Montag, 2. Mai 2011

No Sleep: NSRBNS-01 ft. O.C.

The cat is out the bag. All customers of the last 5 No Sleep Recordings releases will receive a free bonus release, which is and will never be available for sale. The amount of records getting pressed is the number of customers that supported all 5 previous releases and it will be less than 100. So finally No Sleep Records presents: O.C. - O-Zone Extras EP. Again I leave you alone with the words of my man DL who has some fine details to the tracks on the bonus EP. >>>

On the A-Side are the original home-studio 4-Track demos of “Step Into The O-Zone”, “Stay Alive”, and “Visual Picture” that O.C. recorded with a high school classmate / producer (Kemp) shortly before he appeared on “Fudge Pudge”….Famous for being played on the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show, these are mastered from the original tapes and are in their full lengths. The last track is a rare Page The Hand Grenade and OC demo, that Buckwild produced.

The B-Side is a collection of alternative and original versions of several “Word…Life” songs. The original mix of “No Main Topic” is interesting because both O.C.’s famously-quieted vocals and Prince Poetry’s ultimately-muted adlib track are prominent in this version. Next, the original version of “Story” has a markedly different hook, utilizing chaotic crowd noises instead of the whispery, repeating “believe it or not” lyrics on the final version. Last, is one of the several remixes of “Born To Live”. This particular version is similar to the bonus cut on the “Word…Life” CD, but features a heavier bassline that was absent from the final, more-sparsely arranged CD version. [source: Personal Email By DL]

A1: “Visual Picture” [Kemp]
A2: “Step Into The O-Zone” (Original Version) [Kemp]
A3: “Stay Alive” [Kemp]
A4: “Weak Ideas” feat. Page The Hand Grenade [Buckwild]
B1: “No Main Topic” (Original Mix) [DJ Ogee]
B2: “Story”(Original Mix) feat. Prince Po [DJ Ogee]
B3: “Born To Live” Remix (Alternate Mix) [Organized Konfusion] 


My special thanks goes out to DL and No Sleep Recordings. All copyright reserved, posted for promotion only.

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