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Holy Grails: Ashima Records ft. Norm Skola

Somethin' new on Stitch By Stitch Blogspot today. For those who don't know him or those who like his music like me - this is a contribution about MCee "Norm Skola"

Home: Baltimore
Label: Ashima Records
Debut Release: 1998

Norm Skola was born an raised in Baltimore. In the late 90's he founded his own record label Ashima Records. His debut single "Half Man" got some heavy underground airplay on different college radio stations and the self made music video got famous on TV.

The second release "Can't Be Touched" got mad attention and became a collectors time. Following releases on vinyl were the singles "Heat" and "Hand Clap". "Heat" is also the title of the EP which is available on CD via

Norm Skola performed on local and international stages also as a supporting act for several artists. Norm has been featured in films such as Charm City based in B-More. Currently, he has his own talk show on M.S.U. (Morgan State University), which airs every second Monday of the month with well respected author & lawyer Graig Thompson based on bridging the gap in Hip Hop.

The long awaited project "Ballot Or The Bullet" is next up to purchase [source].


- A: Half Man / B: Normskola (1998) 12"
- A: Cant Be Touched / B: Park Heights (1999) 12"
- A: Heat / B: Narcotic Love (2000) 12"
- A: Hand Clap / B: It's Over (2002) 12"
- A: My Style / B: Nobody Move (1998) 12" (undistributed)  
- Heat EP (2002) CD (snippets)

Mostly produced by Jay Funk.

My special thanks goes out to Norm Skola. Posted for promotion only, all rights reserved by Ashima!

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