Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

Enemy Soil: ft. Grim Reaperz

On request of my friend Rita and his French hip-hop connection "Crown" here we go with a review of the latest release by "Grim Reaperz".

Grim Reaperz is a French producer duo. The members Oxydz and Crown decided to collaborate and are well known for using very unique samples uncommon for hip-hop production to create a very diverse and original brand of music. Grim Reaperz have worked with some of the most influential underground hip-hop MC’s from across the globe, including Raekwon and the supergroup Army of The Pharaohs. [source]

Shortly Grim Reaperz announced their EP "Fuck U". The release comes in a very dope 10" gatefold cover including a CD and a 10" vinyl. Beside a couple of great French lyricist you'll hear some dope rhymes by Freestlye (of Arsonists), Nine, Adlib or Omen Ra, just to name a small extract.

10" Vinyl

A1 Fuck U ft. Les Zakariens & Freestyle of the Arsonists
A2 Fuck U (Instrumental)
A3 Fuck U ft. Les Zakariens & Freestyle of the Arsonists (Acapella)

B1 The Next Plateau ft. King Magnetic, Sycksyllables & Kwote1
B2 La lame aux 1000 tranchants ft. Scylla, Furax & L'Hexaler


01 Dungeon Funk ft Aslan, Swift Guad, Omen Ra & Cenzino
02 The Next Plateau ft King Magnetic, Sycksyllables & Kwote1
03 Fuck U ft Les Zakariens & Freestyle of the Arsonists
04 La lame aux 1000 tranchants ft Scylla, Furax & L'Hexaler
05 Hand Signs ft Godilla, Adlib & Nine
06 The End ft Papi Jamon & Kwote1

07 Dungeon Funk Instrumental
08 The Next Plateau Instrumental
09 Fuck U Instrumental
10 La lame aux 1000 tranchants Instrumental
11 Hand Signs Instrumental
12 The End Instrumental

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My special thanks goes out to Crown and Rita. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.


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