Sonntag, 20. März 2011

King Of The Beats: KOTB0001 and KOTB0002

KING OF THE BEATS founded back in 1999. Film maker Pritt Kalsi embarked on his project THE KING OF THE BEATS. For over 20 years he has been Involved in Hip hop Culture, looking for those breaks beats and samples. In tradition of DJs Such as Jazzy Jay, Marley Marl, Premier and Pogo, Pritt founded what was to be the blueprint for this thing called beat battles. Before the 1999 film King of the beats there were no beat battles.

His aim is too keep that vinyl culture alive. From the days when Djs would look for those breakbeats for a $1, turning them into some of the most classic records we all love to this day. The challenge..... Each artist has a budget of £20 to go find records. They have to find the drums, samples and music. They then have to return to their studio and build a beat. Doesn’t sound too complicated? You only have one day to complete the whole task.

Pioneers, Legends, established and up and coming artists all share this platform. See how they take on the task, choice of records, how they work in the studio, learn some of their production techniques. Most importantly they all share one common bond, their love for good quality real hip hop music.

KOTB0001 ft. Jay King, Mack One & D'Lux Beats

There have been so many talented producers who have come through KING OF THE BEATS that is was no surprise when the idea of starting a label was put forward. Limited to 300 copies only. The first release will feature music by 2 times KOTB winner JAY KING and KOTB 5 Winner D'LUX BEATS. [source]

Kotb0001sampler 1-2 by kingofthebeatsrecords

KOTB0002 ft. Tha 4orce

This is a the Marley Marl Dedication. I challenged 4orce to see if he could emulate Marleys Sound. One of the elements slept on these days by many of todays bedroom producers. We wanted to do something to celebrate Marleys Contribution to Hip Hop and do something special. [source]

Kotb0002sampler by kingofthebeatsrecords

Both releases are limited to 300 copies. Printed In The UK!

My special thanks goes out to Pritt Kalsi of King Of The Beats. All copyrights by King Of The Beats, posted for promotion only.

Redefinition: RDF-011 ft. Alexander Green Project

It's all GREEN. Redefinition Records announces Kev Brown & Kaimbr of the "Low Budget Crew" to give their recently released digital LP, The Alexander Green Project, a home on CD & VINYL.

The album is available digitally with courtesy of Real Late Records, which is owned/operated by NY radio personality Peter Rosenberg, and is available since the 5th April on CD, limited green Vinyl and very limited green Tape via Redefinition Records (a DC/NJ based label, co-owned by artist Damu The Fudgemunk).

Damu, a long time friend of artist Kev Brown, heard the album upon its initial digital release in late February and was so impressed by the music and concept that he didn’t hesitate to contact Kev to ask if there were any plans to release it on vinyl/CD. One thing led to another, and here we are prepping the album for a Late April release on Redefinition Records. [source]

Pre-order the album or buy it digitally here! Be quick and get your bundle including the limited green bonus 7" (RDF011-7) with "Go Green" and Damu's Remix of "Army Fatigue Rap". As a very special extra Redef offers a big bundle deal including a green coloured cassette tape (RDF011-T is limited to 100 copies,only 15 copies are offered for sale). Wow, whaam, whohoo!!!

My special thanks goes out to JNOTA and Damu for giving the album a good home and the artists for a great release. All copyrights by the artists and their label. This post is for promotion only.

Samstag, 19. März 2011

YNR Productions: YNR040 ft. Telemachus

What's up vinyl heads?

Just a short Saturday afternoon (Germany) post for the diggers out there.

Telemachus aka Chemo is a UK based producer and features Roc Marciano on this limited edition 7'inch release!

The vinyl is ready for pre-orders on or so if you like the soundclip support that sh!t.

My special thanks goes out to Chemo and Roc Marciano. All copyrights reserved by artist and label, posted for promotion only!

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Solid Ground: SGTLICE2011EP ft. Tuff Crew

It's time to let you crazy diggers know that the next Solid Ground Records release is coming very soon.

The Tuff Crew Band - Remember?

With their album "Phanjam" the Tuff Crew released one of the best albums in the late 80s. The members Ice Dog, Tone Love, Too Tuff and L.A. Kidd teamed up with hip-hop legends like Ced Gee or Kool Keith in 1987. Additional to their debut LP they followed up with the album releases "Danger Zone" (88), "Back To Wreck Shop" ('89) and "Still Dangerous" ('91).

Two decades later Solid Ground makes things happen and releases 5 previously unreleased Tuff Crew tracks plus one Instrumental Version.

A1: The Chase ('91 Street Version)
A2: It's The I.C.E. ('92 Street Version)
A3: Rock On ('93 Main Version)
B1: Funky Hip Town ('95 Main Version)
B2: ReACQUAINTED ('97 Main Version)
B3: Funky Hip Town ('95 Instrumental)

Produced By Ice Dog, Tone Love and Mac-G

Please order your copy now. All copies will be signed by Tone Love and Ice Dog, first 50 orders get a very limited press photo! GET IT NOW HERE


Tuff Crew Video Pt. 1 >>>>>>
Tuff Crew Video Pt. 2 >>>>>>>

Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Chopped Herring: CHBU5H04 ft. D-Stroy

New release on Chopped Herring Records. My man B with the next Bushwick release and it's unreleased material of Arsonists founder D-Stroy and the mixtape king DJ Tony Touch.

D-Stroy ft. Tony Touch - Touch & D-Stroy '94 Demos EP

Please check out the official website or the comment section for ordering details. This releases is limited to 275 copies, first 75 copies will be pressed on coloured vinyl.

A1 And Ya Don’t Stop feat. Ching Rock
A2 Make Noise (Demo Tape Mix)
A3 I ain't Real feat. DJ Tony Touch
B1 Off The Wall feat. DJ Tony Touch
B2 Vitamin D feat. DJ Tony Touch (Original Version)
B3 Palante Siempre Palante feat DJ Tony Touch [Bonus Track]

My special thanks goes out to Bruce at Chopped Herring Records.