Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

OM Hip-Hop: SSR-301 ft. P.U.T.S.

What up people this is another "BEER" tribute created by People Under The Stairs. Remember: in August 2010 Stitch By Stitch posted the promotion release of Pabst Blue Ribbon's "BEER" 7" hosted by my man Will C.

Next to my clear blue PBR records here we have a yellow coloured Colt45 release. I should write a letter to Becks or Heineken to create a green coloured vinyl for the hip-hop "BEER" fans.

Remix and Instrumental dedicated to the smooth taste of Colt. Limited to 1,000 copies pressed on beer colored vinyl was a free giveaway at People Under The Stairs live shows and with purchase of the Carried Away 2LP (p&c 2009).

A: Beer - Colt45 Mix
B: Beer - Colt45 Instrumental

My special thanks goes out to Derek for sending a copy to my address. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only!

Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Holy Grails: Ashima Records ft. Norm Skola

Somethin' new on Stitch By Stitch Blogspot today. For those who don't know him or those who like his music like me - this is a contribution about MCee "Norm Skola"

Home: Baltimore
Label: Ashima Records
Debut Release: 1998

Norm Skola was born an raised in Baltimore. In the late 90's he founded his own record label Ashima Records. His debut single "Half Man" got some heavy underground airplay on different college radio stations and the self made music video got famous on TV.

The second release "Can't Be Touched" got mad attention and became a collectors time. Following releases on vinyl were the singles "Heat" and "Hand Clap". "Heat" is also the title of the EP which is available on CD via

Norm Skola performed on local and international stages also as a supporting act for several artists. Norm has been featured in films such as Charm City based in B-More. Currently, he has his own talk show on M.S.U. (Morgan State University), which airs every second Monday of the month with well respected author & lawyer Graig Thompson based on bridging the gap in Hip Hop.

The long awaited project "Ballot Or The Bullet" is next up to purchase [source].


- A: Half Man / B: Normskola (1998) 12"
- A: Cant Be Touched / B: Park Heights (1999) 12"
- A: Heat / B: Narcotic Love (2000) 12"
- A: Hand Clap / B: It's Over (2002) 12"
- A: My Style / B: Nobody Move (1998) 12" (undistributed)  
- Heat EP (2002) CD (snippets)

Mostly produced by Jay Funk.

My special thanks goes out to Norm Skola. Posted for promotion only, all rights reserved by Ashima!

Slice Of Spice: SSR-004.5 ft. Paul Nice

Followers of Stitch By Stitch blogspot already recognized that Slice Of Spice Records is currently working on the forthcoming THE PAUL NICE SIGNATURE 7 SERIES.

All customers of the complete set (please listen) or each limited coloured vinyl edition qualifies for a free promo 7" with the cat-no. SSR-004.5.

A: Paul Nice ft. Tony Touch & A.G. - Just A Little Something
B: Paul Nice ft. Masta Ace - BK (Extended Original)

If you don't want to miss out on this bonus 7" better check out the qualifying rules.


My special thanks goes out to Richard and Slice Of Spice Records. Additionally a special shout out to DJ Paul Nice and all featured artists. Copyrights reserved by the label, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

King Of The Beat: KOTB The Movie

Filmed and Directed by Pritt Kalsi. Here is the full film KOTB NYC 2010 featuring Casanova Rud, Minnesota Money Boss, Psycho Les (the Beatnuts) and TR Love from the Ultramagnetic M.C’s.

Enjoy the video and show some love to Pritt on KOTB dot com

My special thanks and props goes out to Pritt Kalsi of KOTB. All copyrights reserve, posted for promotion use only.

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Chopped Herring: CHQU33NS01 ft. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Shaz Illyork

"Welcome to the Great Outdoors" is the title of a new EP by Chopped Herring Records. "... Out of this unique area of New York (Queens) comes a new generation of Hip Hop artists, dedicated to reppin' their home borough and expressing what it means to them. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson and Shaz Illyork are all in their mid to late 20s and have been takin' the New York Hip Hop scene by storm.

They've been droppin numerous mixtapes, digital albums, CD albums and rockin non-stop radio spots and live jams for the last couple of years but no vinyl has been released.

Chopped Herring Records is thoroughly proud to have hooked up with the dopest new talent to come out of NYC for very many years and are introducing them on vinyl for the very first time with 'Welcome to the Great Outdoors', an 8-track EP of some of their SICKEST joints never pressed on vinyl until now. You are gonna be hearin lots more from these cats in the years to come ..." [source]

A1: Meyhem Lauren - Queens [J-Love]
A2: Shaz Illyork - Painkillers [Don Producci]
A3: Action Bronson - Dance Song [Don Producci]
A4: Meyhem Lauren - Makin Stacks [J-Love]
B1: Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson - Typhoon Rap [Metaphysics]
B2: Shaz Illyork - Die Dreaming [Chad Dubz]
B3: Shaz Illyork & Action Bronson - German Engineering [Prolific]
B4: Action Bronson - Imported Goods [Falside]

To safe your copy please click the link and follow the BUY NOW button. Please note the record is limited to 350 copies. The first 75 copies will be pressed on yellow coloured vinyl, the next 75 copies on blue, the last 200 copies on black wax.

My special thanks goes out to Bob of Chopped Herring Records. All copyright reserved, posted for promotion only.

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Ruztik: RUZ009 ft. Mr. Fantastic

Hardcore Hip-Hop straight outta Bristol, UK! DJ and producer Mr. Fantastic presents "Harvey's Bristol Cream" LP. Blazin' 8 brand new tracks featuring raps by Truck, Gee Swift, Turroe, Retna, Rola (of Numskullz), Awkward, Stealth MC and scratches by Dr Krome, Sir Beanz OBE and Finestyler.

The vinyl LP comes on Bristol blue wax and is limited to 300 copies only. Choose your sticker cover on black or grey generic cover (150 copies each).





For all the heads out there feeling the LP I truely recommend the Mr. Fantastic's 7" release "All The Critics" on High Noon Music. Get both records before they're gone. ORDER

My propz goes out to Mr. Fantastic for dropin' this awesome hip-hop stuff. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Slice Of Spice: SSR-004 ft. Paul Nice

As already posted Slice Of Spice will release a bunch of 7inch records over the forthcoming months.

Now we know, they are all part of the DJ PAUL NICE SIGNATURE 7 SERIES.

- SSR-002: BK (We Don't Play) (on blue and black vinyl)
- SSR-003: Conflict (Remix) (coloured and black vinyl)
- SSR-004: Turn The Party Out (Remix) (pink and black vinyl)
+ EVERYONE who orders this package AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFIES to receive a copy of the PROMO ONLY bonus vinyl SSR-004.5, of additional Paul Nice nuggets!

Now check the snippet of SSR-004 ft. Paul Nice and Biz Markie - Turn The Party Out Remix. Enjoy


Pre-orders available now 

My special thanks goes out to Richard @ Slice Of Spice Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

Slice Of Spice: SSR-003 ft. Paul Nice

Before SSR-002 is released Slice Of Spice opens the secret box of the 3rd and upcoming release. The Original Version of "Conflict" featuring Paul Nice, Masta Ace and Guru war released in the year 2000. Slice Of Spice now makes it happen and releases the Paul Nice Remix of that track.

Check out the incredible artwork by EWOK, which will grace the front cover of this release and the video. And Slice Of Spice will let us know some interesting details ... "Without going into too much detail there's going to be a DWG interview released around the time this vinyl drops that will explain all. It's definitely one to check for as it's an incredible story, and makes it all the more remarkable that he's still here and has returned to bless us with these gems." [source: Slice Of Spice @ DWG]

Pre-orders available now


Pre-Orders coming soon!

My special thanks goes out to Richard at Slice Of Spice Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.

Montag, 2. Mai 2011

No Sleep: NSRBNS-01 ft. O.C.

The cat is out the bag. All customers of the last 5 No Sleep Recordings releases will receive a free bonus release, which is and will never be available for sale. The amount of records getting pressed is the number of customers that supported all 5 previous releases and it will be less than 100. So finally No Sleep Records presents: O.C. - O-Zone Extras EP. Again I leave you alone with the words of my man DL who has some fine details to the tracks on the bonus EP. >>>

On the A-Side are the original home-studio 4-Track demos of “Step Into The O-Zone”, “Stay Alive”, and “Visual Picture” that O.C. recorded with a high school classmate / producer (Kemp) shortly before he appeared on “Fudge Pudge”….Famous for being played on the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show, these are mastered from the original tapes and are in their full lengths. The last track is a rare Page The Hand Grenade and OC demo, that Buckwild produced.

The B-Side is a collection of alternative and original versions of several “Word…Life” songs. The original mix of “No Main Topic” is interesting because both O.C.’s famously-quieted vocals and Prince Poetry’s ultimately-muted adlib track are prominent in this version. Next, the original version of “Story” has a markedly different hook, utilizing chaotic crowd noises instead of the whispery, repeating “believe it or not” lyrics on the final version. Last, is one of the several remixes of “Born To Live”. This particular version is similar to the bonus cut on the “Word…Life” CD, but features a heavier bassline that was absent from the final, more-sparsely arranged CD version. [source: Personal Email By DL]

A1: “Visual Picture” [Kemp]
A2: “Step Into The O-Zone” (Original Version) [Kemp]
A3: “Stay Alive” [Kemp]
A4: “Weak Ideas” feat. Page The Hand Grenade [Buckwild]
B1: “No Main Topic” (Original Mix) [DJ Ogee]
B2: “Story”(Original Mix) feat. Prince Po [DJ Ogee]
B3: “Born To Live” Remix (Alternate Mix) [Organized Konfusion] 


My special thanks goes out to DL and No Sleep Recordings. All copyright reserved, posted for promotion only.

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Earquake: EQ002 ft. El Gant & Bekay

After the 'Art Of Raw' EP Earquake Records released back in 2008 (ft. El Da Sensei,Insight,Nut Rageous,Soul Purpose ,El Gant & J-Blanc) , they are now proud to present the new 12'' by El Gant entitled 'You Ain't This'.

The track also features a verse from Bekay, production by Dj Iron and additional remixes by D-Purpose, Chillow, DJ Grazzhoppa & Smimooz.

The release is limited to 300 copies only. At a reasonable price of 9 € I expect a quick sell out.

A1: DJ Iron Original Mix
A2: DJ Iron Instrumental
A3: Chillow Rmx
A4: Chillow Instrumental
B1: D-purpose Rmx
B2: D-purpose Instrumental
B3: DJ grazzhoppa Rmx
B4: DJ grazzhoppa Instrumental
B5: Smimooz Rmx
B6: Smimooz Instrumental


To order your copy just send an email to Earquake Records.

My special thanks goes out to DJ Iron and Earquake Records. All copyrights reserved by the label, posted for promotion only.

Asphalt: ASP0004 ft. Asphalt Poetry

Imperial was known in the early years as Dj Coolie Bee. He founded Asphalt Records to promote his own crew Asphalt Poetry. After releasing a couple of ep's he invited other local artists to join his crew on a full length lp he called Asphalt Legion. The project turned out to be more than he could handle and eventually broke Asphalt Records.

In search of another way to break into the music scene he sold his equipment and accepted an offer to travel to Sweden. There he made a living hustling dj gigs and working (under-the-table) as a studio hand. In 1999 Imperial returned to California and prepared for a permanent move back to Europe. Before leaving though he was determined to record one last Asphalt Poetry record with EJ.

After a busy year the two finally got to work. Imperial insisted they write a back-to-back rhyme together about their experiences away from the studio. They met at a local brewery and drunk pints of dark beer until they were done. The finished rhyme was entitled "The Break". The other 3 tracks were done in the same style as their first 2 ep's, battle rhymes, raw cuts, and dirty beats. The ep would take almost 2 years to make and was finally completed in 2003. Imperial then packed up and moved to Sweden. That was the last time they recorded. Their third EP never made it to vinyl until now!

A1: Wack Emcee Bashin'
A2: AP Revenge
B1: The Break
B2: Insane Asylum

The release date is the 1st of May 2011. Only 100 copies available (80 copies for Japan, 20 copies for world wide orders). To get your hands on a copy please check out for a limited time or I hope you have a good connection to Japan.

My special thanks goes out to DJ Imperial and Asphalt Records. Also I like to thank Martin Catchwreck for updating me on this awesome BOMB. All copyrights reserved by Asphalt Records, posted for promotion use only.