Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Solid Ground: SGTLICE2011EP ft. Tuff Crew

It's time to let you crazy diggers know that the next Solid Ground Records release is coming very soon.

The Tuff Crew Band - Remember?

With their album "Phanjam" the Tuff Crew released one of the best albums in the late 80s. The members Ice Dog, Tone Love, Too Tuff and L.A. Kidd teamed up with hip-hop legends like Ced Gee or Kool Keith in 1987. Additional to their debut LP they followed up with the album releases "Danger Zone" (88), "Back To Wreck Shop" ('89) and "Still Dangerous" ('91).

Two decades later Solid Ground makes things happen and releases 5 previously unreleased Tuff Crew tracks plus one Instrumental Version.

A1: The Chase ('91 Street Version)
A2: It's The I.C.E. ('92 Street Version)
A3: Rock On ('93 Main Version)
B1: Funky Hip Town ('95 Main Version)
B2: ReACQUAINTED ('97 Main Version)
B3: Funky Hip Town ('95 Instrumental)

Produced By Ice Dog, Tone Love and Mac-G

Please order your copy now. All copies will be signed by Tone Love and Ice Dog, first 50 orders get a very limited press photo! GET IT NOW HERE


Tuff Crew Video Pt. 1 >>>>>>
Tuff Crew Video Pt. 2 >>>>>>>

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