Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

Self-Released: OS-CF001 ft. Sinks

Sinks is an MC from Melbourne, Australia. End of 2016 he released his vinyl debut "Cold Fury" featuring 11 tracks.

The LP is a limited edition of 300 copies and comes in sealed picture sleeve individually stamped with silver ink numbered hype sticker. Also a numbered A3 poster comes with every copy purchased.

The cover artwork is designed by Collin Venuto from the great Kicdrum label.

A: Vaccine
A: False Leaders ft. May Parley
A: Strong
A: Eyes Wide ft. DJ 2Buck
A: Interlude I
A: Refuse
B: Cold Fury I
B: Vacate The Premises ft. Flu & DJ 2Buck
B: Interlude II
B: Malice
B: Fine Line (The Righteous & The Sinful) / Cold Fury II

Producer: Oath

My special thanks goes to Sink. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Black Buffalo: BBR-004 ft. Wordburglar

"Channel Halifax is a classic boom box jam love letter to Halifax" performed by Wordburglar but not enough, cause the flip side is a classic Wordburglar hit from 2006, produced by Jorun Bombay - a beat maker I'd blindly buy absolutely everything.

The 7" is available in three colours: blue, orange and traditional black. “Channel Halifax” is the very first 7” vinyl single from Wordburglar and it comes in full color picture sleeve.

A: Channel Halifax
B: Cream Of Wheat

Produced: Peter Project, Jorun Bombay
Artwork: Eric Miller 

My special thanks goes to Wordburglar, Jorun Bombay, Peter Project and Black Buffalo Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

On The Good Foot: OTGFM-003 ft. Private Identity

The year was 1989 when Def Jam Blaster and MC 3-2 were recording songs under the group name "Private Identity".

At that time, both were affiliated with Short Stop Records and so both are also on the cover of the 1989 Scarface (DJ Akshen) 12". Though nothing was ever released by the group in 1989. 

MC 3-2 went on to sign a deal with Rap-A-Lot and became part of The Convicts with partner Big Mike in 1991, Blac Monks in 1994 and he was also a member of the Screwed Up Click.

The 7" is limited 300 copies pressed on yellow colored wax. The package comes with picture sleeve, 11"x17" poster & 4"x4" sticker.

A: Look At Me Now
B: Massive Murda


My special thanks goes to Private Identity, On The Good Foot & The Are. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

Soundweight: SWR011 ft. Whitefield Soundz

First 2017 Soundweight Records release is a solo project by J.J. Whitefield of German funk band "Poets Of Rhythm" entilted "The Whitefield Soundz".

On side A you'll listen to a dope mix of Funk and Hip-Hop sounds supported by vocals from Phulid. The flip side a revised version of "Safari Strut" which was featured on the classic "Whitefield Brothers" LP "Earthology" that dropped on vinyl in 2010.

A: What Remains ft. Phluid
B: Safari Strut


My special thanks goes to Whitefield Soundz and Soundweight Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

Boot: BEP-013 ft. Micall Parknsun

Die hard UK hip-hop heads are surely familiar with the skillz of Micall Parknsun who dropped his vinyl debut in 2004. 

For me this artist was new but recently Christian posted this new vinyl release and so convinced to buy the actual 12" featuring 3 tracks plus instrumentals. "Tag Team" features vocals by Jehst who supported Micall already on previous releases. 

Boot pressed 100 copies of the "Practicing Tag Team Moves" EP, delivered in full color picture cover - surely it will be sold out pretty soon.

A: Practice
A: Tag Team ft. Jehst
A: Moves ft. Durrty Goodz
B: Practice (Instrumental)
B: Tag Team (Instrumental)
B: Moves (Instrumental)

(immediate shipping, got mine after a few days)

My special thanks goes to Micall Parknsun and Boot. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017

Dinked: RR-007 ft. Chris Read & Pugz Atomz

A new jukebox 45 from Dinked sub-label Random Rap featuring two track from Chris Read & Pugz Atomz. With support from BBE the duo delivers a dope mix of Jazzy Hip-Hop and R&B.

You might remember Chris Read from his collaboration 7" with our man Phill Most Chill?! The producer from London dropped a few releases in the past few years but a lot more remixes and production via his bandcamp.

Pugz Atomz aka Sterling Price is from Chicago, Illinois. Since 2000 he released a long list of CD albums, some wax and a lot digital stuff. The B-Side features the two other members of his crew "The Electric".  

A: Baby Don't Cry
B: You ft.  Simeon ViltzThalone Davis (The Electric)

Produced by Chris Read

Order / Listen:

My special thanks goes to Chris Read, The Electric and Dinked Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Heavy Jewelz: HJR009 ft. Othorized F.A.M.

Kwue Molly, Lounger Loe, Crunch Low, and Shawn Wigs are Othorized Fam - a Wu-Tang affiliated crew from Staten Island, New York that released two dope indie 12"s in the mid 90s.

The EP "Mugshots Vol. 2"  features more unreleased tracks from the Orthorized archives, and one track from the '95 single.

You can choose between traditional black wax and blue/black swirl vinyl, limited to 150 copies each. DJ double pack and test press bundles available.

A: Kwue's Bodyshop
A: Mugshot (Demo V2)
A: Krakow
B: Flamboyant Rap
B: Bring It On
B: Money Getters

Written & produced by Othorized Fam
Cover art by Spek The Architek
Logo design by Authorized
Labels by Debonair P.


My special thanks goes to Orthorized F.A.M., Shawn Wigs big shout out and the whole Heavy Jewelz crew. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

AE: AE023 ft. Fabreeze Brothers

Phill Most Chill and Paul Nice back together as the Fabreeze Brothers collaborating with Paten Locke and Jorun Bombay on the new 12" "Heroes Of The East". Just recently the test pressing images leaked and now its time to present the official release on AE.

The 12" comes on crystal clear vinyl with red and blue splatter housed in a 3D sleeve - and for the full experience bespoke 3D vision glasses are included. Attention, limited to 500 copies.

A: Heroes Of The East (Martial World Remix)
A: Heroes Of The East (Original)
A: Heroes Of The East (Original Instrumental)

B: Fashion Plate (Blue Sheepskin Remix)
B: Heroes Of The East (Martial World Instrumental)
B: Fashion Plate (Blue Sheepskin Bonus Beat)


My special thanks goes to Fabreeze Brothers, Paten Locke, Jorun Bombay and Mr Fantastic at AE. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2017

Chopped Herring: CHTURP45 ft. Camp Lo & Urban Renewal

The "Urban Renewal" project is a 13 people strong big band out of Los Angeles, founded by musician R.W. Enoch. On the "Don't Ask Y" 7inch project they feature the Bronx duo Camp Lo (consist of Geechi Suede & Sonny Cheeba) who became world-famous for their '96 hit "Luchini".

This 45rpm is limited to only 350 copies for a very affordable price. Listen, purchase, enjoy and complete your Dec/Jan purchase.

A: Don't Ask Y
B: Don't Ask Y (Instrumental)


My special thanks goes to Urban Renewal, Camp Lo and Chopped Herring Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

B-Line: BLN022 ft. Uncle Mic Nitro

Nope, nothing new from Jason Voorhees, but better, something new from B-Line Recordings. Out Friday 13th (Jan) is the LP of Uncle Mic Nitro entitled "Mind State Krakatoa".

The album has features from Phill Most Chill, Ced Gee, Cappo, Chrome, JabbaThaKut, and some more.

The LP contains 11 tracks produced by Ryan Mac, DJ Eyre, Speaks and Ollie Knight and comes on red colored vinyl, housed in full color picture sleeve. Mixed by DJ Tones.

A: I Am Volcano ft. Jabbathakut
A: Eye Of The Storm
A: Fukushima ft. CBR
A: Work It Out
A: Words From Ced ft. Ced Gee
A: Back To Basics ft. Chrome, Curoc

B: Bobby Fischer
B: Cooked
B: Bomberman Expert
B: Falling
B: Mind State Krakatoa ft. Cappo, PMC

Order: (Jan'13)
Listen: coming soon

My special thanks goes to Uncle Mic Nitro, B-Line and everybody involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Dope Folks: DF-0082 ft. 5 Bros Wit Ugly Clothes

Rare and high on demand by collectors is the "Come Out To Play Again" by Washington's 5 Bros With Ugly Clothes. Reason enough to re-press the EP that was originally released on Eloh Bro Records in 1994.

But not enough, the EP features 3 additional tracks, previously unreleased that round up the EP and makes it another collectors item.

Their 1998 release "Believe In The Five" is also worth a listen, lets hope Dope Folks gives it a repress in the future and so completes all our collection with 5 Bros discography.

A: Come Out To Play
A: The Sad Truth (Interlude)
A: 5 Bros Rock On
A: Children (Seeds Remix)
A: 24 KT
B: No Loot, No Boots
B: You Suck (And You're To Blame)
B: Cousins ft. RP
B: Loud But Unheard


The "Come Out To Play Again" EP is limited to 300 copies, 50 on green colored wax, not to be repressed. All tracks originally recorded between 1993 and 1994.

My special thanks goes to Dope Folks and 5 Bros. All copyrights reserved posted for promotion use only.

Samstag, 7. Januar 2017

Radio Krimi: RK004 ft. Doc TMK

Another one, French producer Doc TMK dropping one more 7" on Radio Krimi. It was supposed to become a single-side release but why wasting space on wax if its possible to combine the release another track?

The main side features London soul-singer Fae Simon who got recently signed by BBE.

The flip side "Mind How You Go" features Greg Blackman on the chant, Todd Simon on the trumpet and Kohndo on the MIC plus Doc TMK taking responsibility for the beat.

In total 100 copies pressed on a very limited piece of wax, only 80 copies are for sale.


A: You Are Me ft. Fae Simon
B: Mind How You Go

My special thanks goes to Radio Krimi, Doc TMK, Fae, Kohndo, Todd and Greg. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Ill Adrenaline: IAR-041 ft. Beneficence

The Ill Adrenaline Records camp continues to push forward the boom bap movement. In 2012 Beneficence and AG (of D.I.T.C.) released the now classic collabo track “All Real”, the strongest cut off Benef's much sought after underground smash album "Concrete Soul". 

The duo veterans are back at it once again with visuals and a limited edition 12” for the Jazz Spastiks produced track “Smooth Hardcore”, taken off the critically acclaimed LP "Basement Chemistry” from 2016. 

The single contains the original album version plus a 90’s ultra-jazzy remix from legendary producer K-Def (Real Live, LL Cool J, Tragedy, Lords of the Underground, Ghostface Killah, etc.), and a Latin flavor remix from up-and-coming beatsmith Brous One.

The 12" comes on black or white colored vinyl. White wax edition is limited to 175 copies.

A: Smooth Hardcore ft. AG
A: Smooth Hardcore (Instrumental)
A: Smooth Hardcore (Instrumental w Cuts)
A: Smooth Hardcore (Acapella)
B: Smooth Hardcore (K-Def Remix)
B: Smooth Hardcore (K-Def Instrumental)
B: Smooth Hardcore (Brous One Remix)
B: Smooth Hardcore (Brous One Instrumental)

Produced by Jazz Spastiks, K-Def and Brous One.

Order. www.fatbeats.comwww.,

My special thanks goes to Beneficence, Jazz Spastiks, K-Def, Brous One and Ill Adrenaline Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Heavy Crates: HC-006 ft. Spit Gemz & Mitchell Aimss

Two track collaboration release on Heavy Crates featuring East New York's Spit Gemz and partner Mitchell Aimss. 

The tracks on this 12" vinyl release are produced by Organik Poisons and George Fields. 

A: Respect Fire 


My special thanks goes to Spit Gemz, Mitchell Aimss, Organic Poisons and George Fields. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Scissor: SR-005 ft. Skratch Bastid

In November Skratch Bastid released his summer time banger "Limoncello" featuring vocals by Shad - a touch of Camp Lo's "Luchini"?

The 7" release is limited to 400 copies, 100 on glass bottle green vinyl and 300 on lemonade yellow wax. While the green version is sold for some time, some yellow ones are still available via bandcamp - Bozack Morris will take care on your order.

A: Limoncello
B: Limoncello (Instrumental)
B: Bonus DJ Tools

My special thanks goes to Skratch Bastid, Shad, Bozack Morris, Scissor Records and GGBR. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2017

Chopped Herring: CH5PEAK001 ft. Speakeasy

Obscure project outta Austin, Texas from the year 1995. The group "Speakeasy" never officially released anything but there is this full length demo tape that Chopped Herring finally releases on flat black plastic.

A touch of  Hieroglyphics or Dereliks delivered with the help of French demo tape collector Hakan Dougpark. Read some words of MC & producer Tony Hardman, who is nowadays a sneaker designer at Nike, Los Angeles [here].


A1: Butta
A2: Ashes To Ashes
A3: Til I Die (Interlude)
A4: Complex
A5: Ants (Interlude)
A6: Hi
A7: Kichi's Dojo
A8: Once Upon A Rhyme
A9: KLYT Station Break

B1: Bob Ya Head
B2: Jive Turkey's Groove
B3: Omnipotent
B4: Soda And A Cigarette
B5: It's About To Come Down
B6: Ease On Out

"Jive Turkeys And Cat Daddies is limited to 350 copies - the first 120 copies come on clear, red, green mixed coloured vinyl - the remaining 230 are on traditional black wax.

My special thanks goes to Speakeasy, Chopped Herring Records and Hakan. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.