Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Asphalt: ASP0004 ft. Asphalt Poetry

Imperial was known in the early years as Dj Coolie Bee. He founded Asphalt Records to promote his own crew Asphalt Poetry. After releasing a couple of ep's he invited other local artists to join his crew on a full length lp he called Asphalt Legion. The project turned out to be more than he could handle and eventually broke Asphalt Records.

In search of another way to break into the music scene he sold his equipment and accepted an offer to travel to Sweden. There he made a living hustling dj gigs and working (under-the-table) as a studio hand. In 1999 Imperial returned to California and prepared for a permanent move back to Europe. Before leaving though he was determined to record one last Asphalt Poetry record with EJ.

After a busy year the two finally got to work. Imperial insisted they write a back-to-back rhyme together about their experiences away from the studio. They met at a local brewery and drunk pints of dark beer until they were done. The finished rhyme was entitled "The Break". The other 3 tracks were done in the same style as their first 2 ep's, battle rhymes, raw cuts, and dirty beats. The ep would take almost 2 years to make and was finally completed in 2003. Imperial then packed up and moved to Sweden. That was the last time they recorded. Their third EP never made it to vinyl until now!

A1: Wack Emcee Bashin'
A2: AP Revenge
B1: The Break
B2: Insane Asylum

The release date is the 1st of May 2011. Only 100 copies available (80 copies for Japan, 20 copies for world wide orders). To get your hands on a copy please check out for a limited time or I hope you have a good connection to Japan.

My special thanks goes out to DJ Imperial and Asphalt Records. Also I like to thank Martin Catchwreck for updating me on this awesome BOMB. All copyrights reserved by Asphalt Records, posted for promotion use only.


  1. Anyone with connections to Japan out there?
    I tried to buy a copy from DISK UNION in japan but they don´t ship onverseas.
    If anyone can help, please hit me up:

  2. sold out on

  3. upcoming ASPHALT releases

    1.) ASP0005 - Pose A Threat 09/2011
    2.) DJ Imperial end/2011
    3.) Kutmasta Kurt - Breaks EP 2012
    4.) Osynliga Mannen - Live LP 2012
    5.) Asphalt Poetry - EP 2012

    keep yourself updated and check

    Peace out to Imperial and Asphalt Records


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