chart Moves was a monopoly style of board game that my manager at the time had come up with the idea / concept of. I have to say, it was a pretty good concept even though I never played the game but knew the rules for and it was quite clever how it all worked, the idea being to educate people on how the music industry works. As a favour to my manager, I did the music for the game which was a limited edition vinyl which was to be given away with the game. I basically had to put the rules of the game into a rap and the track was produced by Mastermix. Not as hard hitting as some of my other earlier stuff for obvious reasons, and if truth be told, not really my idea of music that defined me .... just something I always saw as doing my manager a favour.

After I walked away from my agreement  with my manager for him basically using all our record label meetings as an excuse to sell his product rather than my music, I played a little difficult and pushed for the record to be omitted from the game, which it was, but gave permission for whoever else was to do the remake of it to use the lyrics I wrote for it without ever asking for any royalities in return. The girl they got in to do the track after my exit used pretty much 80% of what I wrote and I left it as that and never pursued for any royalities but just left that scenario completely out of my life from there on. I don't have a copy of the vinyl as I was never given one and never asked for one ...... two tracks - a side / b side" [source]

A1: Chart Moves (Basics)
A2: Chart Moves (The Rules)
B1: Chart Moves (The Rules Extended Club Mix)
B2: Chart Moves (Instrumental) 

Soundclips available here.

My special thanks goes out to Blade and ThirstyDragon. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

Enemy Soil: ft. Grim Reaperz

On request of my friend Rita and his French hip-hop connection "Crown" here we go with a review of the latest release by "Grim Reaperz".

Grim Reaperz is a French producer duo. The members Oxydz and Crown decided to collaborate and are well known for using very unique samples uncommon for hip-hop production to create a very diverse and original brand of music. Grim Reaperz have worked with some of the most influential underground hip-hop MC’s from across the globe, including Raekwon and the supergroup Army of The Pharaohs. [source]

Shortly Grim Reaperz announced their EP "Fuck U". The release comes in a very dope 10" gatefold cover including a CD and a 10" vinyl. Beside a couple of great French lyricist you'll hear some dope rhymes by Freestlye (of Arsonists), Nine, Adlib or Omen Ra, just to name a small extract.

10" Vinyl

A1 Fuck U ft. Les Zakariens & Freestyle of the Arsonists
A2 Fuck U (Instrumental)
A3 Fuck U ft. Les Zakariens & Freestyle of the Arsonists (Acapella)

B1 The Next Plateau ft. King Magnetic, Sycksyllables & Kwote1
B2 La lame aux 1000 tranchants ft. Scylla, Furax & L'Hexaler


01 Dungeon Funk ft Aslan, Swift Guad, Omen Ra & Cenzino
02 The Next Plateau ft King Magnetic, Sycksyllables & Kwote1
03 Fuck U ft Les Zakariens & Freestyle of the Arsonists
04 La lame aux 1000 tranchants ft Scylla, Furax & L'Hexaler
05 Hand Signs ft Godilla, Adlib & Nine
06 The End ft Papi Jamon & Kwote1

07 Dungeon Funk Instrumental
08 The Next Plateau Instrumental
09 Fuck U Instrumental
10 La lame aux 1000 tranchants Instrumental
11 Hand Signs Instrumental
12 The End Instrumental

European Customers: http://www.hipshop-online.com/ or http://www.vinylism.de/
USA / Int. Customers: http://www.undergroundhiphop.com

My special thanks goes out to Crown and Rita. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

Freitag, 2. September 2011

White Label Promo: ft. Mathematik

In 1999 Mathematik released his album "Ecology" on BeatFactory Music Inc. In the meantime the 2LP is on many want lists and not easy to find.

Shortly "diskunion" got a nice selection EP on stock that features a couple of those LP tracks. The release names "The Ecoloogy EP" and is limited to 300 copies. Printed in Japan (2011) the white label release is already sold out.

A1: Everyday Movement
A2: Better By The Letter
A3: Learn To Earn
B1: Formation
B2: Ta Each Iz Own
B3: Space and Time

All tracks produced by ERF Productions exept A1 produced by Quattro Cingo. 

My special thanks goes out to Mathematik and Diskunion. Also a big thanks to Indie Sam for giving a copy to me. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.