Samstag, 17. September 2011

Holy Grails: SCU-1000 ft. Self Contained Unit

The 90s got us a good number of incredible Baltimore hip-hop records. My friends from the Six2Six shift are working hard to bring more and more B'more heat to the people. Beside the amazing releases of Sparrow we're unpatiently waiting for the next clue with the name S.C.U. (Self Contained Unit).

Back in 1996 producer J-Funk released S.C.Us only single on Mad Skunk Records ft. 3 blazin' mid 90s bangers. Another track is available on a CD compilation (thx).

A1: Ware Da Son Don´t Shyne (LP Version)
A2: Ware Da Son Don´t Shyne (Instrumental)
A3: Murder 1
B1: 123 ... (Dirty)
B2: 123 ... (Clean)
B3: 123 ... (Instrumental)

From the vaults of Super Producer Jay Funk, Self Contained Unit (S.C.U) offers a full clip of previously unreleased archived material going directly on vinyl via SIX2SIX Records ® 2011. All tracks lifted from the LP 'Brace Yo Delf' form 96 to 97. All songs written and performed by S.C.U. members MASTER S & SHAHID, produced by JAY FUNK for FUNKIE AVE. PRODUCTIONS ® / AFFINITY RECORDS © 1996.

My special thanks goes out to six2sixrecords and J-Funk. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only. If you still need an original copy please send your offer so


  1. there is only one vinyl by scu.
    the videos on youtube with the white label are taken of a cd compilation.

  2. Six 2 Six Records our source for B'More independent hip-hop is checking some DATs for forthcoming releases:

    My Wants: Wolfe-D.O.M.-Nation, S.C.U., Norm Skola, Amp Boogie, Mr. Ruckuz, Da Porkchop, Infinite Description, Sparrow ...

    Follow and confirm you want them too ... Show ur support !


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